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  1. I thought you meant the Youtube channel and assumed they were defending it. Regardless Looper was its own independent Movie, he could do whatever he wanted with it and it turned out pretty good.. The problem with the new Star Wars is that it was his vision and he ignore all the past movies so he could have his vision. This has created so many plot holes and continuity issues as well as flat out character assassinations just so he can have his movie. I also don't know what you mean by "good characters". The only "good" character I can think of in this new trilogy is Kylo and that is stretching it a lot. It should just be retconned, it has made them enough money just start again.
  2. I hope that is sarcasm. The entire new trilogy should just be retconned at this point, there is no saving that carcass.
  3. I really enjoyed the movie, it was a lot better than i expected it to be. I want someone to shove this in Rian Johnson face and say this is how you make a good film with subversion while not butchering every character in the process of it.
  4. Isn't this going back to the fake account thing which I already proven it was you? Or do I need to show you more evidence? Regardless of this it was never about taking over the map, not for my personally reasons at least because I am no editor nor did anyone who support this was. It was more towards getting him to force leave being the editor. I think you forget that a bunch of us did this to Steak previously so the idea isn't as far stretch at first glance. I am pretty sure Rhemar knew small parts of what is going on with the amount I had argued with him. Assuming Joffery told him (which tbh I don't 100% know but if this was the case I only found out about it through your previous comments, so if Joffery is reading this then please confirm) then all he could tell Rhemar was I wanted a old version of the map. I am 99.99% sure I did not mention anything about some kind of "coup" attempt I was preforming and if he wanted in. So with this in mind all Joffery could possible tell him is that I wanted a old version of the map, the rest would be speculation. It wasn't until your backstabbing that he knew what exactly was going on which forced me to leave. Since then I never really looked back until I was once again forced back to defend myself against this Hitman thread which directly lead to you framing me for everything and for the most part being unharmed from what happened. Ahhh damn, when you use my name you know you are clenching at straws ://// as for your analogy it seems rather bullshit because all you have done was depict me as a sore bad guy while cutting yourself out of everything you did. The reason why I am still a bit salty was not because I was caught, regardless of it I got Rhemar to leave or not there will be people pissed at me. It was because you are a backstabbing cunt who acts like you did nothing wrong when arguable you did worse things than me. You were also getting people to turn on Rhemar, told me to ask Joffery for the map and try and turn BotR against him. The reason we got caught was because of you. I do wonder if you slipped up talking to Rhemar and had to come clean, similar to what I did to you about the Hitman thread or you are just a complete moron but w/e I'll guess I'll never know. Just admit what you have done to everyone and come out, stop trying to act like you are the innocent one. Not only that you simply couldn't let me go peacefully, I accepted I failed and left. I realise at the end of it is I was in the wrong and I just left but you couldn't let me go. For like a year and a half since I left you have constantly been making fake accounts about me, referencing me in your posts. Been playing on all these smurfs when they have been you. Getting stuff like "Frozengripping" named after you. Do you know how weird it feels that this Japanese kid is at this point obsessed and pretty much fantasies you near enough everyday? Is it a guilty pleasure? Does talking about me turn you on or something? Are you just some sad little kid who can only get joy out of being a cunt? Or do you just have little-boy syndrome? There is some guy at work who looks exactly like him, he is also autistic. Regardless I'll probably be back on Diplo in about a month. So cya then.
  5. Lets get this straight, I did not try to preform a coup from out underneath him. Part of that reason is because I didn't have any support besides you and a couple of other people, another reason was the more and more this was going on I realized how much of a cunt I was being. I expected this "utopia" of AWLR from Rhemar and when his first 2 versions were broken and imbalance I just turned against him without truly giving him a chance. As for me asking Joffery for the map, I will admit I did that but he said that he didn't have it, nor was I going to edit it because I don't know how to edit with the WC3 engine. It was mainly for a version to actually play on while Rhemar fixes the map and if somehow Rhemar does quit/forced leaves we can revert to that map. Furthermore it wasn't Joffery who told Rhemar it was you. You took all the things we have been saying whether through screenshots both real and fake, fake accounts, other people who like to lick your ass and then used them to oust me from the community. It wasn't until you made that stupid Hitman thread (which I don't even know where to start with) to reveal it was you all along making fake accounts on different sites such as Ent, Skype and Battle.net all because you couldn't let me go. I am curious about one thing, did you have a plan with that? Constantly mentioning me through the year to this grand reveal where I was now planning to kill Rhemar only for you (and also the 4 other people who were in on this, I know who you guys are) to fuck up on the most simplest of things like spelling my name wrong? Or were you making it up as you go along? Anyway getting a bit off topic here. Why tho'? While I have for some reason had a interest of playing AW again and did so a couple of times this year I don't want to some back. I also hate this fucking term "FrozenGripping" . Where did this come from? I did it a couple of times on Azothan's Youtube channel and now the entire base aiming shit is associated with me. There were people who did it long before me and people who do it now which do it a lot more than what I did.
  6. Ahhhh what a shame, if only the feeling was mutual :///. I don't even get why you and Zo_Om or however you spell his fucking name decided to make some meme/worship circlejerk group about me. Especially considering it was you in the first place who force exiled me from the community and to a extent Diplo' by making a bunch of fake accounts pretending to be me and turning everyone against me.
  7. Don't worry you are not the only one who hates his circlejerk fanclub.
  8. holy shit I am a special type of idiot to have missed that, alright I'll will concede my argument.
  9. "There in the depths of the ocean for ten thousand years the Naga plotted their revenge against the Night Elves. Most Naga are still content to wait. However, a small group led by the Naga Sea Witch, Lady Vashj, answered a summons from Illidan to aid him in his quest to destroy the Frozen Throne. Lady Vashj joined forces with Illidan and his forces in order to serve her own end." From the WoWWiki. Like I said before, there are different tribes of Naga, most follow Azshara but some follow Illidan and the Burning Legion. Like I said previously if Lady Vashj is still loyal to Azshara and follows her orders, why would she send Naga to aid Illidan? He was one of the main ones what opposed her during War of the Ancients and indirectly caused her and her followers to become Naga in the first place.
  10. I can't tell if you are trolling me or retarded at this point. Regardless the Coilfang Tribe lead by Lady Vashj joins Illidan. Why the fuck would Queen Azshara help Illidan if she controlled all the Naga? Furthermore you see the Sea Witch in the WC3 campaign controlling Naga which were loyal to her and not Azshara. There are different Naga factions what serve different leaders.
  11. Can you actually give me proof of this? Last time I check she swore allegiance to Illidan.
  12. No they're not. There are different Naga factions supporting different leaders. Some support Azshara, some Illidan and some joined the Burning Legion.
  13. Not really no, there should very minimal be a choice between it least Queen Azshara's Naga or Illidan's naga (maybe as a choice/tech tree?)
  14. It was ok, probably the weaker of the Marvel movies but I wouldn't say it is the worse (Hulk still is). I think it was hyped up a bit to much, I also didn't get the "it fixes the Marvel villain issue" and "most sympathetic villain so far". Maybe it is because I am not black but he loses the "freeing black people around the world" when he randomly kills his girlfriend and becomes like a nazi once he takes over.
  15. I remember when I use to collect WH 40K models. The reason I stopped was because of the price because they were so fucking expensive to buy. The mini tubs of paint were like £2.50. Did anyone else use to collect them?
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