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  1. Diplo is finally alive again. Overdue changelog. https://www.epicwar.com/maps/281805/ [spoiler=Azeroth Wars 2.04e Changelog] Bugs Fixes / Other Issues Dark Green no longer has Runic Strength at the start of the game. Illidan's Portal is no longer campable. Mograine's W no longer damages allies. Fixed Cairne's passive magic damage reduction being inversed. Red Removed Recall from Frozen Throne Obelisks, replaced with an Arcane Teleporter in Icecrown (Temporary change) Kel'thuzad's (Necromancer) Corpse Explosion is now 750 range at all levels, up from 600/650/700/750. Blue Added Zombies to Nathrezim Summoning Spires. Teal Added 8 Fel Orc Peons to Outland Added 1 Demolisher to Blackrock Mountain Increased the collision size of Horde Cavalry by 1, changed armor type to medium from heavy, increased armor by 1, and increased movement speed by 40. Replaced Scroll of Regeneration with Scroll of Healing in Teal shops. Changed the attack type of Black Drakes to Chaos. Purple Greater Holy Light on Veteran Silverhand Paladins now heals 300, down from 350. Increased the mana cost of Paladin's Divine Shield to 100, up from 85. Reduced the health of all elite variants by 100. Reduced the health of Longbowmen by 50. Green Demon form Illidan now has permanent 50 damage Immolation. Yellow Increased the gold cost of Steam Tanks by 75, and added 15 seconds to their training time. Dark Green Decreased the damage of Marksman by 10, range by 150, health by 150, and movement speed by 20. Added 60 seconds to the cooldown of Summon Garrison. Aimed Shot on Marksman now stuns for 0.2 seconds on heroes instead of 1. Orange Changed the cooldown of Kirin Tor's Forked Lightning to 5 seconds, down from 20. Doubled the range of Antonidas' ult from 700/800/900 to 1400/1600/1800. Damage interval changed from 2.5 to 1.25 at all levels. Fixed a bug where Naval Cannon could not attack buildings. Removed it's spell. Stats changed to 1400 range, 120 damage, and 10 second cooldown. Theramore's second chance now unlocks at 12 minutes. Pink Vol'jin now have Voodoo Restoration instead of Healing Wave. Changed the number of Wards Vol'jin summons from 2/3/3/4 to 3/4/4/4. Changed mana cost from 75/100/125/150 to 75/90/105/120. Grey Rokhan now has Healing Wave instead of Voodoo Restoration. Swapped positions of Rokhan's Barbed Net and Healing Wave. Changed the mana cost of Rokhan's Barbed Net from 75/120/165/210 to 75/100/125/150. Light Blue Light Blue can now access the Archmage room in Dalaran Dungeons. Lowered the attack speed of Huntresses to 1.9, down from 1.7. Illidan now has Soul Drain on W (For Light Blue and Green). Night Elf Illidan now has Immolation on Q. The Ensnare upgrade now works for Huntresses. Brown Reduced the attack range of Keeper of the Grove by 50. Changed the mana cost of Fandral's Entangling Roots from 75/120/165/210 to 75/100/125/150.
  2. One more small update. [spoiler=Azeroth Wars 2.04d Changelog] Bug Fixes Maelstrom Portal now correctly works if Naga is activated when Light Blue controls Illidan. Control Points Added a Control Point to Illidan's Prison which gives 10 gold per minute. Red Reduced the collision size of Abominations to 22, down from 26. Reduced Rivendare's Base Armor by 3. Teal Added Scroll of Healing and Healing Wards to shops. Added 200 starting gold. Green Naga Salamander Cloud is now dispellable and attackable. Destroying Temple of Azshara will now remove the 4 default Spawning Grounds around the ocean. Brown Lowered the bonus of Cenarius' Devotion Aura (Linked to summons) to 0/1/2/3, down from 2/3/4/5. Reduced it's area to 400, down from 900. Reduced Cenarius' Mana regen by 50%. Reduced the amount of damage ignored by Mountain Giant's Hardened Skin to 12, down from 16. Increased the cooldown of Dryad's Abolish Magic to 20/10, up from 10/5. Reduced the attack range of Chimaera by 50. Pink Lowered the cost of Batriders to 20 gold, down from 21. Increased health of Taurens by 50. Dark Green Poisoned Spear on Spearmen now has a 2 second cooldown.
