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  1. mfw the meme that I'm still one of the patreons and that it dropped down to my lucky number. Just keep in mind I also donated $50 that's lying about somewhere
  2. "Why does a wc3 community not play wc3?" "Will you stop the McCensoring done by Shariff Abdel and "Wild Bill" Billy?" "Did Spankfurt acquire liaison officer role after he liaised with the gamer girls and lady boys of the community?" "Will you unpillarize Jimmy for his ineptitude?" "What will you replace the current abdelcord products such as Iced Coffee and bottled Frapuccino with?" Dw Cell, I got u
  3. Hello there everyone! Today, we have an interview between the big heads of two awesome communities today, with Phalanx, representing Diplomunion, and Bolvar, representing The Old Guard, in a bid to prepare for the release of Warcraft III Reforged in the months to come. Interviewing the two is me, The_13th_Legend, a guy in both communities with ambitions to eventually bring everyone together to just enjoy a classic game. Below are five important questions; insight into the two communities, what they bring to the table, and more about the future partnership that will bring a joyous event for everyone to appreciate. As always, happy gaming and thanks for being a Diplo'er or an Old Guard. Hell, Bors will like the title of being a "Diplomunion Old Guard." 1. What is a community to you? In extension, what would you think the term "Diplomunion"/"The Old Guard" means in general? Phalanx: Bolvar: Community, especially when we're talking about gaming communities, is the happy confluence of friends who share a common place and common games. This place, whether it be a forum, subreddit, discord, or teamspeak server, becomes a mecca of camaraderie and fun thanks to the build up of shared experiences. Diplomunion is such a place. Through the efforts of Abdel, Bors, and myself, we've kept the Diplomunion community going for over 12 years. That longevity defines us. We've evolved from a community of gamers to a community of friends. Thus, Diplomunion means friends, games, and a good time. Community is a gathering of people with shared goals under common principles and beliefs. In our case, we are a gathering of Warcraft III players that seek to have fun playing with people who enjoy the same maps we do in a casual atmosphere. As for the meaning of Old Guard, I find it quite self-explanatory and the question below also addresses it, I would say. 2. With the above in mind, what does it mean to be a(n) Diplo'er/Old Guard? Phalanx: Bolvar: A Diplo'er is anyone who comes to Diplomunion looking to have fun, play games, and have an all around good time. The key to being a Diplo'er is making your presence felt within the Diplomunion community through constant interaction, whether it be in the discord, the forums, or in the games we play. Anyone can be a Diplo'er, they just need to participate. Old Guard was created and stands for one reason and one reason only: Warcraft III RTS. It is the game that started everything, the game we all love. Most communities got bored of Warcraft, outgrew Warcraft, left Warcraft. To be Old Guard means to be faithful to the old ways, which may sound somewhat preposterous coming from a community that is barely two years old. Yet, we gather all of those who remain playing and all of those who pay heed to that ever-present urge to come home that exists within every true Warcraft player. To put it simply, to be Old Guard is to be passionate about Warcraft. It is the game that marked our teenage years, which brought us great friends and unforgettable memories. It is the past, indeed, but a past worthy of being kept alive. 3. With the release of this article in particular, it's good to say that our partnership is now official. It's weird of me to say that, since I'm active in both communities. Anyhow, what things are you expecting in the short term, and what would you strive for in the long term of the partnership? Phalanx: Bolvar: Diplomunion was born from wc3Diplo.net, which is the community Abdel originally founded. We changed our name to Diplomunion when Abdel stepped down allowing Bors to take charge. Wc3Diplo was exactly what it says on the tin -- it was a meeting ground for all of the Warcraft 3 Diplomacy-style map clans from 12 years ago. The move to Diplomunion as the name of the community represented two fundamental changes within the community; that we had grown past our differences as different clans and that we had moved on beyond Warcraft 3. We were a Diplomatic Union of thousands of different members comprised of dozens of Warcraft 3 clans -- a Diplomunion. Many of us back in 2010 thought that Starcraft 2 was going to kill Warcraft 3. It's been years since then, and Warcraft 3 hasn't died. Instead, against all odds, Warcraft 3 has been going strong. It's thanks to communities like The Old Guard, especially when it comes to the RTS map scene, that have kept Warcraft 3 strong. As such, my main hope is that we further strengthen the Warcraft 3 community through this partnership with The Old Guard. Short term, we're hoping that by working together we can better plan and coordinate, to make it easier for Diplo'ers and Old Guards to play and talk about Warcraft 3. Long term, we want to work together to grow the WC3 RTS/Diplomacy map community by being the central hub for Warcraft 3 RTS maps during this