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  1. War4life


    wc3 when?
  2. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    We would like France to be given Belgium + Luxembourg with no income re-distribution. France bears the worst of the fighting vs WG, and has generally shittier income. GB gets a ton of income from trade mid-late game, never has to repair howies, and additionally gets to leech WG income fairly easily. Re-distributing income will make things more equitable between the two of them, and reduce instances of "super gbs" where they are individual powerhouses. ATM I am pretty sure GB can get on par with WG income when portugal + italy trade docks kick in and he has just a couple of north WG cities. Alternatively, maybe you can remove the upper mountain but keep belgium and lux as teals. Part of the reason belgium isn't attacked is because of how difficult it is to take it. You can add a couple more trenches as a rush defence in response, but don't go overboard.
  3. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    yes this was reflected in earlier versions but Eagleman did away with it. However, I'm not sure I'd want Green to be any more difficult to push ATM.
  4. War4life

    Greece 1.6e Changelog

    > Changed gold cost of gates from 450 to 100 Changed gold cost of walls from 250 to 5 what the fuck is this??? you realize that wall + tower spam is fucking cancer in the current game RIGHT ??? and you make it easier to spam it? wtf???
  5. War4life

    Meme Idea for Purple starting situation

    Not really. I would say France falls in probably a third of the games we play these days, possibly more. The game is often won in balkans/africa/east front for the allies. If you have Hung come help Brown, he can easily push Blue.
  6. War4life

    Meme Idea for Purple starting situation

    this clearly makes serbian front into a 2v2 at the start as opposed to a 2v1. That 1v1 just continues when Italy joins. Also I don't like the idea of France being kept alive in Africa after Paris itself falls. Centrals have a hard enough time locking France down as is, they should have reward for keeping it.
  7. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    let's see how it plays out
  8. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    ok eagle there have also been complaints about the fact that howies now shoot farther than they can see.
  9. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    Eagleman did u rly give orange a 2nd car to use at start? do u know how OP that is going to be.. ... beyond the sub/sonar + oj car thing, everything else is fine.
  10. War4life

    Meme Idea for Purple starting situation

    Eagleman this will never be embraced. Too many 1v1 situations.
  11. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    oh god eagle why did you put in the sub thing for this version. This absolutely skewers navy in the Allies favour 100 percent. You can't have one side having torpedoes and the other side not.
  12. War4life

    Gun Ownership Poll

    @EagleMan eagleman confirmed moved back to America from Vancouver.
  13. War4life

    WW1 ISH Changelog and Download

    I'll reply to ur post later but for now beforei forget, when the black screen occurs, people can select/move units. We need to either just remove the black screen and let people move asap from start (which i dislike - i preferred the countdown from before), or you know, go back to what we had before if you can do that.
  14. War4life

    Greece 1.6e Changelog

    eagleman ur changes dont say anything about the most critical issue - argos' king dying at start plz tell me its fixed also, im going to tell you this as usual, but your agora change is literally meaningless. The problem is that agoras increase infinitely. You want to be the first to make them. It doesn't matter what the cap is - income is all relative, i will still have relatively the best income compared to another person if i can be the first to max 12 agoras and begin collecting that infinite lumber increase. You can mess with the cap all you want, but it doesn't change the root problem with agoras / econ in greece.