  3. Moar. Link to download coming later. [spoiler=Azeroth Wars 2.04c Changelog] Bug Fixes / Other Issues Bloodpact Horde Strongholds no longer have Fel Energy abilities. Maelstrom Portal now kills everything in the area when Nazjatar appears. Control Points Added 20 gold per minute to the Black Temple Control Point. Red Changed the armor type of Sapphiron from Hero to Heavy. Lowered Arthas' intelligence per level to 1.3, down from 2.6. Lowered Arthas' agility per level to 2, down from 2.75. Lowered Arthas' Strength per level by 0.4. Lowered Arthas' attack damage by 10. Lowered the base health of Lich King by 500, lowered armor by 2. Changed intelligence per level to 1.5, down from 3.4, strength per level to 3.5, down from 5.25. Lowered base mana by 400. Changed Unholy Aura movement speed from 6/14/22/30% to 10/15/20/25%. Lich King now starts at level 10 , up from 1. Anub'araks Carrion Beetle's Acid attack reduced to 3/4/5, down from 5/7/10 armor reduction. Reduced the healing/damage of Death Knight's Death Coil by 50. Reduced it's mana cost by 25. Changed Rivendare's Aura to 1/1.5/2/3%, down from 1/2/3/4% health per second. Increased Rammstein's Health to 2000/3000/4000, up from 1800/1900/2000. Replaced Warstomp with a 15% Cleave. Increased damage to 100/120/140, up from 50/60/70. Increased Rivendare's starting agility by 7, hitpoints by 50, armor by 1, damage by 10, and regen by 1.5 per second. Agility per level increased by 1. Added a 25% cleaving attack. Grey Changed the attack type of Raiders from Siege to Normal. Added Demolish to Raiders. Increased the gold cost of raiders by 4 and lowered their health by 75. Increased Grom's agility per level to 2.7, up from 2.3. Increased the damage of Troll Warlords by 1. Increased the health of Troll Berserkers by 65. Changed the damage reduction on Orc Champions to 20, up from 15. Added a Tenacity ( Life steal ability ) to Grom on E. Changed Rexxar's agility gained per level to 1.5, up from 1.3. Windfury now deals no damage to the unit affected, and when upgraded will heal 10 health per second. Light Blue Lowered damage of Huntresses by 1. Increased Shandris' attack range by 50. Increased mana regen of Shadowleaf Sentinels to 1.5, up from 1. Increased their total mana by 50. Added a new Demi Hero for Light Blue: Moon Priestess Amara: Has 300 heal holy light, 60 sec 25% howl of terror and 1hp/sec aura.You unlock her when you unlock Illidan. Green Changed the base damage of Silvermoon Archers to 20-25, up from 19-23. Increased the health of Silvermoon Archers by 100. Increased the attack range of Silvermoon Archers by 50. Naga Changes Increased the gold cost of Draenei Vindicators by 4, increased health by 150, reduced movement speed by 10, and removed their unit limit. Added Elven Workers to Nazjatar's main building. Nazjatar's Portal to Outland now opens 5 minutes after Nazjatar is unlocked Naga now starts with an additional 1000 gold and 500 lumber. Added 2 blacksmiths to Nazjatar. Added 4 Naga Spawning Pools One south east of Kalim One south west of Kalim One North West of NA (between Northrend and NA) And one South East of SA They get pinged and you get them when you gain Naga. Brown Reduced the attack range of dryads by 50. Increased their gold cost by 3. Lowered the cooldown of Faerie Fire on Druid of the Talon to 2 seconds, down from 8. Lowered it's mana cost by 5. Increased the mana cost of Cenarius' Wolf summon by 50. Increased the mana cost of Cenarius' Furbolg summon by 50. Increased the mana cost of Cenarius' Spider summon by 50. Increased cooldown of all Cenarius summons by 20 seconds. Reduced the movement speed of Chimaera by 40. Increased the health of Malfurion's Treants by 200 for levels 1-3, and 350 at level 4. Added new Spell to Druid of the talon E: Curse of the Woods: 45 sec ccooldown, 150 mana Target unit has doom for 10 seconds, doing 15 damage per second and silencing. Upon dying a Poison Treant spawns. Pink Increased Cairne's agility gained per level to 1.6, up from 1.5. Intelligence per level changed to 1.8, up from 1.3. Increased the health of Troll Batriders by 150 and reduced gold cost by 1. Increased the attack speed of Wind Riders to 1.8, up from 2.0. Reduced the mana of Spirit Walkers by 100. Their upgrades now give 100 more mana, down from 150. Teal Increased the attack range of Succubus by 100, damage by 3, and armor by 1. Changed the attack type of Black Drakes to Hero and increased their armor by 1. Increased starting gold by 100 and lumber by 150. Orange Steel Titan and Stone Titan are now amphibious Jaina's Water Elemental now summons 3 more elementals at level 4. (Now summons 2/3/4/5 for levels 1-4). Increased their range by 150, armor by 1, and health by 100.
