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  1. The Enchanted One Primary Attribute: Strength. --------------------------------------------- Base Ability: Voice of the Golem. ''The massive Golem sends out a pulsating shockwave of sound which turns his enemies' attention towards him. Upon activation the Golem also increase its armour for [iNSERT NUMBER] seconds.'' Q: REPAIR! ''The Golem turns off nearly its whole system apart from a little portion of it. The last piece of the Golem online begins to repair the broken parts of its body, healing it for [iNSERT NUMBER]. This action takes 2 seconds to active and under this time the Golem can not move or attack.'' W: Leap of Destruction. ''The Golem makes a jump towards any direction it pleases. Upon arrival, any enemies caught within a its perimeter are stunned for [iNSERT NUMBER] seconds and takes [iNSERT NUMBER] as damage.'' E: Size of an Mountain. ''The Golem's massive size makes the ground underneath him tremble, slowing the movement speed of his enemies by [iNSERT NUMBER] percent. Its size also make his attacks hit multiply enemies.'' Ultimate: The Enchanted One. ''The Golem activates a anti-magic barrier around its body, decreasing the damage it takes from magical attacks. Upon activation the Golem sends out a pulsating shockwave towards all directions which damage his enemies for [iNSERT NUMBER] and decreases their attack speed by [iNSERT NUMBER] %.'' --------------------------------------------- Combat Type: Melee and Tank. Names: Exterminator, Beauty, Smasher, Ironclad, McSteel.
  2. The Grand Widow Primary Attribute: Agility. --------------------------------------------- Base Ability: Children of the Matron. ''The Grand Widow does not go anywhere without her spiderlings and when she sense danger she calls them to her side. Summons [iNSERT NUMBER] spiderlings for a period of time.'' Q: Fodder for the Young. ''The Matron entangles a hostile unit for a period of time, making it impossible for it to move. Works against units and heroes.'' W: Toxic Bile. ''Showers a hostile unit in a hideous and toxic bile. The unit takes [iNSERT NUMBER] in damage and are left disoriented, leaving them with a miss chance on their next attacks.'' E: Strength of an Arachnid. ''Her toxic blood strengthen her attacks which increase her damage by [iNSERT NUMBER] and slows her victim for [iNSERT NUMBER] %.'' Ultimate: Wrath of the Matron. ''The Grand Widow goes berserk which increases her movement speed by [iNSERT NUMBER] % and her attack speed by [iNSERT NUMBER] %. During this time [iNSERT NUMBER] spiderlings come to lend their aid. These spiderlings does not despawn if you use ''Children of the Matron'' or the other way around.'' --------------------------------------------- Combat Type: Duelist and Melee or Ranged, whichever suits best. Names: Ankk'lia, Lady Krax'ni, Broodmother Kin'thara, Lady Arachnid, Tox'kana. (( Resurrecting old threads! \o/ ))
  3. If I am not mistaking, Light Blue got another research building on Teldrassil. And a demi-hero for green seems legit, perhaps Vereesa as Steak wrote.
  4. @ Joffrey & CNiper; Perhaps I will do so, I just need to get the approval from my green flying unicorn named Lion. @ Enclop; We'll see, you never know where a pedophile may end up. And to yer' rest opon the big blue lake, I thank ye' for your swisheroon.
  5. @ Potatoe_Head; My pleasure ser, I thought you needed some lööve. <3 @ Kalthramis; I will make sure that you get your very own top hat and diamoned tippped cane along with the tea shipment.
  6. I should have chosen the name Gentleman Catfish when I had the opportunity. And thank ye' all for the swishherroo, I will make sure that I ship you all a box of kodo tea. @LinkinBlade; Ser, y' u no accept Skype?
  7. jultomten4


    Hello potatoes, mailboxes and toes! Just another one of those Europeans dropping in. I come from Sweden and have been lurking around these forums for the past week like a pedophile at a playground a summer day. Been playing WCIII on and off for around seven years, hiding at the roleplay side of the community. Started playing some Azeroth Wars and Dark Ages of Warcraft and thanks to Azothan's videos I got here. Nevertheless ... ... may the Catfishes shine upon you! \o/
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