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  1. Hey lurker 

  2. Andwyr


    Reformed British Empire when?
  3. I still read Diplo, I just don't log in particularly often. Also, Eat Dick 2016
  4. Bane for President. We need to to build a big beautiful wall around the LR slums. Make Diplo Great Again!
  5. [quote name='Ice']as long as @Baledwyr doesn't invite me to a threesome, I should be alright.[/QUOTE] He doesn't go for threesomes. At least not when I suggested the idea.
  6. I do not know who this Ice lady is but I like the cut of her jib. Don't scare this one off, Diplo.
  7. Who even installs games? According to Steam I haven't even touched 70 of the ones in my library.
  8. No idea then, give it time perhaps? Wouldn't be the first time Steam has fucked up their maintenance.
  9. Server Maintenance you daft bastard, it came up with a message telling me and everything. Seems back to normal now.
  10. Andwyr

    Picture of You

    I have never denied being a 15 year old white girl on the inside.
  11. Poor optimization. It's come a long way since then; to the point I don't even get any slowdowns on max settings.
  12. I'll just leave this here. At no point is it intelligent to get into an armed conflict with the government.
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