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  1. Super excited to see that this is a getting a overhaul. LotSW was the reason I found maps like LTA and Azeroth Wars + BotR. Keep up the good work EagleMan! :)
  2. [quote name='Lordsebas']Just tested, again it didnt work... are you sure you have the right version? Il keep trying stuff, but not able to reproduce it just yet.[/QUOTE] Yes. 100% So right after the game has started, start researching Champion Hall and The Cathedral (Start with the Hall first and the Cathedral right afterwards). Let it all go at a normal speed and once the research is done, let the peasants work on it and finish it. If you don't touch anything you should get the neutral units around the map. I have done this 2 times in a row, so it's not just some random 1 time thing (Like @Ordo bashing a gate to Azshara and preventing Illidan from spawning xd)
  3. I found out what caused it. Building both the Cathedral and Champions Hall at the same time. After it finishes and they're done "building" it wait a few seconds and you'll be given all neutral passives on the map.
  4. Look at my map. I control every neutral passive building and unit on the map.
  5. Are you sure about that? [ATTACH=full]8871[/ATTACH] This is the map with the "Offical" next to it.
  6. This all seems like some good changes, but I am still slightly about 1 thing. No one seems to notice that Danath Trollbane has the wrong title :( It's Stromgarde and Stromguarde.
  7. -Druid of the Talon's upgrades says "Druid of theTalon Adept" and "Druid of theTalon Master"
  8. https://www.epicwar.com/maps/281805/ It was released to Epicwar for some reason, lol.
  9. Yes, I destroyed it completely. No units or buildings left.
  10. -Daval Magefrost drops 2 skulls for green. -Destroying the camp south of the Portal didn't give me draenei
  11. Maybe rename Kael'thas' title to something more appropiate for the timeline?
  12. Is there an estimated release date for the next patch?
  13. I'm very excited to hear this :) 1 bug I found though is that Reginald Windsors slam like ability's icon is just green.
  14. I know you're working on Illidari and Naga right now and have a lot more planned. But could we at some time get a reterraining of Stormwind? Like in Azeroth Wars: Remastered, or at least something to make it a bit more pretty to look at.
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