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  1. And that is precisely why GRRM needs to hurry up. Just like Jojen's death, killing off some characters could prove some stuff that is still just theory.
  2. Well, I'd call the fate of two pretty major characters pretty important.
  3. Eh, changes like that Gendry one were understandable. Gives them more time to develop what's going on with the whole melisandre ritual shindig, rather than introduce an entirely new character and try to get us to empathize with him. Not disagreeing with you, some parts of the show are just entirely unnecessary. In fact, the only reason they had that whole NW battle at Crasters was because of the lack of Coldhands, who killed them in the books (as I'm sure you know). The fight was well done, we got some satisfying revenge, and we got to see a fookin' legend brought to life. Then again, the story also took up a lot of screen time and did not add to the plot at all. I just don't know what to think, because, looking from the viewpoint of just a show watcher, a lot of these changes make sense and allow for the story to flow a little better. We book readers get the shaft to satisfy the time constraints of the show.
  4. The writing hasn't been terrible, it's just been such a vast undertaking this season. There were so many large events to deal with, and fallout of said events. For some reason, they also decided to advance the storyline of Dany and Bran. That Jojen death pissed the shit out of me, because it all but confirms that theory about the COTF. This season showed that, while still a great show, the writing does become shaky when it has to take on as much as it did.
  5. Karl>Everything GRRM has or will ever write. He was a fookin' legend.
  6. Bran sees flashes of the three eyed crow in his dreams, starts experiencing warging powers, crow starts communicating with him in a sense. Bran meets Jojen, who can sorta see into the future, and sees Bran's power. They both know about the three-eyed raven, so Jojen wants Bran to go north. The three eyed raven tells Bran to go north. Then a lot of shitty things happen to Bran, kinda forcing him to gtfo. So off to the raven he goes, to figure that shit out.
  7. In the books, wasn't there another attack at the Shadow Tower that drew the Night's Watch attention away from Castle Black? Castle Black has been perilously low on resources for a while by the time the attack happens, they aren't exactly able to prep war machinery and all that other fun stuff. Besides, giant swinging claw>everything else imaginable.
  8. Shae? Her acting is so terrible though. Her bad acting is even more visible since nearly all of her scenes are with Dinklage, who's trying to win an emmy with every scene he does now.
  9. It's back up Spank, just in case you're still on.
  10. In my experience, it will have these little blips of where the game lobby/queue won't load. Tends to start working perfectly again 20-30 minutes later.
  11. Anything done by Kygo is pretty nice, if you're into EDM. He's from Norway, and my personal favourite of his is this one.
  12. That Shae scene was cringe-worthy. In response to Snow, I think the changing of the tone is absolutely necessary for the show since, at this point in the books, we begin to see more and more of the fantastical and magical elements of the world.
  13. So, that episode was fun. Any thoughts from the unspoiled?
  14. Anaheim deserves the win, though I'd like to see San Jose make it to the end. The Bruins can burn in hell.
  15. If people are going to dislike an author because of his/her nationality, then I doubt they're mature or intelligent enough to appreciate the likes of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Fun fact about him is he heavily supported the Doukhobors later in life, funding them in their dissent and their travel to Canada. They're basically radical "pacifists." Tolstoy got pretty crazy towards the end of his life.
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