  4. Download Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/280879/ Moar small versions before 2.05 work starts in full. [spoiler=Azeroth Wars LR 2.04b Changelog] Bug Fixes/Other Issues Fixed an issue where shipyards would be destroyed when built in certain zones and return more gold than they cost. Fixed a bug where Varimathras' ultimate only had 1 level. Yellow's Fire Tanks can no longer be trained at the start of the game. Fixed Kel'Thuzad not being able to turn into a lich after the Lich King event. Blue can no longer keep hero Dreadlords through a bug after both great demons are dead. Stonemaul Soldier's Earthbind now correctly has a 90 second cooldown instead of 600. Red Replaced Forsaken Sylvanas' ultimate with Multi-Shot. Removed Frost Wyrms from Forsaken. Added Death Knights to Forsaken. Changed the stats per level for Sylvanas to +4 agil, +2 str (up from +2 agil, +1.9 str). Changed the starting stats of Sylvanas by +3 agility, +1 strength, +2 intelligence. Purple Consecrated Strikes on Paladins now increases with damage upgrades. Consecrated Strikes on Silver Hand Knights now no longer upgrade alongside Paladin's version upgrades. Green Kael'Thas now starts in Silvermoon instead of Dalaran. Spell Breakers can no longer be trained at the start of the game. Yellow Added a message to clarify when Tanks are buildable - after 5 minutes. Pink Decreased health of Taurens by 100. Duration of Spirit Link on Spirit Walkers decreased by 20 seconds. Increased the cooldown of Farseer's Chain Heal by 3 seconds. Increased mana cost by 35. Changed the cost of Voljin's Serpent Ward to 75/10/125/150 mana, up from 50/75/90/110. Increased the mana cost of Stasis Trap on Troll Witch Doctors to 125, up from 100. Increased the gold cost of Batriders to 22, up from 17. Grey Increased the movement speed of Raiders by 20. Reduced the mana cost of Rexxar's Misha summon to 50, down from 275. Increased Misha's health by 200. Increased the cooldown to 90 seconds, up from 30. Increased the health of Stonemaul Ogre Soldiers by 200. Increased the health of Raiders by 300. Light Blue Increased the Blink distance on Shadowleaf Sentinels by 150. Increased the cast range of Shadow Strike on Shadowleaf Sentinels by 200. Increased the attack range of Huntresses by 75, health by 50, and movement speed by 30. Reduced armor by 2. Increased the health of Shadowleaf Sentinels by 75. Wisp Detonate no longer removes mana. Illidan or Maiev can now trigger the Athenaeum event. Brown Increased the attack range of Dryads by 300 and added the Abolish Magic ability. Increased the health of Druid of the Claw by 50. Increased the health of Furbolgs by 150. Wisp Detonate no longer removes mana. Changed the armor type of Mountain Giants from Heavy to Medium. Changed the armor type of Druid of the Claw from Medium to Heavy. Lowered the damage reduction on Mountain Giant's Hardened Skin to 6, down from 10. Replaced Cenarius' Summon ability on Q with a Devotion Aura type skill, which now unlocks his previous summons 1 per level, ultimately allowing use of either one similar to Rexxar's summons.
  5. Download Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/280731/ Small Fix version just to take care of some things before starting any other work. [spoiler=Azeroth Wars LR 2.04a Changelog] Bug Fixes/Other Issues Fixed the switch in Dalaran Dungeons to be more noticeable. Plague Cauldrons should no longer spawn on mountains. Zuluhed's Ultimate should no longer allow use of both sets of abilities for a short period. The Archmage in Dalaran Dungeons no longer drops a second Skull of Gul'dan. Grom's ultimate can no longer destroy bridges. Purple's Chaplains now correctly gain spells from their upgrades. Fixed the priority values of some Naga units. Dragon Turtles now use the correct attack on buildings. Kael will now correctly spawn for the Naga event if dead when the Sunwell dies. Creeps Removed Mana Flare from Deeplord Revenants. Purple Lowered damage of Longbowmen by 5. Decreased the attack speed of Knights of the Silver Hand by 0.1. Reduced their armor by 2. Green Reduced the mana cost of Kael's Flamestrike to 150/165/180/195, down from 150/200/250/275. Naga Path Changes: Added more starting units to Nazjatar and Tempest Keep. Increased the damage of Illidan's ultimate by 200 at all levels. Increased the damage of Myrmidons by 2. Added a message to clarify when the Naga path can be chosen. Blood Elf Warriors now have combat experience and charge, deal 6 less damage, and attack 50% faster. Illidan's portal between Nazjatar and Outland now opens automatically 90 seconds after gaining Nazjatar. Draenei moved near Tempest Keep - gained when unlocking Tempest Keep with Illidan. Reduced the lumber cost of Ancient Hydras to 120, down from 200. Reduced the lumber cost of Sea Giants to 100, down from 200. Reduced gold cost to 100, down from 120. Dark Green Increased the gold cost of Si:7 Agents to 55, up from 26. Reduced their health by 150, attack by 10, and attack speed by 0.1. Increased the gold cost of Enforcers by 2. Lowered the attack speed of Skirmishers by 0.2. Pink Changed the cooldown of Mannoroth's Fel Thirst to 70/65/60/55, up from 26/24/22/20. Changed the cooldown of Mannoroth's Rain of Fire to 20 at all levels, up from 10. Orange Reduced the attack damage of Stone Titan and Steel Titan by 50. Reduced the AoE of their attacks by 50. Increased the cooldown of Antonidas' Arcane Bombardment by 12 seconds at all levels. Light Blue Added a message for freeing Illidan and his location.
