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  1. Hello, just came back after the last patch, really excited to play War3 again, so how is this going?, is there already a beta version or something to play right away?
  2. C'thun and Yogg-Saron as Heroes?, Oh my gosh no, they should be world wide aura, spellcasting buildings. About the factions I would suggest a big 3 vs 3 for the main fight. 2 Demon Factions, A strong hero faction and a main force one, and the corrupted Highborne, would turn into Satyr eventually, for the evil team 1, 2 Kaldorei resistance Faction, Main force with the priesthood of Elune and the Ancients, Treants and Druids (yay treant race), and the Dragonflight for the hero faction counterpart in good team 2. For the remaining 6. 2 vs 2 vs 2 with the participants being: Aqir and Faceless vs Troll Twin Empires vs Earthen and Tauren. The stages: For the 3 vs 3 main fight, the center of the map, and some random spots of the world; For Aqir vs Trolls vs Tauren, Southern Part of the World; For Faceless vs Trolls vs Earthen, Northern Part of the World.
  3. Ancient/Druid faction? Aggramar should be a building lol
  4. Got to love the second Kalimdor map, it's quite accurate as the eastern, northern and western ends stronly resemble EK, Northrend and present Kalimdor. For the races involved we should first decide if we are going to focus on the legion conflict only, or if we are going to let the other factions of that time to get involved somehow.
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