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  1. i think i'm going to get this on saturday looks like a good game
  2. what is the gamename so that i can join at that time?
  3. [url=http://www.enjin.com][img]http://sigs.enjin.com/sig-wow/151836_7bc4ba58f1e73939.png[/img][/url]
    1. StoPCampinGn00b


      Sad how BBcode doesn't work on statuses :p
    2. thecody117
  4. <a href="http://www.enjin.com/" alt="wow guild hosting"><img src="http://sigs.enjin.com/sig-wow/151836_7bc4ba58f1e73939.png"></a>
  5. [url=http://www.enjin.com][img]http://sigs.enjin.com/sig-wow/151836_7bc4ba58f1e73939.png[/img][/url]
  6. i would azo but im terrible at AWLR
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