  6. Nah. Never too early to start thinking of plans for it. Already was during 2.04. Though.. Naga is already added. Im confus
  7. Islands was more of an example. TBH right this moment the only thing I'm thinking of in the near future is maybe darnassus and some outland work. Open to suggestion though, and will probably find more to do once we start up the next version. Terrain-wise anyway. And actually moving all of Kali over would be pretty fun. Already moved Outland etc. Not hard to do. Outland took maybe 2 hours. Could be done considering the space available west of Kali now, though not sure if it's a priority just yet of course. Just saying it can be done. And for the Island problem - it's easily fixed. Just weird stuff that terrain does. It can be undone, recreated etc. No problems there
  8. More like.. certain areas where it's needed, as needed. Like making some islands a bit bigger or adding new ones (For any that exist which aren't already there) Shouldn't be a problem since there's so much empty ocean now. Likewise with Kali - making Darkshore a bit wider for example shouldn't hurt if there's a good reason to do it. But not just for the sake of ''make it bigger because we can''. Did make NA area a bit bigger though since it had space now, and hopefully now it's less of a chokepoint mess.
  9. Probably will make some areas bigger / remake them now that there's more space to do so, though nothing too insane. Fun note: Just increased the map size and the borders still aren't fully expanded. Could expand them at any point in about 30 seconds, but.. no reason to increase file size further with the amount of space already available right now. Definitely a lot of space around Kali now. And elsewhere.
  10. Pretty big version in terms of the amount of things changed, added, removed etc. So most likely will find a few derpy things here or there, despite the tons of testing people have done already. Post any issues here - will probably do a few more smaller fixes of old problems still on the list and anything that comes up within 2.04 and just set up a 2.04a this week if there's enough reason to before fully starting to work on the next version.
  11. Azeroth Wars LR 2.04 Download Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/280599/ We made a thing. In before the player cap gets raised and adding default Naga is actually more convenient. May finally get into those yellow/teal fixes next, since it shouldn't take nearly as long as the headache of Naga etc. And shifting around Outland / all of NA. Might do some outland terraining in the process of that to make things work better there - though there's plenty of other areas to focus on soon. Kali for one. [spoiler=2.04 Changelog] General Increased the overall map size. Many terrain changes including: Silvermoon, Tyr Hand, Stratholme, Capital City, Scholomance exterior and interior, Maelstrom Pass, Nazjatar, Illidan’s Prison, Island positioning, and all of Northern Eastern Kingdoms from Alterac to Quel’Thalas. Creeps Increased the attack range of Stormreaver Hermits to 900, up from 500. Increased the attack range of Stormreaver Necrolytes to 900, up from 600. Increased the attack range of Stormreaver Warlocks to 900, up from 600. Added 4 bandit creeps to Tirisfal Glades. Book of Eagle drop chance is now 100% Added 4 murloc creeps to Quel'Thalas. Voidwalkers in Hellfire Peninsula should no longer attack Honor Hold if alive when it's taken. Bug Fixes / Other Issues Death Knight Arthas now correctly has Unholy Aura instead of Invigoration of The Light. Town Halls or their upgrades which turn hostile can no longer use the Summon Garrison ability. Dark Green no longer gains Assassins or Swordsmen from Stromgarde without the research for them. Workers can no longer get stuck when trained from Light's Dawn Cathedral. Dagran's Will of The Emperor aura now correctly effects himself as well. Gelbin's Mech Aura can now correctly heal Flying Machines. Fixed a ton of hotkeys/descriptions/etc. Nobody wants to read all of those. Fixed the armor upgrade number of casters, or their rank, increasing based on research such as Death Infusion or Power Infusion. Items Increased the range on Scroll of Teleportation from 700 to 1000. Fixed orb of lightning purge not working. Increased the cost of Scroll of Speed from 10 gold to 50 gold. Red Changed Kel'thuzad Corpse explosion cast range from 800 to 600, 650, 700, 750 