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  1. I fail to see the point in this post at all. The Night Elves benefit from having Illidan go free is getting the Warden's Guild, which they also keep if they recapture Illidan, the Guild is reward enough. The NEs should not get these benefits from having Illidan freed 'once' regardless of wheter he is captured immediantly afterwards. 1. The oppurtunity to keep Illidan from the Naga for potentially, the whole game, depending on level of arsehattery. 2. Get the powerful Warden's Guild, including Maiev. The whole system just does not make sense as it is easily abused by LB.
  2. Holy shit i think we just found a new language lol And wether theyre removing Naga or not... Illidan will still be able to be trapped by NE (or at least should be), so discussion is relevent. Can make the same trigger to stop NE blocking portal with buildings, and if NE really wants to put a 2000 man army in there just to stop them getting illidan... well hes gonna get screwed. He should be defending Ashenvale and Azhara coast. I seriously doubt any NE player would dedicate so many troops just to stop illidan getting out. Some players can be, how you say, kind of a spiteful dick. Anyway, I see little point in Illidan's cage, all it really does is use another model. Illidan is a good hero yes, but Azjhara and Vahsj are also, Azj is probably even better. Alot of people are looking at this from the wrong angle aswell. I did mention that NEs can automatically hide Illidan, in whatever method, making him extremely hard to get for alot of players, but there is also the point that under the current system, (that may or may not change specifically) NEs have nothing but bonuses to gain from freeing Illidan and than automatically caging him, with them getting the totally worth it, Warden's Guild.
  3. Won't work, it can be considered even worse in some cases. 1. The NEs would still get the wardens, free of charge. 2. The NEs can just horrendously portal camp the prison, forever ensuring Illidan is never free.
  4. Illidan is powerful, but there are defiently more powerful heroes than him. Also, the problem with the current system is that it is so abusable. Night Elves can instantly, free and cage Illidan, and than hide him somewhere where he will never be found? The penalty for doing so? Nothing. The original concept if for NAGA to free him from his original cell, but as it stands, it is always NEs who do that in order to get Maiev and her guild. As it stands lore-wise, that makes crappy sense, since when would Tyrande say, "Gee, I could really use the help of those wardens, so I am going to go in and butcher the lot of them, then free their prisoners!"
  5. Been a long time since I have post, now everyone tremble in awe at this idea. Anyway, dump the whole concept of Night Elves getting Illidan in a prison wagon if he is killed. It is always abused and he can be hid somewhere on the map with no penalty. Hell, the fact that he gets Maiev just gives incentive to free and cage him. Just have it as, if the Night Elves kill Illidan, he dies like any normal hero would and get be raised by Brown.
  6. Seriously, it is threads like these that contradict the point to a suggestion thread. No one cares about crappy Aedelas, he was no one of importance. By all rights, he should be dead when Azeroth Wars starts anyway. Garithos is a fine choice, he fits into it since we saw him in the campagin. ALSO! His easy to do, give him his OWN model, a few spells that suit him and BAM, and useful, balanced hero. Also, to hell with that ranger dude, you can rant on and on about his exploits, but he was not important till he actually diedish.
  7. For his own purposes! And he didn't get it! Why? Becuase he was NOTHING, he was no one important. He has never ever been mentioned in the game. He is so insignificant he could just be ignored. Just no. We have enough powerful heroes without making them as common as special prizes in a cereal box. Teron was never that much of a threat and never will be. He does not get released till long into the events of Burning Crusade, this if LONG after the time period in which Azeroth Wars start. Hells, if teal gets to the point where he can get ships to the isles, this means he propably won the south fight. In that case, he does not need to be stronger!
  8. Hells! Just face it, all of the death knights are either dead/imprisoned/insane, either way, they are indisposed. We don't need to go crawling for a reason just for TEAL to get the stupid eye. Teal does not need the eye and I doubt any of those chums considered getting it. Just leave it so that only Demon-form Illidan can get it.
  9. Never heard of Ragnok before. But if his fate is unknown, maybe he IS one of the Ghostriders?
  10. Mind popping up a wow wiki link? Never heard of them. Think, were they even availble to intereact with Teal, and was it ever mentioned that they knew?
  11. Maybe some of them, or the higher ranking ones. Most of whom are dead/imprisoned and the rest won't share the secrets of the eye becuase their greedy bastards or too loyal to Gul'dan.
  12. Most of this is just crap. 1. Illidan absorbed the skull and its memories, which is how he found out about its existence. 2. The Tirisfal Order is what it says, TIRISFAL, seperate from Dalaran. Besides, Aegewyn put it into hiding from everyone. Anyway, she seems the type of person who would not trust ANYONE with that kind of power. 3. Maiev had no clue. When she went there, did she say, "Hey! Illidan is going for ze eye!" No, she did not, she had no f*cking clue why he was there. All she knew if that Illidan was there, she was following. 4. The eye was not there for the prevuiys thousand years, if Aegwyn put it there, it could not have been there for too long. Maybe 200 hundred years tops. Also, the isles were raised only 10-20 years ago, so no one would have a clue. 5. Teal propably would not know, Gul'dan does not seem the type to share his plans for world domination with his minions. They were propably just clueless pawns.
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