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  1. Though I probably posted this on the other forums as well, I would in general recommend to nerf Broken Alliance in regards of who's able to return and in terms of their strength. One of the more major issues I currently have with the most recent versions of LTA is that Dwarves got buffed a lot - in a way, where South Fight is completely pointless for Brown, OJ and Green to do, if Yellow gets aid by an ally, no matter if it is Silverhand or Purple in whatever form. Green also needs more reasons to stay in South as right now it's more viable for him to either ally up with Dragonmaw or to leave South in order to fight Legion and Forsaken in Alterac. Outland fight is more or less centered about OJ taking most of Teal's stuff, as smart Teal players go back to their oldschool tactic of helping Pink for the rest of the game till they either can summon or Pink betrays. Already generates two problems: - Legion + Sylvanas-Pink are pretty strong together and can counter Worgen easily - as well they can counter Scourge and Gray. Moreover I could even imagine, as Manetho pointed out at some point, that Teal might even invade Northrend early game via portal, screwing up Blue completely, as he normally has to fight Grand Alliance in the early game. If Purple goes New Dalaran then instead of Worgen and Pink finished conquering Gilneas, he can easily take Andorhal, while Teal could potentially rush the Frozen Throne in time, before Red, LB and Purple realize what's going on in western Lordaeron and Northrend. The main issue here is that Teal & Pink benefit currently more from eachother than they probably should. As Arlt pointed out in the past in one of Harald's casts, when they went Teal-Pink-bromance: Why would you go for Putress, if you can have a revivable Sylvanas,, who gets constantly leveled up + has the chance to go Empowered Sylvanas, if the Legion either betrays at Sunwell or if things go completely wrong. Smart Forsaken betray most times in late-game or only if they have to, while Teal can benefit a lot if he helps Pink for nearly the entire game. This was already a thing in the past, but once OJ got implemented, it shifted Teal's balance slightly on having to focus on Outland, as earlygame OJ can be killed easily by a Teal, who knows what he's doing. Now that this option isn't assured due to recent nerfs, a lot of people tend to go again the pathway of Classic Teal by simply focusing on Lordaeron. - With Teal being gone from Outland, it results normally in a strong OJ in South, who had faced barely any opposition. This is at one side good for Dragonmaw and not a problem for Yellow, as Yellow has allies, but bad for Green. It's probably the second reason why Green would never fight in South because he knows that the moment OJ wins, he gets screwed up from behind - even if he killed of Blackrock Mountain base. Which is even harder to conquer since recent patch due to the reterraining. So South is destined to be a Brown/OJ VS Yellow/Purple match-up in most cases. Both the Horde and Trolls need an overhaul, as Horde needs more motivation to conquer South and Trolls needs a rework. You guys already gathered ideas on BH, so I trust in you having solved the problem already (or maybe you also gather ideas here as well for the major rework for DG), but right now these factions are literally glass canons. If people know how to play them right and how to survive with them, they can be strong lategame, but in most cases players don't know what to do with them, as most of their supposed initial fights go completely wrong. A DG who focuses on Zul Aman gets normally fucked by Red and Purple or by Red alone, if Red is fast enough to take out Zul Aman before Silvermoon. Even if DG succeeds in overtaking Red's lands, he normally gets then fucked by Blue-Gray coming over to him, as LB normally doesn't hold Tyr's Hand, when Red went Illidari or betrayed otherwise. Green in South I already explained: Either getting killed by Brown in a fair fight, getting killed by Yellow after he took out Brown or getting killed by Brown-OJ if he pushes back Yellow. Only viable fight, I saw so far for Green and DG: Both of them focusing on Hinterlands, as nobody defends Aerie Peak and Scholomance. Furthermore it allows Green to launch his event base, thus giving him another level on Drek'thar, while Gilneas is normally the next goal, as he can set up here his lumber operation. So... I feel things really need to get changed here, as else Green is constantly leaving South or failing most of the times, if his opponents are competent enough. So yeah, few things I wanted to add in terms of your request, while I'm looking forward the next versions. I'm aware that South will get at some point an entire overhaul, as so does the majority of the landmasses in LTA, but I think South and Outland should be done as fast as possible in light of the problems I mentioned. Merely my sole opinion, people are free to disagree with it. edit: I agree with Tefehbeb on OJ-Brown, because Brown alone is quite strong already. Since Black Dragonflight was added, I see no reasons why I would ever betray OJ at all, as I get a new strong hero, new elites and a strong alliance with a so far stable ally. With his help you can even push back Yellow-Purple.
