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  1. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    I gave you a plethora of reasons why separating PP from the Diplo server would be bad for the community as a whole and made no sense. Taking responsibility for your actions means admitting you were wrong, changing your policy, and building bridges for the community. Instead, you continue to act in the same hateful and vindictive manner as you've been publically peacocking about for the past 48 hours. Because you faced community pressure that was opposite from how you felt, you resigned, threw multiple temper tantrums, and continue to make demands of the remaining staff including a cease and desist order for us using the name and branding of Diplomunion. You've acted in an extremely immature way and continue to search for things to justify your destructive actions: for example what you've written above about me "wearing a mask", just because I'm a flawed individual who can sometimes lose their temper means that 99% of the time when I act as reasonable as possible and try hard to clear my head I'm somehow a double agent with malicious intentions which justifies your ugly behaviour. Phalanx, Bors, and a bunch of other people put a lot of effort into creating D^3. That doesn't give them the protective right of an entire way to play a roleplaying game online. Furthermore, it was set up over a year ago - and Diplo'ers were already migrating over to another project to play that.
  2. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    It's a pretty moot point within the context of this video because it's a reply to the reason you announced at the time it was announced: Which was the above, and what you communicated in the Adminchat was very similar. The reality is that a large portion of the community was very upset with a lot of issues, one of them being that PP could not be on Diplo. You have a fair degree of responsibility for "fanning the flames" by taking the actions you did which were not conciliatory but final and provoking. You saw schemes, attacks, and ill-willed people where there were none. You, Phal, and Bors boxed my opinion out and took action upon yourselves in minutes and hours with little to no outside input except among yourselves. In these minutes and hours, you would not listen to me, the Patrons, or the majority of the community presenting another side of the story. Then instead of facing your actions and standing by them as admins of the community, you resigned, started calling names, and continue to look for evidence as to why your actions were correct without looking at how most of this drama could have been prevented had you not acted rashly.
  3. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    And since you asked for it to be posted in #ThePub on Discord, this was your position as far as I can tell prior to me making my video:
  4. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    I never attempted to drag your name through the mud, the above screenshot is actually: And that is to say that Martin (Phal) and Matthew (Bors) cancelled their Patreon February 6th which is way before the events that happened in the Patron chat, or my video. I wasn't sending you your message because you cancelled your Patreon, it was the latter.
  5. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    Moving the goalposts so that Project Pheonix couldn't be a part of Diplo. I brought up in the admin chat, as you well know, that Bane doesn't even "run" the other D&D. It's a cooperation between like 6 people and it's not directed from the top down by any one person. You still said Bane was a bad actor, etc. That the rest of the DMs were bad actors because they didn't try to act within the framework of D^3 to play WM style D&D. That all the other DMs might as well be represented by 2 (Bane & Lurch). How did I misconstrue your position? Where did I lie? This is what it's going to come to as a result. I tried to bargain with you, but you posted what Gavin said after my video. And all I wanted from the very beginning is for PP to run as a part of Diplo. You can call me whatever names you want Abdel, but I did not scheme, I did not act dishonestly, I did not act in bad faith. I made a video because I believe the community needed to believe there was someone on the admin team that supported them, and up until then most comments in the Patron section were "The admin team believes x" when I did not believe x.
  6. CNiper

    Strider Introduction

    Welcome Strider, you join us at an interesting time for sure!
  7. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    1) Bane was delivered feedback and responded well and is making an effort and no further complaints have been received since the original complaints. 2) I run two Discord servers, DL Gaming Podcast and DGL, which I shill constantly. 3) Patrons have always talked about what happens in the role locked section. They pay to be there and should be able to talk about whatever they want. Furthermore removing someone when they couldn't have possibly known about your expectations of that is weak.
  8. CNiper

    D&D Drama Video, Comment Below

    1) Bane recruited his friends who he was already friends with to play D&D with him. Which is far less advertisement then this: Which is currently in our #promotions section. This is a general call out, not just to friends... 2) Where is it stated moderators can't run or participate in other servers? Many of our mods are active on other servers and run them. 3) Personal shitshow was never denied by Bane, he admitted in the town hall that he acted in a negative light. He's admitted that many times to everyone. This is bridge burning Abdel, removing Bane for the reasons you stated isn't good enough. There was no Patron exclusivity agreement. There was no moderator agreement. This wasn't an act of bad faith, it was an act of people wanting to play games with their friends. You are alienating most of our member base with this rhetoric. What does this mean? Above what? What agreements weren't followed? Special privileges? Bane is demoted for sharing Patron content as per your announcement: But Bors tagging everyone, being racist, saying he wants to cut people's balls off, being drunk - he isn't demoted? It seems you might have incredibly biased assumptions and I encourage you to examine those.
  9. CNiper

    Attack Sign Up [182,-217]

    Signing up as Hammer. 1.5k Corvettes
  10. CNiper

    Attack Sign Up [182,-217]

    Roles Required Phase 1: Sabotager x2 (Machi) @enxyo (800 Scout), @IronMaiden (666 Scout, 150 Rec) Phase 2: Hammer x2 (Fleet Killer) @BreakYaNeck (wwjacki01) (3k Corvs), Alice (3k Corvs) Phase 3: Homewrecker (Station Killer) @DrvUMad (210 Guns), @Phake (120 Guns), @DarkJediKnight (120 Guns), @r00qi (180 Guns), @Infydar (74 Guns), @CNiper (50 Guns) Please sign up below with what role you can fill for this attack. The sabotager softens the station, the Hammer knocks out the fleet, and the Homewrecker blows it up. Our goal is to make Ostry leave the game and prepare the rest of his stations for farming. The two sabotage and hammer players are for redundancy, just in case one of these attacks fails. Anyone can be a homewrecker Once we have everyone signed up, we'll schedule a time for the attack. Most likely Monday. Location: [182,-217] Ostry's lvl4 Base. Cards Fleet Strength Queue Please keep in mind, Hammer players fleet strength must be enough to wipe the defending player's fleet.