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  1. Bild


    I too enjoy bread that is thicker than standard.
  2. Bild

    Bors in Queenstown

    @Baledwyr What brand is that Fisherman's Cap? I think I have the same one.
  3. We had a Finn for a while in the past. Their avatar was always Tokisaki Kurumii from Date A Live and I'm pretty sure their name was @vampkitty.
  4. Bild

    Rammstein - Slav Edition

    They're actually a very talented band and this is just sort of a one-off goof. They usually do music in the Klezmer style but have dabbled in Balkan and Russian folk styles. I have no idea if any of them are actually Jewish or if it's just their band's theme.
  5. Bild

    Rammstein - Slav Edition

    I'll take your Slavs and raise you some Yidden. I can tell they aren't native or at least fluent speakers of Yiddish not just from their accent, but also from the random mixing of dialect. Still decent though.
  6. https://hoax-alert.leadstories.com/471472-hoax-alert-morgue-worker-not-arrested-after-giving-birth-to-dead-mans-baby.html https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/dead-man-impregnates-woman/
  7. Oh boy, another South American demagogue whose reign will undoubtedly be marked by corruption, violence, and a suspicious affinity for the United States.
  8. Bild

    What's up Diplo?

    The forums have become a meme and the community has moved to Discord.
  9. Bild

    Au service de la France

    I was going for the "Bild turns everything into Jews" angle.
  10. Bild

    Au service de la France

    >Elmaleh was born in Casablanca, Morocco to David and Régine Elmaleh. Being a Moroccan Sephardic Jew ( ͡o╭͜ʖ╮͡o )
  11. Bild


    What does "backseat gamer" mean in this context? Like you just watch people play and criticize them without ever actually playing the game yourself?
  12. Bild


    The discs don't function anymore. If you want to play multiplayer the unofficial patched version I linked is the only way.