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  1. Inferous

    Aurora AAR - Rise of the Terran Federation

    The date is January 1st in the year 2115. Much has happened in these past five years; colonies have been seeded, warships have been built, asteroids have been mined. Even Mars is starting to get a bit more atmosphere as our terraforming ships and installations gradually pump oxygen into the red planet's sky. Our knowledge of the galaxy has expanded, and so too are our ships venturing further than ever before. Soon we will reach the point where we cannot rely on Earth to refuel and provision our ships on journeys to far-flung systems, and our colonies will be required to become self-sufficient, or at the very least serve as fuel depots. Among the two systems in which we've established colonies, Lalande and Alpha Centauri, there are relatively sparse mineral deposits. Not entirely barren, but not so bountiful that they could support local industry while also shipping surplus resources to the factories and shipyards of earth. This is not a major issue now, but in the future, well.. Slowly but surely Earth is being stripped clean of Trans-Newtonian elements. While Duranium, our primary construction material for industry and ship hulls, will last for a while some of the minor minerals are becoming scarce and Boronide has already been depleted. Luckily our stockpiles are large and automated mines in the asteroid and kuiper belts are already up running but this will become a major problem if ignored. Our rate of Sorium usage only reflects the rate at which we refine it into fuel, but that too will deplete if other sources are not found. Otherwise things are progressing well, our technological advances march steadily ahead, our home fleet is already outdated in its armour and engines but new designs are being held off until even newer technology is developed and besides, the ones we have are perfectly fine! The home fleet consists of three Ironsides class Jump Destroyers, three Cromwell class Missile Destroyers and three Churchill class Destroyer Escorts. These were all built around 5 years ago, and are already showing their age. Though not tested in battle, the fleet has conducted extensive training with live fire exercises and should be able to swiftly respond to any threats the Terran Federation might face. A new generation of starships will likely be required to plumb the furthest reaches of the universe, and the old lumbering hulks in service likely mothballed, but for now they are the pride and greatest defenders of the Human race. Earth's Summary: Populated Systems:
  2. Inferous

    Aurora AAR - Rise of the Terran Federation

    The date is January 1st in the year 2110. Ten years have passed since the Terran Federation began forging its galactic legacy, and we have taken many steps towards that end. Our Queensland class survey ships have explored not only the jump points of Sol, but have expanded into the 4 adjacent systems bordering it. This is what the galaxy looks like in 2110: Each of these systems has further unexplored jump points, leading to greater riches and potentially greater perils. Humans now call a system beyond the light of the sun home, as a colony has been established in the Lalande system. Full characterization of these systems is still underway, but it is hoped the resources found can be stripped and sent back to Earth, as our geologists are predicting that at our current rate we could run out of key minerals within a few short decades, expanded construction and shipbuilding projects notwithstanding. In light of the potential hostility we will face as we further expand, a program of naval shipbuilding has been set into gear. Though not much more advanced than designs first laid down a decade ago, they will be a good stopgap measure while technological advances allow more powerful warships to be built. First off the production lines will be an Ironsides class Jump Destroyer, equipped with the jump drive to ferry squadrons of other ships as well as an array of sensors to detect enemies. In addition, they have a complement of particle beams for short-range combat support. Next will be 3 Missile Destroyers of the Cromwell class, well-equipped with racks of missile launchers to saturate the enemy in salvos of anti-ship missiles. Last to be built will be Destroyer Escorts of the Churchill class, point defense craft fitted out to fire large numbers of tiny missiles to intercept enemy warheads, a crucial role in any fleet. With these assets in hand the Admiralty of the Federation will have greater confidence in our expansion endeavors, knowing a fleet of capable ships is defending our homeworld and backing any forays into enemy territory. No one knows what the future will bring, but it's a big universe out there. Earth's summary: Populated systems:
  3. Inferous