  2. Fuck you can barely read these links - would be better to just unlink them or start a new list. In case people still care about it, as it's a double-edged sword imo.
  3. And I was just writting with Mazzel what became out of you + what would be if we would all keep getting less political and go for things like lifting your permaban. If the last two days showed me anything, it's that people care. Manetho, Tefehbeb, Hawk... drama is caused once people lose their position or their ranks. It's ironically always a selfish cycle, if you look closer at it - if there's one reason why I despite BotR, it's probably really how things were done. However, cool that you still talk in insults about others. If there's one major critique point I have it's probably this one, but well... I gave up caring. And as I stated once, BotR is mainly about the core and the active members. Your Clan is about growth. That's fine and can remain this way. I might point out though, that we stopped since months harassing UoS. We kept to our site, while most people are done with the topic. In short: Yes, we really don't care. If people insist however getting banned on BH or for stirring up trouble like a certain chieftain, there's few things I can do. Simple as that. All I have to say. And probably that I lately read again through the Archives. You might be right, that you were not a bad guy in the past, but well... Clan politics. People never should have started that one.
  4. Nope, because then he did his work proper, while he acted as an admin representing the site. Neither was I much involved into this conflict, as he only told me about it. So why would I the one to question it?
  5. gg vassal gg @Manetho I haven't checked how long these warnings last, but if they were handed out, I'll trust the team in regards of the reasons. You stirred up trouble lately, so well... not my fault.
  6. Oh okay, consider him now as He-who-must-not-be-named. Blame Manetho on first mention. Whatever.
  7. To be fair, it's the image with which you and others present yourself. I see in He-who must not be named's agenda no reason to make peace about what was done in the past, he left the Clan because he got denied his super moderator position as an appeasement for his demotion. I neither see this behavior in current members of their Clan, as during the last months we see and take the trolling. So, yeah, you live in the past while bringing up over and over. We on the other end don't care about UoS, we only interject when we see that they stirr up trouble again like recently. No matter how we act, they want the mistakes, the drama and whatever, as they never learn. Same applies for others during the recent days. It's still his picture - posting a picture public doesn't mean you lose all the rights to it. You abused the picture on purpose on our forums, so it should not really be surprising. Accept your ban, it doesn't last that long. edit: Had to alter it due to copyright infringement. :(
  8. [quote name='Manetho']Okay well I just came back to see that I got banned from brigands for using a picture from the local pictures of you thread and for making posts that were well adapted by everyone that isn't a butt hurt "staff member". To get back to it, @EmperorFawful did you consider getting rid of the warning system as it is living in the past? And unban Enclop for living in the past and Orloi of course, cause we shouldn't live in the past right?[/QUOTE] A user picture, for which you didn't got permission from the owner to edit it. If you can't respect that, fair enough. Getting rid of a regular forum guideline? You must be dreaming.
  9. If it happens, I don't mind it, honestly. People are free to choose where they show of their maps and given how it was done, it was a douche move. The past chieftain wished it to happen, so it did.
  10. I actually do on these regards. Nontheless, you're free to blame me. I actually would have demoted you, if the question would have come up, but not for personal reasons. What I don't appreciate though is the way how it was done, so I'll have to talk with a lot of people today.
  11. On a side note you might be right. I lacked an important information and that one was, what Steak wrote now. It would have made the situation more easier, if he would have told me, SvnmS or Arlt before. Now as it is, I see that I have to question my trust in previous statements from the Shaman team.
  12. Fair enough, I'll actually write you an apologize: How the demotion was done, was probably a mistake. Since @SteakOnSpear nor anybody bothered to tell me though and I got told that you knew about your demotion, I had to assume that they were right. I'm not distrusting those, who manage with me the website. Also asked Steak why he didn't tell me before and there won't be punishment - rather I will discuss this case seperate with him and Arlt along with the rest of the Shaman team. Probably without Spam, given that he is accused. So fair enough, I'm willing to admit this mistake, as I was under false impressions, when I gave my approval. Given that I trust Steak on this matter. [quote name='Krotos']Pointing out how full of bullshit and how skewed and completely, improbably incomprehensible the decision is doesn't equal to harrassment. If you follow this line of thought, any sort of opinion that disagrees with what the admin staff says equal to harrassment and is grounds for ban and that's pretty much how Stalinism started in USSR. You removed the sole admin staff member who was promoting the site and improving it. Good job. It's audacious of you to slander me with such a choice of words on Diplo. I'll paraphrase a famous quote I remember: "When they came for the Muslims, they raised their voice in defense, but I did not support them. When they came for the Jews, they raised their voice in defense, but I did not support them. When they came for me, I raised my voice in defense, but there was nobody left to support me." As for LTA: You should as it generates majority of website's movement. While Marshmalo is the owner, she granted me absolute command over the map so your disregard for my person is highly offensive. Anyways, I'm not going to comment more on this as you guys are hopeless.[/QUOTE] Well then, ask her to do so. LTA is a map like any other, potentially overhyped while it was Enclop who told Marshmalo to move over the first time. Again, I don't deny that Hawk was doing an active part on the Clan, but during the last months we barely got any members, joining our Clan. This was the case prior to Hawk and is the case as well. You're btw free to tell us your opinion - however, I closed threads because they were created to provide trouble ahead of when I posted before. Forum moderation does this usually and we're not in the debt of explaining everything. Plus, you could have contacted me about it. But again, Brigands don't talk to their staff team apparently.
