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  1. [quote name='Mopei_ECO200Y']Actually, I did this multiple times (as green) and it works wonders. I did it with two of my ENT minions against @Nalesean and held him and his red there for about half an hour before they called it quit. I also remember giving Rider a very hard time with this whenever I bunkered it "the correct way." I'm actually the guy who invented this strategy and made it somewhat popular. Well the problem is that from the looks of it, they aren't even bothering to show up on the forums and have so far not expressed to the community that they are willing to continue their work on the project.[/QUOTE] I made the argument that I think the battleships are utterly broken long ago. I think the notion that bunkering up quelthalas or darkshire with ships is to be considered "innovative strategy" is ridiculous. I think its equally strange to take pride in it. If you would've played teal and found interesting ways to beat it - that would've been interesting.
  2. I haven't really followed things lately, but it seems to me that Dave & Crusader have checked out by now, so might aswell make it official. The released version clearly didn't meat the expectations, ridiculous as they might have been. I liked what I saw of origins, I'd be happy to see Volrath take a shot at LR.
  3. I've completely given up hope of a new decent Awlr version. We should all brace ourselves for eternity on the current version.
  4. Perfect description , they should put it as the first thing you see when you come here to avoid confusion.
  5. I voted Azothan, since I became interested in Awlr after watching his channel. Azothan is probably the biggest figure for the map as a community, but if you're thinking metagame stuff then I'd guess its either Rider/UTL/Mopei. Depends on what period of time you're talkin about though.
  6. Well granted he's popular, which is beyond my comprehension. My guess is that people are just fed up with the standard washington politics and thusly hope for something new. Now Trump becoming "the ordinary peoples champion" is of course hilarious given his backround. But he is also extremely unpopular, hated even, by the other side. Same could be said for Hillary of course, which is why I feel like its really 2 unthinkable candidates.
  7. Unlike you I am not at all impressed with Trumps financial career. What I see is that he's left a trail of lawsuits, unpaid workers and general conflicts pretty much everywhere he goes. This is one of many articles about Trumps business in Scottland. http://mashable.com/2015/12/11/donald-trump-aberdeen-golf-club/#PHe.u_T4D8qQ (the best one I've read was in swedish, dont know if the site translates it http://www.svd.se/donald-trump-rasande-pa-vattenfall) Basicly my conclusion from the ordeal is that Trump is a dishonest and overblown manchild.
  8. Hillary is a standard semi-corrupt us politician, I think she'll do the whole mediocre president thing if elected. Donald Trump on the other hand is the complete embodiment of everything I detest, I think he's a recipe for absolute disaster. The upside with Trump is that the only the that seems to exceed his ego is his utter and complete ignorance as to how a state functions. If elected I think he'll discover that the slow political machinery of the USA will make it hard for him to "make America great again". Never the less I think he's capable of doing a lot of harm.
  9. Too be honest its 2 "unthinkable" candidates, neither remotely acceptable to the other side. One corrupt & the other a maniac man child. If I would vote I'd vote for Hillary as the lesser of 2 evils I guess, but I don't really like her either.
  10. [quote name='AxelTheGreatest']@Nalesean no need to play the victim. I believe you saw Enclop joining a couple diplo members in the Botr hate but I vaguely remember Enclop is a lefty; which means the things you just summed up are false, gg.[/QUOTE] I don't have anything to do with the administration at BH anymore so I dont feel the need to in anyway defend it. The purpose of the comment was to ridicule the way that this forum still Reacts every time something leaks from BH. Which is good i guess since it distracts everyone from the innevitable decline. As for @Enclop that's a grudge I dropped long ago, I should hope he has too.
  11. So what gets Diplo going: -A new chance to bash Botr (maybe occasionally alternating to UoS or gamerisle) -Bashing anything not part of the political right wing. -Bashing the LR editing team. Do correct & complete if you feel like it.
  12. [quote name='Enclop']I am a south korean living in Germany but studying in britain while most of my family live in the USA. please don't hate on multiculturalism or scapegoat muslims!!! :((( @Nalesean protect me[/QUOTE] You will probably have better luck with that discussion here: [URL]https://www.nordfront.se/english[/URL]
  13. I can't be both? :( Agreed, I think its very odd that theres been virtually no response to the critism from the editing team. Crusader said a new version will be up soon but I've seen no response to the discussion here and thus have no clue what to expect.
  14. I have a different theory concerning Cersei, I actually think Jaime will be the one to deal the final blow to her. When hes done with her mutilating children or whatever she will get up to up to as queen. If memory serves Jaime came out holding her foot, so technically he is her little sibbling too. Just speculation but I think it would make sense with Jaime's character developement.
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