and aoe damage from 100, 160, 200, 260 to 80, 120, 160, 200. Icecrown Obelisk recall spell cooldown doubled. Reduced Frostwyrm hitpoints by 175. Reduced Abomination hitpoints by 50. Changed Zombie armor type from medium to unarmored and reduced armor by 1. Skeleton archer range increased by 100 and cost decreased by 5 gold. Increased health of Crypt Fiends by 50. Decreased meat wagon build time by 5 seconds. Changed Sapphiron’s damage type to Hero instead of Piercing. Changed Armor type from Heavy to Hero. Increased armor to 5, up from 2. Lowered the cost of Death Knights by 10 gold. Increased the mana cost of Death Coil to 125, up from 80. Lowered Banshee Sylvanas’ collision size to 20, down from 32. Blue Summoning Legion now gives Magic Immunity to the summoner and pings the location to all players. Consuming the World Tree with Archimonde no longer summons Kil Jaeden, and instead gives 8 levels to Archimonde. You can find the Skull of Gul'dan in a room in the dungeons of Dalaran by bringing a unit to the gate on the left side. Increased health of Blue’s legion Felguards by 100, damage by 10, armor by 1, and reduced movement speed by 15. Increased Succubus health by 100 and damage by 5 Increased Voidwalker damage by 7 and lowered range by 50. Increased health by 150 Increased the cost of dreadlords to 75 gold, up from 70. Lowered the health of Blue's Mo'arg Forge to 900, down from 1200. Teal Added new passive spell to raiders: Bleeding Blade, which slows attack speed and movement speed of units. Lowered the cost of Burning Bladelords to 75, down from 90. Increased Magtheridon’s damage by 80 Illusions from Rend’s Mirror Image ultimate now deal and take 100% damage. Cooldown reduced from 110/100/90 to 80/70/60. Number of illusions increased by 1. Added Critical Strike to Rend. 25%, 2x damage. Removed old Kargath ult, replaced with Field of Blood. It heals units for 150/200/250 over 5 seconds, then 10/15/20 every second for 30 seconds in a 900 aoe. Kargath Strength per level increased by 2 to balance the loss of life because of his removed ulti. Moved 2 Orc Cavalry near Black Temple to Kil'Sorrow. Removed Pillage Purple Moved the King Arthas summon Royal Guard spell to the D position and gave King Arthas Divine Shield on W. Uther Q now costs 90 mana every level Reduced garithos base armor by 2 Removed the Wedding Ring item when obtaining King Arthas Added a new starting item to Garithos, his helmet Justice Gaze. The item buffs armor, strength and hitpoints. Added new starting item to Uther, the Urn of Kings. The item gives an instant mana regeneration spell, some mana, some hitpoints and some mana regen per second. Garithos now has Righteous Blow in place of summoning Knights - deals damage and stuns a unit in melee. Increased Arthas’ aura hp regeneration by .5 at all levels. Changed Mograine’s visual slightly. Added Bash to Uther. Increased archer health by 50 and damage increased by 20, increased attack time by 1.2 second. Reduced Paladin cost by 15 to bring to par with others elite. Build time + 5 seconds. Added 2 new paths after Naga event: Scarlet Crusade or Silver Hand After the Naga event trigger, Purple has a choice of 2 military paths to go: Silver hand or Scarlet Crusade. Scarlet Crusade: Uther becomes hostile and Mograine spawns in Capital City. Silverhand Squires become Scarlet Zealot. Has: Holy Fire blessing, self cast damage buff. Other silver hand squire passives. Knights become Scarlet Knights Holy Fire Blessing Mighty Lance: which makes their attack pierce through the enemy and strike the foe behind. Paladins become Scarlet Grand Crusaders. limited 6. Has: - Holy light becomes Greater Holy Fire, an instant nova spells that does 100 damage to the target and 50 in a 150 aoe. - War Plating, passive. - Divine Shield. - Resurrection. New caster, the anti-caster Scarlet Battlemage. Trained in Chapel, has: - Spell Steal. - Permanent immolation. - Feedback. New tanky Caster, Scarlet Paladin. Limited 8. Has: - Minor Holy Light. - Divine Shield. - Light’s Judgement: The Paladin smites target air unit, stunning it for 3 seconds and dealing 150 damage to it. New Caster unit, Scarlet Inquisitor. Limited 6. Has: - Judgement, Faerie Fire type spell that reduces armor by 5, has a very short cd and very small mana cost. - Scarlet Frenzy, Unholy Frenzy type spell. - Gaze, Unholy Aura type aura. New Flying hybrid Heavy melee unit, Gryphon Knights. Limited 