upcoming Warcraft 3 revival. We want new and old players alike to come to Diplo and ToG to learn, play, and grow. Well, our short-term expectations are very objective. Diplomunion will serve as our web platform for our Warcraft III content and events; we will aid Diplomunion in its quest to return to the lands of WC3 and prepare for Reforged. Our long-term expectations are focused in Reforged, which will be the end of all we know but also the dawn of a new age. As Felo'melorn, Warcraft will be shattered and remade and, as the Quel'dorei say, swords grow stronger when reforged. The shattering will rather chaotic, I'm sure, so this partnership with Diplomunion will be essential for both parties to properly harness the great surge of people and opportunities that Reforged will bring.Many old people will come back and I am certain that Diplomunion will be paramount in the quest to gather these together; many new players will flood to us all and Old Guard will make sure to act as a strong in-game influence to direct these new arrivals. In the end, all we build and all we do has the ultimate aim of living the WC3 experience to its fullest. 4. With the meaning of what it is to be a community or a member of Diplomunion/The Old Guard respectively answered, what would you say the other community would bring to the table? Additionally, what would your community give and help out with the other community? Phalanx: Bolvar: I don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of what each side brings to the table. That's not the point of this partnership.Both communities have thrived independently, but together we can design and organize large scale events not seen in Warcraft III custom gaming before. Instead, this is about Diplomunion and The Old Guard coming together because we know that we're greater than the sum of our parts. The Old Guard Discord is the home of all the current happenings in the WC3 RTS map community, which Diplomunion was historically a part of. One of these benefits is that Old Guard has an amazing repository of WC3 information, but it doesn't have a great way of disseminating this information out to its members. Diplo has large and versatile forum backend that can be used to store and share that repository in such a way that would allow for Diplo'ers and Old Guards to access, update, and talk about. And that's just a start to what we're here to do -- there's no limit to what we can possibly cooperate on. Well, to put it objectively, Diplomunion has a solid website, brand awareness, an efficient staff, and deep rooted foundations. "Old Guard has a large and dynamic community encompassing players from many different backgrounds being fundamentally molded around playing Warcraft." This partnership will join Old Guard's strong in-game presence and far ranging connections with Diplomunion's stable, reliable, and reputable web-platform and brand. I believe that, as we move forward with this initiative, each party will naturally complement each other and play its roles with excellence, allowing us to go farther together than we would alone. 5. Finally, what are your personal thoughts and opinions about the union of Diplomunion and The Old Guard as a whole? What do you believe the future will be, when Warcraft III Reforged is released and afterwards? Phalanx: Bolvar: Warcraft was an integral part of my childhood. The first computer game I ever played was Warcraft 2 at the age of six on a Dell Pentium 1 machine back in 1996. Warcraft 3 was my favorite game and in my respect the only game I played between 2004 and 2012 and a game I still play. This union with The Old Guard is for many people in Diplomunion is a chance to reconnect with our roots. More importantly, both Diplo and Old Guard want to be there when thousands of Warcraft veterans return to WC3 for Warcraft 3 Reforged, for all those veterans who will also be looking for this chance to reconnect with their Warcraft roots. And I hope that Old Guard and Diplo stands together ready to help each other help these old veterans return to the real Warcraft. I have never been part of Diplomunion, but, ever since my teenage years, I have always cultivated a great esteem for what Diplomunion stood for. My perspective of it as an outsider is somewhat idealized, but I have always viewed it as the great metropolis of Warcraft where people from all places, communities, and backgrounds would go to talk about Warcraft. It has always held in it a sense of universality, of permanence, and of neutrality. Many tried, but Diplo truly excelled in building something everlasting. As Abdel wrote, "We should build a community for all times, not just for the time we currently find ourselves living in."Old Guard shares these same values and principles and that is why I believe that, during the turbulent days of early Reforged, we will stand as the unassailable bastion from which the Warcraft Community can spring anew. Summary With the interview above being concluded, it can be said that the future of both communities is a promising one. With Warcraft III Reforged only a few months away, I am excited to see faces that I haven't seen from Diplomunion or ToG come back to Battle.net to join us all. In the meantime, however, I am hoping that the transition goes on successfully and that an event such as a "Twelve Nights of Gaming"or a Warcraft III Tournament can take place to commemorate the partnership.