  13. [quote name='Sender10']If @Hawkr wins, does he get his rank back? Otherwise this is meaningless. Proving that what Hitler did was wrong or right won't make all Jews survive or be wiped out.[/QUOTE] I won't vote for it. He left the staff once before for HotJ, this was his second run. What the others do, I don't know, but I listed above why I was for the demotion.
  14. [quote name='Hawkr']Well at least I can talk to someone, not just lock the thread and not even let me post in a thread talking about me. I do say I am angry because of the whole thing but I was about to let it go as I've said before but you provoked the drama and now are blaming me for responding the post you made in the resignation thread. What did you except will happen? You talked to me like a 10 year old and completely undermined my efforts throughtout the clan and community. I wasn't going to let that be the last post about me as staff. Aye Manetho is taking this too far.[/Quote] Look, I was potentially harsh, but tried to help you. Tried to talk nicely about it. You asked me questions about the staff decision, I gave you answers. However, you ignored at some point really all I posted, kept falling for your emotions, so well... what do you expect of me? To be fine with that, especially after I saw what you wrote on the forum? If it was too harsh, I apologize, fair enough. I wrote before that this one post you keep refering to was probably not sensible - yet, given that you didn't listen to my words before, it was the next logical step. [Quote] You use nitpick but its not nitpicking lets ask a normal member around diplo. Is it common sense for me to argue that a Website Admin should have more permissions on Teamspeak than a Brigand (normal member).[/Quote] We lowered the permissions on this one at some point because multiple people joined and somebody was too lazy to put back the permissions. It's a TS channel though... no more special than any other one. If we need it for private meetings, be sure that someone will put in the permissions again. [Quote]Is it common sense to say that the Staff shouldn't be aggressive to their members and dislike or rage at their posts, like spam did with Anime forums, everyone can check even thought his posts are removed, you can still look at the quotes [URL]http://brigandshaven.net/threads/mirai-nikki.3428/page-3[/URL] [/Quote] I'm aware that you have troubles with Spam - however, nobody reported it, nobody told me, Arlt or SvnmS. In aftermath I can delete it, but your quarrels with him were known. If you couldn't have done it, you could have told me at least... Regarding this, I will speak with Spam though - it's the first time you mention this with an actual link so yeah - that one will be dealt privately. Has nothing to do with your demotion nontheless. [Quote] Is it common sense for someone that did so much for the clan to ask for a list of all the evidence you had against me? And get mad when you keep repeating "No or we already told you" even though you did not tell me and say that "the evidence is in the staff room" but you refuse to let me see any of this so called "evidence". And the same response you have been telling all the other members that asked for this.[/Quote] Hawk, I told you reasons more than once - but whenever I told you a reason you were like "No, that's not true, give me a post from the internal forums, give me visible proof" - you're out of the Staff team and you're pretending the whole time like you couldn't trust me. You got told internal reasons in private, because I had a good heart with you. And when you believed me, it was like "But I made so much more good stuff" Yes, you did - but in our opinion the bad stuff overweighed. [Quote]You say I am trying to influence the community? I have not asked anyone at all to post or cause any type of drama on the forum.[/Quote] Yeah, openly you didn't. But as you told us yesterday you talked with another BotR member about it, who leaked it to Tehfebeb - I'm probably aware who that might be. And you probably talked as well with Manetho about it. Tefehbeb wanted to offer you an admin position in UoS, Manetho offered it you in TNO. You declined (which is mayhaps a good thing, but well). There was talking in the background and if I saw people actually argueing up for you, it was mainly those, mentioned above. Apart from Krotos there was no BotR member, who participated in harassing the website with stuff regarding you. So yeah, I believe you that you didn't want this to happen, but given earlier attempts you should have known what you would cause. [Quote]I have no idea why @noodle posted that? Like he's HotJ I don't think they dislike me but I know they don't like me that much for the post to be subjective.