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  1. 24 player Azeroth Wars map could be epic, but for it to be successful it needs to be done separately as different project. Biggest issue is the map size, AWLR map will need to be extended to the size of DaoW or such, which I think means remaking the whole map? Imo the main reason why AWLR and AWS (AWLR used to be called Azeroth Wars Strategy for the new people here) is as popular as it is for 10+ years is because its a free diplomacy game, where people are not forced to play and depend on initial setup. Yet they can do it if they want to. Therefore the 24 player map should keep this non-restricted yet premade setup if it wants to follow this success. Second reason I would say is that each race in AWLR is completely unique and has very strong lore behind it. When you get bored of one, you simply go play another. It will be hard to add 12 more races without getting redundant. Making ''lorewise'' weak races may result in lobbies waiting for hour+ to fill these less desirable spots. None says the new map should have 24 slots just because it can, perhaps it can start with just few more races and as it gets established people will come up with new ideas. Edit: Some of the most epic games Ive played were created by naga player being able to reconstruct the whole Illidari in outland along with blood elfs joining them. And, if in the same game red got LK and fought against this brown+green alliance, it was literal Nerdgasm. I would like to see this scenario being a possibility once again. NerZ out.
  2. I will gladly ELUCIDATE for you. You take over a map made by someone ELSE, then you loose a game and decide you need to nerf the shit out of it ! Same story as in azeroth wars. On the serious note, hello boys havent been on this site for a while. Is anyone playing RTW still?
  3. Interesting post, I would like to add that when I was briefly awlr mapper some years ago, the map on MMH was hacked already. After I have removed the hacked one about three times and reuploaded the original, my admin account on MMH got removed. The head admin of the site did not reply to any of my emails since. Oh I just noticed this thread is old as fuck...
  4. This all needs to be more lucid. This is so wrong.. So, is this forum still a complete cancer? and btw. who unbanned me from the thinking cap, its better if I cant go there really...
  5. I will tell you what lucid is. Once I have been editing LR version, I have deleted around 40 flower doodads just from stormwind city (yes 40 inside that small town). They were taking players attention from the important stuff making the whole area unlucid.
  6. Hey man long time no see.
    1. TipuRocketMan
    2. NerZhulen


      Yea I do not visit these parts often anymore, been playing Rust and some MMOs lately.
  7. I have seen a guy on twitch writing a long text without any punctuation what so ever. It reminded me myself back in the day on this forum. I see LR is still alive and well. So there is only one question left to ask. Is the map lucid yet?
  8. I have been on bnet last weekend, cell and trench were happily playing Road to War. If you have listened to me from the start...
  9. So, I have played AWLR after a looong time. We were north alliance, and were unable to find any siege weapons except siege tanks with 300 range. Balistas were removed from green. So NA now has no way to get rid of tower wall? from distance?
  10. I disagree here. World of warcraft is made by different team. The team which is working on sc2 made wc3. Ofcourse the lore is made by the same people for all of the games (except diablo, where the lore simply repeats itself). But the RTS team is very separate from WoW team, and in interviews they say wc4 is serious possibility after sc2 is finished (and with legacy it will be finished). SC2 will be alive untill SC3 is made (and even after that, as broodwar showed) majority of its players play ladder, and they do not pull a hair for some arcade games. Starcraft fanbase has been growing steadily for 17 years now, I see no reason how could it possibly die. Also I do not understand why they would wait until sc2 gets unpopular to make wc4, makes no sense to me. WC4 lore could be set across allready released wow expansions, It could bring new lore which will be integrated into WoW lore. Or it can be set in some independent timeline. Blizzard is creative enough to not let some lore issue prevent their original game from continuing.
  11. dude how the fuck i make the acc on the vanila server
    1. TheVinylRaider


      it says u can only make it if u subscribed to the mailing list in the time of upcoming server tests-----
    2. NerZhulen


      The server is not released yet, still in the beta. I recommend reading the announcements on the forums.
    3. TheVinylRaider


      omg how to become a beta tester then
  12. It would take an insane person to recreate awlr from start in sc2 engine. Some kind of import function (which would copy at least terrain and all units with their stats) is required. Also I can confirm, that you do not have to buy sc2 to play arcade games. They are for free. Anyway, after Legacy of the void is finished. Warcraft IV shall follow, as sure as spring follows winter.
  13. You underestimate the possible creativity of players.
  14. Game can be designed in a way that players can balance it by actions within the game, whatever the circumstances. Which will result in far more fun games in the end.
  15. [quote name='Ordo']Because green is part of the team- you have 2 allies to help against teal. You are not meant to fight him alone or be strong enough. 3 player alliance simply cannot consist of 3 completely self-sufficient factions. Thats my point.[/quote] Especially when they leave the game, in such case they are extremely helpfull to you. And yes it can consist of 3 self-sufficiant factions, they have to divide their income by 3 if they want to play together. Also lorewise, undead and legion were not fought by the "north alliance" as its presented in todays AWLR, but they fought them one by one. Quel'thalas was separate kingdom, and they didnt give a single fuck about whats going on in Lordaeron. [quote name='Thurr']@NerZhulen, how often do you get an even fight between Teal and Green? [/quote] Ofcourse never, because its not possible now. As soon as someone leaves the game now, the "premade starting balance" gets completely ruined and the game is worth of total nothing. In like 1.58 it happend all the time, every race was OP when it owned half the worlds CPs (maybe except pink, pinked sucked, idd qq...) Imo all players should start unallied at the start of the game, that would help a lot.
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