  4. Additional Info On Rules, The Continuum of Force, & The Appeal System In joining The Old Guard, you agree in following the rules and hosting standards listed above. Additionally, breaking any of the rules or hosting standards will invoke a continuum of force, which is defined as: "A use of force continuum is a standard that provides law enforcement officers and civilians with guidelines as to how much force may be used against a resisting subject in a given situation." We expect members of ToG to treat fellow members and the general Warcraft 3 community with respect. Members found to be participating in particularly egregious behavior such as, but not excluded to, hacking, death threats, persistent documented game ruining via team killing, invasion of privacy, swatting, etc. can and will be removed or banned from the server without warning. Members violating the rule can appeal the ban or request to view the documentation used in the decision. Please note that any standards broken may be added onto reports that we may use for server rules, but that the standards are expected only for any games hosted on the #hosted_games channel or the #private_matches channel. Our guidelines for server rules are as follows: One singular warning about which rule was broken, A second warning and an admin conference on your circumstances as well as why and how you broke a server rule, A third warning with an apology to the said offended audience, reporter, or admins, A kick from the discord or any related platforms with a reason and warnings attached, A three month ban with said reasons, warnings, and reports attached, A years ban with what came with the three month ban, And lastly a permanent ban from our platforms. Our guidelines for hosting standards are as follows: One singular warning about which standard was broken, A second warning and an admin conference on your circumstances as well as why and how you broke a standard, A third warning with an apology to the said offended audience, reporter, or admins, A one week ban from the #hosted_games channel, A one month ban from the #hosted_games channel with said reasons, warnings, and reports attached, A last resort discussion between the reported host and the admin team, And lastly a year or a permanent ban from #hosted_games. At any time, anything that warrants an exception may skip to a last resort discussion, as well as what we deem to be necessary for the severity of the server rules standards you may have violated. Reports & Evidence Additionally, any reports screenshotted, sent as a replay, or caught on stream may be used as evidence if you are reported for the following: Excessive trolling, excessive team killing,threats against anyone, exploiting and hacking against the purpose of the map and against the player’s wishes, drophacking, host abuse, and anything said on our discord. Please note that any standards broken may be added onto reports that we may use for server rules, but that the standards are expected only for any games hosted on the #hosted_games channel or the #private_matches channel. Appeal System Any player that has been warned, kicked, or banned may DM any admins to appeal any such cases against them. The appeal will go through the admin team and will be discussed further there. If there is good cause for said appeal, the warning or kick may be dismissed, or the ban sentence will be reduced or revoked.
