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    Is it really surprising at all?
  2. 1) Richest country in the world yet 3/4's of it in Sub-Saharan African levels of degradation 2) Stagnant social mobility 3) Evangelical Christianity
  3. For a Halloween event we definitely need to play Dead By Daylight. It'd be great fun to do a few custom games and for me to absolutely slaughter everyone because I'm a no-lifer with 1500 hours in it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/381210/Dead_by_Daylight/
  4. My issue here is that the revisionist narrative that the author is employing to delegitimize not just the Zionist political ideology, but Jews as a whole: The author implies Jews were not viewed as a different "race" prior to the 18th century when numerous references from as far back to the Roman Era refers to the Jews as a sinister, lesser "race" (Seneca the Younger being one off the top of my head). At the start of the 6th Century BCE Hebrew was giving way to Aramaic and Greek as the spoken languages of the Jews and by the 3rd Century CE Hebrew stopped being a vernacular language entirely and instead became a ritual language that was reserved for literature and religion. Hebrew stopped being the vernacular language of the Jews long before the exile and as such isn't a legit criticism of post-exilic diaspora Jews. Obviously there were pure-blooded Europeans who converted to Judaism in Ashkenaz, but Judaism came to Europe via slaves and wanderers following the Roman destruction of Israel. Judaism and Samaritanism are not proselyting world religions like Chrisianity and Islam, but are ethnoreligions that encompass the traditions and values of the Tribes of Israel. When one "converts" to Judaism you're not just changing your religion but your entire identity. Before a potential Jewish convert is given a Hebrew given name and is assigned the patronym Ben Avraham (Son of Abraham) they must permanently cut off all contact with their former family and first learn the Hebrew language well enough to stand before a Beth Din where they will be judged on their worthiness. This might all sound extreme and cultist to outsiders, but you need to understanding when you "convert" you're not just adopting a new faith but being initiated into the Nation of Yisra'el. Even after all of this a "convert" is not considered a Y'hudi (Jew), but rather a Ger Tzedek (righteous stranger), which allows them to participate in religious and tribal matters with a few restrictions and makes them eligible for marriage to a Jew. My point in all of this being that for there to be European converts there had to be a preexisting Jewish community that had enough full-fledged Rabbis to both form a Beth Din and educate/train potential converts and enough laypeople to form a congregation for each Rabbi. The author, like many anti-Zionists, fixates on Ashkenazim as if somehow they are less legitimate than any other Jewish subculture in the diaspora. Why does being mixed with Western Europeans disinherit you from your heritage but being mixed with Arabs, Berbers, Africans, or Indians not? And on top of that antizionists in this vein always try to push the narrative of the Jews living in the State of Israel being a bunch of pasty, cultureless Ashekaznim when the reality is that the overwhelmingly majority of the population is Sephardim and Mizrahim who were expelled from their host countries in North Africa and the Middle-East respectively. I will make another post at a later date compiling all the evidence I've seen that shows that expelling the Palestinians from Eretz Yisra'el goes against Halakha (Jewish Tribal Law).
  5. I'm not implying that most or even many New Zealanders feel as he does, but it's quite clear his mindset is a consequence of historical Eurocentrism.
  6. Thus the "White Nationalism"; the nation he was trying to protect was his skin color. Also: >implying there's any meaningful difference between Australians and New Zealanders
  7. "Othered" in the sense that they are considered less American/Australian/Kiwi/etc. because they don't fit the standard definition for one reason or another. If they weren't "others" in the country then they wouldn't have been singled out as a target for an attack. The shooters whole shtik was purging "foreigners".
  8. While the attack was obviously anti-Islamic it's pretty clear from his words that the larger issue is White Nationalism and Islamophobia is just one element of it. It was the same with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter: it wasn't just an attack against one specific group alone but rather against all those who are othered in mainstream Western society (as he described it the "invaders").
  9. Don't really see the harm or how it's particularly political. Anti-vaxxers quite literally contribute to the spread to of preventable disease so that is a factor in our modern world so it's fitting for such a game. also lol anti-vaxxers: when you'd rather have a dead child than an autistic one.
  10. Repression of Christianity was off and on depending on who was calling the shots at the time, but Islam and especially Judaism were constantly kept under heel. When the mass emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel occurred the Israeli authorities were distraught to find that the “Russian Jews” were almost completely unfamiliar with basic concepts of Judaism due to state repression.
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    Ask Diplo

    We've long entered Gehenna.
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    Ask Diplo

    Give it to Bild.
  13. Slavery is one thing, but segregation wasn't over legally until 1970 and was still enforced into the 90's in some areas. There are plenty of people still alive from when this sort of thing was normal and accepted and they're passing it on to the younger generations. I'd give it a century or two before things work themselves out assuming the country still exists that long.
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