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  1. Krotos

    D^3 Free Exploration Event


    I'm in!
  2. Krotos

    Nightbane TBC Server Release Day

  3. Krotos

    A letter from the Embassy

    Dragons? Again? Evoreil groans. He's not too fond of the beasts based on his previous experiences, yet seems interested in dealing with them the most.
  4. Krotos

    Contract: A Chieftain's Prerogative COMPLETED!

    Evoreil spots a letter and it becomes fascinated by its contents. He mutters to himself: Interesting Writing. I'm curious what it'll lead to. He signs up.
  5. Krotos

    Contract: Hydra Taming Pens

    Having fought against the Hydra, Evoreil quietly nods as he reads the contract. He signs up without hesitation.
  6. Krotos

    Hunter's Moon

    The contents of the contract attract Evoreil's attention. He carefully examines it and, quite concerned, thinks to himself: The baron is missing? Time to investigate. He signs up.
  7. Evoreil reads the contract. He stops for a moment: The Gardener? I've heard that one before. Maybe I should check it out. He signs up.
  8. Krotos

    A message to Raz.

    Hello, Raz! We've been fighting together in quite a few encounters now and I've grown to trust you a little bit. There's something I have to inquire you about: a certain fellow by the name of Knut Ignatov is interested in taking me for a journey just outside the border. Would you be interested in lending me a hand? I could definitely use your skills there. Cheers Evoreil Thalanor
  9. Krotos

    A letter to a fellow Triton

    Greetings, Nevarth! I'm planning to visit you shortly as I've recently learned of you becoming an owner of an estate, something I'd like to congratulate you for in person. There's also a matter I'd like to discuss regarding Knut Ignatov, who wishes to take me out for a journey outside the border. Would you be interested in helping me out? I'll cover all the expenses you may have to take regarding your latest illness so you don't need to worry about those. I eagerly wait for your response, Evoreil Thalanor
  10. Krotos

    A letter to Captain Talyon

    Hello there, Captain! Usually I tend to take care of my matters on my own, but this one's a bit above my capabilities if one considers self-preservation in their mind. Do you happen to know anything about Knut Ignatov? He's invited me to join him on a dragon hunt and I believe there's some good money to be made for ship improvements with the possible loot we may get. Are you in, Captain? Cheers Evoreil Thalanor
  11. 1 acre of food for bart (CHECK the granary ;o)
    1. Talinn


      Food report?
  12. Krotos

    Discord Server Roles

    You forgot the post about Warframe and BGO roles. :p EDIT: Yes, they're listed but not announced.
  13. I've just had a sudden realisation - I love the Civilisation series because they remind me of the greatness of human ingenuity & brilliance.
    1. CNiper


      > Ghandi nukes everyone
    2. Talinn


      good job mr. coconut ;o
    3. Abdel


      >Human brilliance >Eating Tide Pods
  14. Krotos

    Discord Server Roles

    I'm always in popular demand and always hot and bothered. ;) It was Bronze Leader this time though.
  15. Krotos

    OMG KEL'THUZAD IS FINALLY ANNOUNCED AND HE'S AN EPIC MAGE, YUSS!! http://eu.battle.net/heroes/en/heroes/kelthuzad