  5. A WoW Experience, a take from 13th There are many things in WoW Classic to enjoy. For many, it is to relive playing WoW Vanilla. For a few, it is a brand new experience to MMORPG’s in general. For some, it’s a challenge to achieve the world’s first Ragnaros run, or to reach level 60 first in their server. For others, it is to experience WoW classic with the community at large and form guilds during their leveling experience. What about me, however? I know I’m the currently highest level member in Diplo, but honestly, that doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t matter what class you play or how much more you know about the game then other people here. What matters is to have fun in general. I’m having a great time with cooking and collecting herbs wherever I go. I make a hobby of going on the AH and looking up random stuff that goes on sale from time to time. One of the things I enjoy most is when I party up with random players and have a blast with strangers. The thing that makes me the happiest, however, is when I meet the folks that are trying to play the game but don’t have what they need or can’t find a party to do Hogger. That is what happened a night ago as I cooked and gathered herbs; even if I was LVL 26, I spent my time to help them with Hogger and spent an hour going through the game with them. Diplomunion already has its own community, so why not expand it a bit? With that said, I’d like to confirm with @jayhana about what I wanted to do earlier with my donation: The Diplo Newbie Fund I want to set up a fund to help newer players in the game with their gear and quests so it isn’t too lonely or a grind for them early on. With that said, I do not want to handhold them through the leveling experience; that takes away from enjoying Classic WoW. I’d like for us to be a beacon of what it means to be Diplo, and that is to be a community. I don’t want the guild chat to sell items. I want them to be handed down if they aren’t used. For some players, they don’t want to do this, yet I can understand why. They can just vendor it and be on their way. With that said, this fund is meant to counteract that. Below is a list of what I believe the goals of Diplomunion and of the funds in general should be about: 1.) WoW Classic should be about having fun. We are not in a rush to leave others behind or to reach level 60 first. 2.) In staying true with what was said, we should strive to be a community above all else. 3.) We will not handhold but we will 100% help anyone in need of a boss or an instance. Your leveling experience is yours alone to enjoy with others. 4.) Guild chat should not have items people are trying to sell. Instead, it should be handed down to those that would want or need it. 5.) The fund will be used to enforce the such: 5a.) Lower level players, if they ask, will be given what they need to the extent that it makes sense. A level 10 should not be given a gold piece, but they should be given enough to be geared up for their level. ie. what they need the most would be linen or wool bags. 5b.) The fund will be entrusted to @jayhana and whoever else she wishes to confide with, and, to a lesser extent, the guild leaders of Diplomunion. 5c.) The fund may be used to buy, at a price better then a general selling price in both vendoring and the auction house, whatever a newbie would like to sell profession wise to the extent that it makes sense. 5d.) In accordance with 5c, examples of what to buy is a silver for each herb to a daily max of 50 silver. You can replace this with leather for the guild'd leatherworker (@The_Phalanx) or ore for our blacksmiths (@TheGreatMaz and @Super_Trunks) at a better silver price. @jayhana can set up prices that makes sense; for example, there is no sense in buying 50+ fishes for a silver each. 6.) We, as Diplomunion, should always try to recruit folks that would be great in the community. With all that said, thank you all for reading this. As always, have fun and thanks for staying in Diplomunion.
  6. Naturally, it is the best choice by far out of whatever the admins here can ever do. Well, that and prepare for reforged by pairing up with ToG.
  7. So... what you're saying is... we need a vault... of anime... an anime vault. @Abdel @The_Phalanx @admin We need an anime vault now.
  8. Hey Abdel, I think we're going to need a new post since most of the links are broken and since we need an update anyhow, as Cniper is, er, off? Off'd. There we go.
  9. Anime! Yes, let us have anime in our newspaper. A top ten anime list, an anime charts, whata nime Diplo is watching; let's have Bors watch anime as well so he can correctly report on how great anime is! Seasonally speaking, Demon Slayer, Fire Force, Dr. Stone, and the best one out of all of them, "If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord," light novel excluded, it would be neat if I could hear a sentence or two about each of them.
  10. Sadly, I'm one of those folks that love how their characters look against a bunch of other things such as utility or the whatnot. I would 100% go as a Blood Elf if I could, but alas this is Classic. With that said, and with one of my only options being a female human, I chose to do something a tad bit more unusual instead; I will be playing a female gnome rogue with NO EARRINGS since I thought that might be cool and fun. Besides, if they're more short, they're more unnoticeable, which is awesome since most models are ugly to me! Real talk though, I'm doing to do DPS since I trust no one but Trunks to actually tank, like in most games actually.
  11. I believe in the Trunks who believes in me who believes in Trunks that I will transfer my RTS experience into this new MMORPG experience. Hopefully we all can have great fun in this game and that my asian side can take over in our endeavor to spread Diplo over the server.
  12. One day you will show your children about the greatness and morals of amazing anime such as Clannad or Gurren Lagann.
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