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  1. In what chapter of the Warcraft III RoC human campaign is granted the ability "defend?" Extra points: What does the lieutenant say when the ability "defend" is used in this instance? "The 3rd chapter," "Ravages of the Plague," "The Third Chapter," Third Chapter" "Lock your shields and defend yourselves, their arrows won't get through." What creature did Jaina defeat when meeting Arthas and Falric for the first time in the Warcraft III RoC human campaign? Ogres / Ogre What is the cheat code ID to receive 500 gold and wood in Warcraft III? greedisgood / greedisgood 500 What captain is most likely to be the captain whom received the emissary while Arthas was in Northrend? Luc Valenforth Which nation is the sigil on the common "tent" model in the Warcraft III game belonging to? Gilneas --- Which general is the most known for defying Alterac and siding with the Alliance during the second war? Who are the first five paladins to be annointed by Alonsus Faol in the Silver Hand? Who was King Llane assassinated by? Who kidnaps Anduin Lothar in the First War? What is the name of the reoccuring kid in the first campaign of the RoC human campaign, first campaign of the TFT undead campaign, and the ghoul in the Third human campaign called?
  2. >me being worth 3x less then trunks and wolff being worth less then Trunks >Robb being worth $150 wtf
  3. The following link is a google excel sheet to view which players were bidded for what amount. The results are depressing and hilarious, such as kingrobb being bidded at $150 while Wolff is stolen at $80 and me being at $30. Here is the corresponding google excel sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U2s6h73jXNoo8uIbc4JLAyZwPlm5W8kU06ZR_Tdbcw8/edit?usp=sharing These are the current teams below. You can also view the such here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwhO8ZGbM_mEEvb3ytxDG6eGf2MtpYBNqLDnTWc3t6E/edit?usp=sharing GL and have fun! ----- Cell’s Team Immortal / Pimp RumpleForeskin Eagleman Numudam Wampa_181 The_30th_Legend --- Radagast's Team Pusanmeme Bountykillah Kpiche IAmTheWalrus. Alerion Eragon Arvedui Nodle Grimgorr --- Kaptajn_Snaps' Team Pappa Frostmonster Sirmant Rhllor Bors Moniack Aragorn_Elessar Wolff Aperson Smeef --- Pandaman / Redlance's Team Spankfurt kingrobb VinylRaider / Elchabalin Peterfoo The.Dude Super_Trunks --- BlackJacks' Team Cell755 Reaver Assassin88 Eveshield Drovermodz Cornflake Conkers
  4. Still in the top ten. On a side note, my mentality goes down when I'm duo'd with Trunks in voice chat. I have to yell at him and mass ping whenever he "forgets" 6~ish units in the middle of fucking Oldtown for no apparent reason.
  5. A discussion on the names of Benedar Belmore and Eon Hunter for Blue's Reinforcement Hero I know that it is my personal favorite hero in the entire game, and I do NOT want him changed from what he is now, but I wanted to comment that Benedar Belmore makes no canonical sense in being the hero that represents Blue's reinforcement hero. Lord Eon Hunter of Longbow Hall is more suitable as the reinforcement heroes' name as Benedar can be said is more fat then Robert and could be similar to Wyman Manderly. While it is not unbelievable that Benedar Belmore was fit in his youth alongside Wyman and Robert in terms of how fat they had become, I feel as if the archer hero is very unfitting of either portraying Benedar Belmore or vice versa. Lord Eon Hunter, in the meanwhile, may have gout but can be put in the case of Doran Martell; he was fit as well to fight during Robert's Rebellion. Eon Hunter's name and ancestral home of Longbow Hall is fitting for Blue's replacement hero and, if need be for any drastic changes, is more flexible then Benedar Belmore is in terms of sons and lore behind him. EDIT: It should also be noted that Eon Hunter was one of the few notable names listed in the attendees of the Tourney of Harrenhal.
  6. Ping, posting to keep Diplo alive. Anyhow, how goes your project? The WC3 community for ASOIAF is still going strong with 10 regulars playing in one game last week, and other regulars in WitP and other maps. With the new WC3 patch coming soon, are you going to incorporate more factions? For example, Krackles, despite his shithole of a GoT map, had triggers for a Karstark path and an entirely seperate Frey player. Ollenna Tyrell, Arrianne Martell, and even Arya Stark can now be represented if you'd think about a freelancer role. Such can be presented via players 13-16 having a wisp be able to "buy" a path in the tavern which would sell said freelancers, exactly like the FMA map or Rise of China maps.
  7. It's an amazing boon for the role playing AoC community that I am in as well as any RPG map that anyone would like to create. LoTR is one such idea whereas each faction and heroes can be represented. (i.e 1.) Gonder & Denethor, 2.) Ithilien & Faramir, 3.) Lothlorien and Haldir, Rohan and Theodred / Theoden . . . Include the rest of the Fellowship here. Obviously, FH maps can be extended such as the roleplaying maps SoTDRP / XRP / ETC, as well as other maps such as all kinds of risk, Panther maps, 300 Spartans, and any zombie game worth a damn.
  8. I shall now contact my lord Panfur. All hail Gameris-- I mean wut
  9. I take partial credit for inviting Scruff Stuff to Diplo.
  10. Van sounds like Van combined with Pona, while Vann sounds like Van but with a hint of proper Cniper in it.
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