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  2. I think if it's a tie it should be a coinflip or a dice roll. (Higher than X = Y lower than X = I But, it is all up to Sukramo it is his custom map.
  3. No this is Patrick.
    1. Warsong


      leedle leedle leedle lee
  4. This is an interesting turn of events.
  5. The only thing I disliked about your post, not because i'm friends with either of them but just because it didn't feel right to me, you were making valid points and I was agreeing with most of your post but the way you seem to react to anything frozen says or your complete disregard for him because of your personal feelings doesn't scream 'adult.' to me. That para itself was just you trying to belittle frozen in your own little way. If you feel like they personally assaulted you with their own posts is fine and understandable. But stooping down that low is not right imo. (I may or may not get hate for this but I don't care really.) I'm just tired of seeing posts from Rhemar and Frozen alike that just seem so hate filled. EDIT: Btw, this isn't nit-picking your post like I said your post was completely valid, the whole 1.88h idea is not that great in my opinion splitting the community up in two. I am just tired of seeing all of these subtle attacks on each others posts, if you want to have a discussion have one, you don't need to link Skype convos (Frozen) or belittle anyone (Rhemar) I also agree with seeing what else you can come up with, you've released one version and people are jumping ship. That is overreacting. This whole drama is pathetic, people could simply look at these fourms for a moment and see a moshpit of arguments and people acting like children. (Also, why are we talking about Rhemars ability as an editor in the Night Elf improvement suggestion balance thread.) EDIT: So many Edits on this post. By the way Rhemar this isn't me saying that you are the only one doing this i'm not trying to attack you personally in anyway I am just getting tired of seeing the same insults over and over again regarding you and Frozen and sometimes even Mopei. Can't we just leave the bad blood and just talk about the map?
  6. Well that's not blizzard trying to con you, when the game was in the 'third party' store in my town it was 20$ That's the price of this game, if you look at amazon or ebay it's going for 30$ (CAD) At least. (By the way the pricing is with both base game and expansion alone their 10$ (CAD) each.) Most places I used to go to no longer sell the physical copy so I had to buy it off of the battlenet site.
  7. Well I believe it still works like Illidan becomes naga and can auto open tomb in 15 minutes unless hes level 10, and when he gets the eye he can open a portal to Outland.
  8. Sukramo talks about 'professional discussions' while he pisses off 99% of LR players, there is nothing professional about that, it's childish to have a pissing contest between two fucking WARCRAFT 3 MAPS. If he is really a professional he'd attempt to stop creating flamewars with these subtle comments, I mean expressing his dislike for a map is fine and all but making multiple posts on the maps BUG REPORT forum is unneeded. Seriously, this is a warcraft 3 map it's not worth all of this bickering over, (Not trying to start anything, I respect people who put the time into editing a map working out bugs etc, yes that even means Sukramo.) Now he can reply to this saying that I bring no argument to the table and my post was useless or point out some grammatical errors that I don't really care about, i'm just tired of coming onto this forum and seeing the same useless debate that derails every fucking forum topic, i'm not here to ask you to shut up because i'm tired of reading your posts, i'm asking for the derailment to stop with this 'lr genesis' bullshit. They are both respectable maps that have their own forums, please keep the discussion of them to their respected forums. (This also goes for people attempting to antagonize Sukramo. ) (Rant over.)
  9. "Azeroth Wars LR 1.89 Suggestion Thread" Much suggestions, very informative. (Not but seriously, can't this ban Marko thing happen in another forum or on a pm?) (It just seems like this whole situation is derailing the forum.) (Lol, the hypocritical statement I just made considering i'm derailing the derailing.)
  10. sha·man a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future control spiritual forces, etc. Whereas an elementalist is someone who controls elements. That's OUR Definition..But like I was saying in Warcraft the 'elementalists' that we've seen fighting for the Horde are the Shaman, "elementalists are spellcasters who focus on the elements, particularly their destructive powers. Elementalists study arcane elemental magic to become more like elementals, which they revere. Elementalists are canny and fervent foes. They are more than willing to die in the service of the Old Gods" The only elementalists i've seen in the games themselves are either NPC baddies (Non Horde) Or some random Dalaran mage. From my understanding one of the differences between Shamans and Elementalists are that Elementalists will use any element Arcane being one of the, yet Shamans stick to "Fire, wind earth and water." I admit though for my previous point I didn't notice the distinction between Shamans (Pre True Horde in game) Since i've only played Grey on Horde side and never really looked at pinks units, I was merely looking at it as an outsider so my apologies on that one. Spiritual Guides would be a Spirit Walker which is a branch of Shamanism. Since Shamanistic training is required for a Spirit Walker to unlock his power.
  11. But, "Elementalists." Belong with Dalaran, the Hordes version of a Elementalist IS A shaman. xD
  12. Letting them have both Dark Shamans and Warlocks is a big Lore slap, but I do understand that these games do not need to be 100 percent lore accurate, what if you took away Dark Shamans for regular Horde, gave their other casters a slight buff to make up for it then do the same for True Horde get rid of Warlocks give the shamans a small buff. Then again the Elementalists idea could work theoretically.
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