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  1. Finally a 40K show, and it looks pretty good from the trailer. It's from the same guy who did Helsreach.
  2. Debates, like much of US politics, aren't about facts or evidence. They're about political games; mudslinging, and crowdpleasing.
  3. Welcome to diplo. What's your stance on the age of consent?
  4. Can we get a link to the types of steins that are available for this? It might help us come with what to place on it.
  5. Bors with the transgender activism. I'm surprised.
  6. Kneeling soldier, and a list of schism casualties.
  7. I miss when Bors didn't threaten to rape people.
  8. @Baledwyr is this you coming out of the closet? You know they're dudes right?
  9. That just puts you and @Inferous in the same basket; both saying thing the queen would not approve of.
  10. Diplo mug idea: "Ok, Boomer." - Feanor
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