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  1. What is this you're still alive I don't know if I believe it
  2. Western Cartoons are coming for you Putin. Bet he wont last till season 2.
  3. I'm sorry if this has already been post but with the recent release of Warlords of Draenor's Theme showcasing a Throwback at the end, but now onto the bigger evidence http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/11/10/blizzard-working-on-bringing-warcraft-1-amp-2-to-modern-pcs.aspx Main Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvfrExeuKvU (a bit of a surprise for all human race fans at the end) Are you guys pumped for Warcraft to start being remade? or for Warcraft in General with the direction Warlords of Draenor is going? Will Warcraft 3 make a come back one day or is it Interlocked with WoW's fate?
  4. Well, man warcraft 3 mapping just isnt worth the struggle anymore if it takes 10-20ish minutes to fill up one game Wc3 map than this community has lost its touch also with most of the pros/newbs quiting when Sc2 came out, kinda took a toll on the community/games. Now Warcraft 3 faces Time its new worst enemy. Map info(Westeros AoC, was trying to finish it but it just took so much time out of my freetime and really didnt even get a working test version) Jassnewgen is required.
  5. Rui has always been and will be an asshole. I think this should bring in fresh air something that hasnt in hive since 2010 when starcraft 2 killed half of their community. Also who even uses Hive now. and happy will always be happier than you.
  6. Anyways who even plays those style maps without some clan named quan/that blight person's clan. or something like that i forget.
  7. well diplo has the best mappers/editors ever to edit on le world editor. we could easily take this and make it better and maybe add the whole world since Europe is imbalanced without its competitors. JK this map is awful
  8. I think i still remember your map Erkowich.
  9. Yeah wc3 has lowered its standards half these maps are using copy & pasted triggers and aren't really unique like a 2 years ago. Also many maps stopped doing fun things like adding a Christmas theme and such as large fixes and addition versions, pretty much stopped experimenting. I'm open to any project if anyone needs help except some exceptions. 1. none of my maps they're really screwed over... and i lost all there saves. i have Age of napoleon though that could be a possibility.
  10. more updates on the actual site and hive
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