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  1. Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I will pick up his book.
  2. They don't really have sovereignty. They're unequivocally part of China, just with a special set of governing rules in place. For now.
  3. I'm concenred also that the particular case over which this came up was a murder... you really want to protect a murderer from justice?
  4. We live in a 2+1 dimensional universe that only looks 3D because of our weird perception.
  5. Apparently Hong Kong protesters beat an unconscious man on the ground in the airport because they thought he supported mainland China. They also detained and beat what turned out to be a reporter from mainland China. Man those assholes are really handing the situation to China on a silver platter. A couple more incidents like that and China can bring in troops with the rest of the world's support. https://www.apnews.com/a4ad41c1f940459f810111ddc2eea825
  6. Damn it, you're right. I watched it and even (for the most part) liked it. But there are some annoying discrepancies and common-sense fails. Ok when is it due? I will try to get something together.
  7. There's info from the US that Chinese troops on the mainland are moving towards Hong Kong. http://classic.newsru.com/world/13aug2019/hongkongknrarmy.html
  8. No, comrade Baledwyr. You need COMMUNISM!
  9. Does this mean I can just run a jailbait column in the Praet?
  10. Well there is some hope. China isn't interested in crushing Hong Kong as neither the territory nor the population is that valuable in and of itself. It's valuable as a international financial center and that might not last if they become just another piece of China. Currently they are under a British-style judiciary that is highly independent. This creates quite a bit of trust. What would happen if that trust were to disappear?
  11. Sorry but unless this is going to be a scholarly article about sex in anime, I don't see how he's going to do it. And if it was, it certainly wouldn't fit with our publication.
  12. This sounds like fun. Get a cattle prod and zap everyone.
  13. Feanor

    Picture of You

    Where's my "this" rating?
  14. 1) When did we learn this? 2) Yes. 3) What about the Green drama? 4) What?
  15. Maybe an article on politics and/or current affairs? Things that might be interesting to the population of diplo, with an international slant, since we're an international community. Also maybe game review articles. Sometimes I have a hard time finding something to play, and suggestions would certainly help. We could also do spotlight articles on mods and maps coming out for games. Finally we could do some game reviews, if there was a particularly epic community match that took place recently. If you read White Dwarf, it's the magazine for the Warhammer community, they do game reviews, and something like that might be interesting.
  16. Feanor

    Picture of You

    When are you going to introduce them to Europa? Also when will we see the older one shitposting on diplo?
  17. All is right with the world.
  18. I haven't seen that film and don't intend to. That's what the film industry said and now we have 2346529438765187 sequels and remakes. So let's not do that.
  19. I don't recognize that person... My favorite movie is The White Desert Sun.
  20. I'm not sure the Tibetans and Uighurs will see this as "making it up" for them. On the flip side, pre-China Tibet wasn't exactly a great place either so... Anyways, I'm not sure who "we" is within the context of your statement. New Zealand? The British Empire? Diplomunion?
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