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  1. It was foreseeable, expect Abdel to raise tariffs for DiploGaming exports and Inferous to get valued member in 2021
  2. Coming up next, Abdel tries the super size me challenge by having an american cheese burger for breakfast daily for a month in his upcoming Ramadan Challenge
  3. Hey guys i'm outside discord and not using it i swear, it's just voice chat, reacting to a variety of posts and sending links through my abdelbots. It's not like i failed my own challenge within the minute
  4. The entire scheme is a shitpost anyways, the result of Abdel's late-night brainstorming session of "how can i increase activity in forum while not giving up any real degree of power?"
  5. Diplo has grown... apart Nova Diplomunion was not entirely inaccurate, it's nu-diplo now
  6. cell_destroyer

    Life Lessons

    Could change this to Life Lessons for Abdel after the failed cease and desist chicanery
  7. "Why does a wc3 community not play wc3?" "Will you stop the McCensoring done by Shariff Abdel and "Wild Bill" Billy?" "Did Spankfurt acquire liaison officer role after he liaised with the gamer girls and lady boys of the community?" "Will you unpillarize Jimmy for his ineptitude?" "What will you replace the current abdelcord products such as Iced Coffee and bottled Frapuccino with?"
  8. My vote goes to whoever monetizes diplo (take into account bors still holds the domain)
  9. Give a shoutout on next big total war sale and i can get it along with empire
  10. We're de-rusting first and then going to inhouse
  11. Company of Heroes 1 or 2 and i'll install it
  12. The only bravery there would be if they cast a shit actor, which Mahershala Ali is not. And since you have a boner for diversity, the original Blade, apart from being an actual good film for it's genre, was one of the most diverse ones in terms of collecting ethnicities. It had a female asian vampire double-welding crowbars swinging at Wesley Snipes in a rave party filled with hispanic, white and black vampires. The success of the film will solely depend on what direction it's taken, but the original one remains one of the most comfy Wesley Snipes kinos.
  13. When the boomer tries to dictate what's in vogue or not. That's the most 90's attitude you can possibly ask for. Bors wants a lighter theme to try to turn it into pseudo reddit, there's more Cniper blood in him than he admits to
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