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  1. I own a pair of guns alright
  2. supgoat

    Who broke Diplo?

    Anyone available for hire? Or is it simple enough for eagle to fix - just takes time
  3. supgoat

    Picture of You

    Wtf have my ratings gone
  4. People be racist who knew Legal grey area, nothing to do here The funny thing is I want to support the 2 guys who got arrested because it's seriously dumb, but I'm just so fucking sick and tired of hearing how all white people are literal scum and filthy fucking racists who supported slavery from many of the people I have on Facebook and other social media. It's like the people who claim blacks are responsible for all crime because they're 'less intelligent genetically' or whatever that bullshit was about We just need a planet without all these morons, I advocate for a do-over of planet earth.
  5. Doesn’t like the fact the public doesn’t own everything and there is still a business marketplace
  6. Is in fact, a member of the below average public
  7. If only we had some sort of comment rating to help us in a similar fashion to a detector...
  8. Public diplo stoning finally being brought back? I for one welcome our new Islamic overlords The sex is great
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