[/Quote] Like many he read probably my message, misinterpreted it and well... yeah. I can live with that, I'm an admin - I don't exist to be loved. :) [Quote] When did I take it public, tell me? Quote me. I only discussed it with you via PMs you decided to take it public when you broke your own rule which you remind me of breaking it that staff shouldn't be sharing internal information but in the first response to noodle you did exactly that. I was defending the staff that that ban was justified and in our rules how was that bad. And sharing that he was warned 3 times which is enough for a ban is hardly leaking its called evidence.[/Quote] Here again: You see my loophole why I can't give you informations and technically you would be right. Timewise, however, you started this thing. I wrote you in private the quotes concerning me + multiple users can proof that you derailed with others a proposal topic willingly on the LTA section. If we are now bringing things to the public, it's because you tell other people stuff, which is only based on your point of view. While not all informations are right, as we already explained you - again- in the PM discussion. [Quote] Do please quote me when I said "I don't apologize to a rude guy." kek. You are comical if I was that bad as you describe why didn't you do the same you did with Spam? Spam started to harrass me and was warned to stop he stopped why was I never warned? Spam could fuck with people for no reason but I couldn't (even though there was more than a reason). If you read the PM you'd know I didn't know blame Arlt at all. You really do have selective memory.[/Quote] Nope, but that thread existed, trust me. I'll look up the quotes, but again - privately. [Quote] It was just a heads up, you can quote me on all of it because I know what I said, because I care if LTA leaves or not. Because I care for the site. And since krotos didn't have time to reply to you fawful "cool story brah." his response.[/QUOTE] LTA... you don't know how less I care for that one to leave our site. Marshmalo is nontheless the owner and Krotos has nothing to do with the discussion - you're the one dragging him into the discussion, while if he has to say words on his own, he can do so as well.He doesn't know the full story, so yeah... I feel sorry, that you drag people like him into this for your own pride. Given that this discussion is a cycle: Tell me what you expect from us? An apologize? Making yourself Staff member again? What do you even want? --------------------------------------------- @SteakOnSpear I'm aware that there had been a Shaman meeting, where others voted as well for the demotion. Plus, there are reasons, why I back the decision, given that Hawk did in the past a good job with organizing games, but tried to push forward his own agendas, even when the majority said No towards it. It neither helped that he always seeked conflict with SpamPolice on the forums (where I personaly say that you should just leave it be - Spam doesn't care for you, Hawk, yes, but I know him well enough to know that he only reacts when you did something severe to provoke either him or when you argue too much). Towards Hawk. There had been other topics, where I thought you overstepped your borders partly, while it was most of the times decisions which we didn't back or where we simply said no. One of them being a merge between BotR and another Clan, which you seriously considered, even though the conditions were unbearable and putting BotR to a disadvantage. I was not present at the Shaman meeting and I only got told the decision, neither knew of Spam's personal ambitions, but I had my own reasons to back it. I'm sorry for that.
  15. Yeah, I'll train them. Someone began with "Intern" so we adapted it. We dumb Slavs. :/ Though I deleted them, because they were major OffTopic, caused on purpose and other trouble stirring, I told you already yesterday what Hawk posted. I then discussed out the situation in private, he didn't want to listen. Then I wrote my response, which nontheless was honest. And again Manetho, you're at this point someone, who only seeks for trouble. You ask why we banned Hawk, writing me that keeping stuff internal is not an argument for you and that you demand arguments. Given that Hawk brought the topic to the wide public, I will have to talk about it thanks to you. You began this, so don't whine if I leak the stuff which makes you uncomfortable. And I say this as the one, who once defended you, when Spam wanted to perma-ban you for causing trouble on our TS. Something I didn't believe you would be able to do. During the last months I came to another solution though, as you try to pull strings on our website nontheless. TNO as a reunion attempt between BotR and UoS - I don't believe in this one for quite some time. You just want to become BEA chieftain again, which kinda puts you on the same line as others before and after you. It's biased powerstrife, you even admitted this one to me yesterday on Skype. So what? How do you think I take your accusations seriously anymore? That's over Manetho. And everyone dislikes the infighting, no shit. Tell this Hawk, however. We only respond to what he sows.
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