8 . Has: -Land, Gryphon Knights dive on the groung, becoming a ground unit -Take Flight, Gryphon Knights take flight, becoming a flying unit. -Shockwave New building, the Halls of Glory. It trains: - Gryphons Knights. - Scarlet Paladins. - Scarlet Inquisitor. Silver hand: Uther cannot be permanently killed. Silver hand squire gain a new spell, Surge of Vitality. It gives the target increased Hp regeneration by 30 per seconds for 2 seconds. Knights become Silver Hand Knights with: - Light’s Shield, Self Cast Armor Buff. - Consecrated Strike: Pulverise style spell. Paladins become Silver Hand Veteran Paladin. limited 6. Has: - Holy light becomes Greater Holy Light. - War Plating, passive. - Divine Shield. - Resurrection. - Bash. New caster, the Silver Hand Cleric. Trained in Chapel, has: - Heal. - Blessing of Resilience, scroll of Protection type spell. - Leap of Faith, Instantly teleports target friendly unit to the caster's position. (cant target heroes). New tanky Caster, Silver Hand Novice Paladin. Limited 8. Has: - Minor Holy Light. - Divine Shield. - Light’s Judgement: The Paladin smites target air unit, stunning it for 3 seconds and dealing 150 damage to it. New Caster unit, Bishop of the Silver Hand. Limited 6. Has: - Blinding Light Curse type spell - Revelation, Far Sight type spell. - Curse of Ages, Cripple Type spell New Flying hybrid Heavy melee unit, Gryphon Knights. Limited 8 . Has: - Gryphon Knights take flight, becoming flying units which can then land again. - Shockwave. New building, the Halls of Glory. It trains: - Gryphons Knights. - Silver Hand Novice Paladin. - Bishop of the Silver Hand. Orange Changed the range of Antonidas’ Magic Nullification aura from 400, 500, 600, 800 to 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500. It reduces mana from enemy units in aoe. Added Invisibility to Jaina for a D spell. It lasts 10 seconds and has a 0 fade time, so she or her target can channel while Invisible. Added Spell Immunity to Antonidas. Fixed Antonidas Q. now has longer range, more damage, and less coolddown. Antonidas starts at lvl 3. Changed Pyromancer’s armor type to Unarmored. Reduced Hydromancer build time to 3. Rescaled Jaina’s Blizzard spell. Lowered Kirin Tor’s attack speed by 0.3 seconds Increased Earth Golem health by 75. Reduce Kirin tor cost to 75. Wand of illusion is now 15 gold, down from 35. Jaina’s Mass teleport now transports 60/ 72/ 84 units, up from 12/36/72. Cooldown changed to 50/40/30, down from 60/45/30. Added event where Jaina can find the Soul Gem in Scholomance once it’s destroyed New item for Jaina, Soul Gem. Gives 6 Strength, 200 mana and the Soul Capture spell, that stuns the target for 2 seconds and does 50 damage. Increased Tirasian Archer health by 50, movement speed by 10, damage increased by 15, and increased attack speed by 0.8. Borealis doesn't unlock like before, now either comes with naga paths or Theramore. Theramore is now a second chance that you use with Jaina once Dalaran has fallen. Changed Kirin tor damage from 26-86 to 45-51. Added Phase Blade Toggle on Barracks, allowing Battlemages to be trained with it already activated or not. Added 2 new paths after Naga event: Stone Path and Steel Path. Adds new unit, Kul Tiras Rifleman. Limited 24. an elite ranged unit with 100% of mini-stunning it’s target. Add new unit, Naval Cannon. Limited 6. An artillery with a spell that fire a cannon ball at target location, which then rolls in a line after the impact point. Damage is done both on impact and on the ball trajectory after. Add new unit, Fleet Commander. Limited 6. Heavy melee unit with Cleave, chance to crit and dodge, Attack speed aura and Taunt. Unlock admiral proudmoore Added new building, Kul Tiras Barrack. Trains: - Kul Tiras Rifleman - Fleet Commander - Naval Cannon Depending of the Path, the Geomancer or the Arcanist gains a new spell: Stone path, Geomancer gains Stone Titan summoning: Cast this spell on 6 Earth Golems to start summoning the Stone Titan. The Earth Golems will die. Its an aoe spell, will only activate if there is 6 golems in aoe. Steel Path, Arcanist gains Steel Titan summoning: Cast this spell on 12 Battlemages to start summoning the Steel Titan. The Battlemages will turn to peasants. Its an aoe spell, will only activate if there is 12 battlemages in aoe. The Titans are Giant units with Thousands of Hp. The Steel Titan is melee with a bigger splash and Larger