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  1. Hello, just came back after the last patch, really excited to play War3 again, so how is this going?, is there already a beta version or something to play right away?
  2. So, may I ask when will the new faction be added? :)
  3. This, would be nice to play with somebody else than my friends on LAN
  4. Thanks Hannibal, on the lore matter remember the Naaru brought TK into Outland when the Burning Crusade wanted to use the remnants of Draenor as a new base of operations against the Illidari and Azeroth, so when Magtheridon had the floating rocks in the nether as his personal state the Naaru didn't notice Outland at all, so the scattered Broken hid in the mushrooms, caves and draenei ruins in Outland, that's another point against the huts in there.
  5. Hey guys calm down, every time you start flaming the topic goes out of control and a potential good idea ends up getting added with something that the community doesn't likes, that could be prevented with the correct feedback, with respect above all. Back on topic I agree that The Tempest Keep layout as it stands now doesn't feels like an Interdimentional High Tech magical Fortress, it reminds me some kind of catacomb like Dalaran Dungeons or Dire Maul, specially with those Broken Huts. My sugestion is remove those and add some crystal generators and tinted versions of that Draenei Altar you added. Also change the Tempest Keep model for a slightly purple tinted Arcane Observatory, also I agree the final product should be less square.
  6. The culling should be available at the same time of the plague
  7. You said it, SC is only viable when Lordaeron loses his fight
  8. I AW the plague isnt deployed yet, however you could spawn an undead army ready to take Andorhal to be more lore accurate as indeed it was the first lordaeron city to fall
  9. I like the Ice Troll idea, even when you say that no connection is needed an Scarlet option would appeal a lot more in an alliance faction, you could always give the red dragons to another color like DG.
  10. Well, that said maybe add Chief Engineer Gazlowe using the same mechanics and abilities, but lore aligned: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/goblin-assault-tank-gazlowe-86971/?prev=search%3Dgoblin%2520tank%26r%3D20%26d%3Dlist
  11. Hmmm, doesnt seem right, it could have been something more lore friendly, like Gazlowe's machine
  12. Hmmmm, so much space for dungeons on that right side *drools*, maybe add Stonetalon Peak?
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