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  1. Well, our normal pick-up sessions run about 2 hours a piece and happen pretty much whenever 4 players are available to roll dice, we're also moving towards having pre-scheduled sessions available too, those should run around 4ish hours. And we've got our monthly events that run 4-6 hours, on sunday afternoons.
  2. Anyone interested in playing in a D&D campaign? We're starting up fresh after tomorrow!
  3. aight I tried uploading a crying gif twice now and it wouldn't let me, so I guess just google crying gif and pick your favorite, as thats my reaction to your previous post.
  4. next thing you're gonna tell me you don't know backpack girl
  5. Party: Eat Dick 2k19 Platform: We need to end the Schism and bring about the reconstruction era, and I think I'm just the Grant for the job. About me: This past year I've gained a great deal of experience on collaboration and leadership and I'd like the opportunity to continue developing and utilizing those skills, not for myself but for Diplo.
  6. Weird is an understatement, but I'd never turn down a big tiddy tattooed goth broad in fishnets.
  7. I've always favored more of a "grunge" look if you will, but punk suits me fine enough. Never quite got into the goth phase, though I do smoke cloves.
  8. Thats gotta be the nicest thing anyones ever said to me
  9. Is that what this is? oh...
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