armor. The Stone Titan is range with less damage. Researching the Paths also gives 400 mana bonus to Kul Tiras Mages elites and make Antonidas being always revivable. Green Removed Anasterian from the start, replaced by Kael Increased health of Dragonhawks by 50. Increased training cost of Farstriders by 20. Farstrider, +100 maximum mana, +50 starting mana, +75 hp, +2 damage. Increased damage of Blood Mages by 20, health by 300, and armor by 5. They no longer benefit from the Power Infusion Research. Replaced Anasterian’s Sword item with Kael’s Verdant Sphere. Same spell on use, but gives +4 intelligence and +150 hp instead of 20 damage. Naga Event From the 20 min mark, whenever scholomance is destroyed and if Tyr’s Hand and Silvermoon palace are alive, naga will trigger. As Green, you get 2 choices: Accept Naga or Refuse. If you refuse, nothing happens and the games goes on. If you accept, the Event starts for all NA players. You unally everyone and lose all units/resources except for Kael. Kael gets transported to a mini-dungeon where Lady Vashj arrives. You then have to escape the mini dungeon. You can find the Skull of Gul'dan somewhere in the Dungeons. Once you are out, all your units get transported to Nazjatar and you gain new units and Illidan. Here is the full Illidari lineup of unit: Heroes: Kael Lady Vashj Akama Illidan Blood Elves: Archer Spellbreaker (Limited 12) Blood Elves warrior Ballista (limited 6) Dragonhawk Rider (limited 8) Blood Mage (Limited 6) Priest Sorceress Naga: High Lord Najatus (limited 1 Demi hero) Myrmidon Snapdragon Dragon Turtle (Limited 8) Sea Giant (Limited 2) Siren Summoner Couatl (Limited 6) Ancient Hydra (Limited 2) Royal Guard (Limited 6) Has: Frost bolt, crushing wave and bash. Draenei: Vindicator (Limited 12) Draenei Seer (Limited 6) Ashtongue Assassin (Limited 6) Salamander (Limited 2) Yellow Fixed Steam tank not attacking building with garrisoned riflemen and lowered damage from 41 to 35 damage per shot. Steam Tanks are unlocked at 5 min now. Increased Bael'gun's HP by 100 and damage by 10. Increased Brann's HP by 200 and damage by 8. Increased the slow on Brann's Grenade ability to 25%, up from 17%. Added duration to it's tooltip. Increased damage by 50 and secondary damage by 35. Increased range by 100. Fixed it's tooltip which gave incorrect values. Added a Barracks to Shadowforge City Dark Green Changed the intro text for Dark Green to correctly mention Construction sites instead of House of Nobles for tier research. Light Houses now start with full mana. Increased damage on Arathor Flagship by 20, increased armor by 2, and increased health by 200. Changed the armor of Dark Green's Light House to Fortified instead of Light. Increased cost of Dark Green's Focus in The Light tier research to 175 gold / 200 lumber, up from 125 / 50. Changed the attack type of Archbishop Benedictus to Hero instead of Magic. Varian Ult Duration now 15/20/25, cooldown is 30/35/40, mana cost 70/75/80 Honor Hold can now correctly rally units created by the Summon Garrison ability. Marksman +26 attack damage and +250 range.+125 hp. They have 10 mana burn (5 on hero) feedback. Si-7 Headquarter now gives the Marshal an Endurance Aura Saboteurs now have +55 movement speed and their fire projectile can attack air, +50 hp, added bash Assassins now have +150 range, +16 damage, +25 movement speed Skirmishers have + 50 range. Stromgarde will now trigger 20 seconds after the portal from Stormwind is activated, if this tier is chosen. Decreased the mana cost of Bishop of Light's Resurrection to 125, down from 175. Decreased cooldown to 30 seconds, down from 45. Enforcers attack speed buffed from 1.35 to 1.25, +100 hp Si-7 agent +150 hp, movement speed +25, attack speed buffed from 1 sec to .5 sec, +15 damage Si-7 bounty hunter Smoke Bomb now has a 50% movement speed slow. Si-7 assassin now has 75% movement speed slow on poison, up from 50%. Pink Buffed Bloodpact Pink Elite (Spells overall improved) -Changed life drain to soul drain, drains mana and health, remove life tap and gave them Atrophy (cripple). Health Funnel now transfer and steal 10 more hp per second, also it now steals and transfers mana = to half of HP value in addition to health. Chain lightning: primary damage from 120 to 100, number of target from 8 to 16 and damage reduction from .1 per bounce to .05 per bounce. Increased Mannoroth’s health by 900 and damage by 122. Increased