    Aurora AAR - Rise of the Terran Federation

    The lone developer has been in the process of converting the game into a different programming language to fix structural problems like games eventually becoming unplayable due to lag. ------------------------- The date is January 1st in the year 2103 and through steady progress, the Terran Federation continues its expansion so that it is human civilization that dominates this galaxy. With the three geosurvery ships of the Rodney class just passing a year in service, their mission to plumb the depths of our solar system for minerals continues apace. Tirelessly bounding from planet to asteroid, they are securing the resources that will fuel our factories and shipyards for many years to come. A great and momentous milestone has been achieved; Mars, the red planet, has become the first extraterrestrial colony of mankind. The first three freighters off the production lines transported Earth-built infrastructure to the planet, while the intrepid Nelson class colony ship deposited one hundred thousand plucky colonists onto their new homeworld. Shortly after, the commercial shipping concern Storey Freight Limited began making constant runs transporting new settlers to the martian colony, quickly bringing its population to over a million. Perhaps one day Mars will become the second jewel of human civilization, containing massed factories and a ring of steel shipyards of its own, but for now will simply remain the first of many forays into interplanetary settlement. On the research front our scientists have boosted our shipyard production, mining and construction rates, as well as increasing our research speed. Now focusing the majority of our industry on fabricating more construction factories, we predict our ability to produce installations whether mines or infrastructure will be doubled over the next five years. Furthermore, survey ships of the Queensland class will begin construction within the month, with them we can begin locating jump points that will enable travel to distant systems, further expanding the reach of our ships. However, Rear Admiral Sophie Payne of the Federation Navy has warned we are ill-equipped to face any external threats, and should build up our capability to wage war as well as construct a fleet of combat ships. To do this will require many years and plenty of materiel, so we must be content to gather our strength in the Sol system before we dare brave the unknown beyond. Earth's summary: Earth's industry:
  4. The date is January 1st in the year 2100 and the Terran Federation of Earth is poised to claim the stars. Having unlocked the secrets of Trans-Newtonian elements, space faring and civilization beyond our home planet is soon to become a reality. With the discovery of jump points within the gravity wells of our system, interstellar travel will also soon be possible. Would you like to know more? The Federation's first order of business is to assign its industry to the production of factories and materiel that will be crucial to the colonization and domination of the stars. More construction factories, mines, naval shipyards, research labs and infrastructure are slated to begin fabrication. From the three slipways of our only naval shipyard, Rodney-class Geosurvery ships will begin immediate construction in order to identify rich sources of trans-Newtonian elements within the Sol system, and eventually beyond. Two of our three commercial shipyards will be producing inter-system freighters and colony ships, while the third is being expanded. Our ordnance factories will begin stockpiling Anti-ship and Anti-missile missiles, to eventually equip our warships while our fighter factories will begin producing the Cobra class Fighter because they can't do anything else. We have also begun researching to improve our research speed, as well as electronically hardening our ship systems against enemy electronic warfare. Our glorious journey into the deep unknown has begun. Summary of Earth's population and production: Status of our shipyards: Earth's current industrial output: Earth's current Trans-Newtonian resources: Research:
  5. Inferous

    The Diplocom Project 2

    One would think you'd be better at this by now
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  7. What's happening with the election? Are we letting it fade into memory?
    1. Inferous


      @[60:CNiper] never made his final statements so... I guess it's on hold? I mean, I could just go through without him but that doesn't feel sporting.
    2. Thurr


      Bah, what a fool! Time to spam his profile.
    3. Thurr


      CNiper is relentless. Sporting asside; he has had plently of time to finish up his unimpressing campaign.
  8. If you seriously can't figure out what i mean i guess i will just have to leave you in the dark. Just don't accuse gold diggers of rape though, that's the last thing i'll say.
    1. Inferous


      Accuse gold diggers of rape? I think you're confusing yourself. If you grab someone's genitals without permission and without warning that's sexual assault. If someone doesn't want to give you consent but because they fear your power and influence they "let you do it" in trump's words then that is sexual assault.
    2. SteakOnSpear


      No as trump would put it WRONG! I wen't back and read your reply one more time, and man did you go full retard there.
    3. Inferous


      Is this the part where you insist you've been joking the whole time? It's getting a little old, Steak.
  9. Does the silence mean I won the election? If not I will just pretend I did.
    1. Inferous


      I keep forgetting about this, you seem to be going pretty well. We only planned on having 6 questions so I guess the next one is the last.
  10. Diplo campaign? What are you on about?
    1. Inferous


      I thought you or Bane could GM something seeing as we have people on the discord, I think you mentioned you wouldn't mind running a game a couple of months ago.
    2. TheLastSpartan


      Sure thing boss. Just need to some players and a time. Probably a late night time.
  11. Check out the Discord, it's fucking radical?!
  12. Ready to become one of Diplo's regular posters?
  13. Is the ED party going to participate in the third round or not?
    1. Inferous


      I reached out, I'll wait until the end of the day (~8 hours or so).
  14. Rich Evans' laugh cures cancer.
  15. Jim you need to calm your fa(r)m.