the health of Kodos and Chaos Kodos by 200. Increased Neeru’s starting strength by 3 and agility by 1. Increased Neeru’s Shadowfire damage to 75/115/155/195, up from 50/80/120/160. Stun duration increased by 1 second. Gave Neeru Devour Magic in place of Mind Confusion. Added 3 seconds to the cooldown of Mannoroth’s Fel thirst at all levels. Doubled all damage values for Mannoroth’s Demonic Eruption (except Mannoroth’s death aoe). Re-adjusted Rain of Fire for Mannoroth. More damage per wave less waves, same damage overall. From 40, 50, 60, 70, damage to 70, 100, 130, 160 damage per wave, +200 max damage per wave cap, -1 shard per wave, -3 number of waves, +10, +40, +70 and +100 aoe per level. Fixed age of prosperity not working. Changed the attack type of Dark Shaman's Fire Elemental to Chaos instead of Piercing. When accepting Bloodpact, items from Rexxar/Cairne/Thrall will now transfer to Mok'Morokk/Mannoroth/Neeru respectively. Removed Pillage. Grey New Grom ult, Razor’s Edge - Grom puts all his rage into single powerful spinning strike, quickly striking in a line dealing damage to nearby enemy units in the area. When accepting Bloodpact, items from Rexxar/Cairne/Thrall will now transfer to Mok'Morokk/Mannoroth/Neeru respectively. Changed Rexxar Q visuals Removed Pillage Replaced Rokhan’s Rejuvenation with Voodoo Restoration. (Inverse Immolation) Buffed Rite of strength: Windfury now deals 1 damage per second to a unit, down from 6. Windfury lasts 40 seconds, up from 20. Increased Ogre Lord’s health by 200, cost reduced by 8 gold, armor +1, +30 damage, attack speed nerfed from 1.35 to 1.45. Ogre Lords now have Pulverise. Changed Mok'Morokk's ult, now a massive melee nuke that knockbacks if it doesn't kill. Does damage based on Mok’s health and strength. His previous ultimate is reworked as a spell on Q. Lowered Orc Champion Heavy Plating from 100% block chance to 40%. Light Blue Increased Maiev’s Agility gain per level by 1.2. Replaced Shandris’ crit with Piercing Arrow (shockwave style) and moved the spells around. Added one Shadowleaf Sentinel starting next to Tyrande Increased the gold cost of elites by 35. Movement speed +30, Hp +50, attack speed from 1.4 to 1.2, armor +1, increased range of shadow strike by 100, increase attack range by 100. Huntress Collision size reduced by 2, attack Increased from 16 to 21. Increased Acolyte damage by 7. Lowered Priestess damage by 4. Lowered the cost of Light Blue's Workshop to 15 gold and 60 lumber, down from 50/100. Astranaar now starts under Light Blue's control. Increased the lower end of damage and decreased the higher end on Maiev's Avatar of Vengeance summons. Same damage on average, less of a range. Increased base damage by 18. Added new Illidan event: Light Blue can enter Illidan prison and free Illidan from Callifax. If Illidan leaves from taking the skull or going with the Nagas, Maiev will join you in your fight and all of Illidan's items if you control him will transfer to Maiev. Brown Added a new starting item for Malfurion - G'Hanir, the Mother Tree. It gives an entangling root spell, bonus intelligence and bonus HP. Increased gold cost of Keeper of the Grove to 75, up from 55. +50 hp. +200 attack range. +100 casting range of nature fury, +100 casting range of haste. Also haste mana cost down to 15 mana. Increased Chimaera’s attack Range to 900, up from 650. Lowered the cost of Brown's Hunter Hall to 15 gold and 60 lumber, down from 21 / 100. Increased the damage of Chimaera's siege attack to 75, up from 28. Changed the cooldown of Broll's Frenzied Regeneration to 30 seconds, down from 60. The spell also no longer requires Broll to target himself.
  12. Funny part is I'm wanting to redo a lot of outland next version - especially when realizing there isn't much space to do new things there etc. It just needs some work. Time to fill it with dream dragons for no reason
  13. Fairly soon. Right now we're basically just down to a bunch of fixes for certain things and a bit of work on naga units/research.
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aOmYoLfhAxnbOeGYlnDJRRmTcN1c008aw3UygDCezJ0/edit?usp=sharing Just a rough version from about a month ago - some of this has probably been changed, removed, added to, etc. It was just an initial pile of changes for running test versions early on. But still a general idea for what's being done.
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