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  1. Hold on Hold on, so we don't just have 1.Red 2.Blue 3.Teal 4.Purple 5.Yellow 6.Orange 7.Green 8.Grey 9.Pink 10.Lightblue 11.Darkgreen 12.Brown ??? You're telling me there are now 12 other colors on the color panel that we can work with? I always wanted a Crimson for Scarlet Crusade and a Black and White! There are just so many colors, I can't imagine what the 12 other ones are. I'm already running out of colors typing this using the diplo's text coloring box. WHAT ARE THEY? EDIT: HERE WE GO!
  2. Hey, you still alive? I remember you uploaded an unprotected version of AWLR in epicwar.com If I may ask, where is it? I can't find it, I'm not going to make and upload my own version like so many other, just to do stuff for fun and test stuff, maybe a sim for suggestions that I might want to share.
  3. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/things-that-leak.35124/ Use this link for reference. None of your triggers use custom scripts to remove leaks. [EDIT] These are the reason games crash. Some examples I found: Your trigger (post init) has Unit Group leaks. Every Age trigger you have has some kind of [create unit at location] which is a Location leak. Ex. In Age III, You have [Create 3 Clubman for (Owner of (Researching unit)) at (Position of (Researching Unit)) facing (Position of Researching))] What you could do is set variable = XVariable1Point = Position of (Researching unit)) Where XVariable1Point is a variable name for a point, you can put any name you desire. Then change trigger to [Create 3 Clubman for (Owner of (Researching unit)) at XVariable1Point facing (Position of Researching unit))] Customscript: call RemoveLocation(udg_XVariable1Point) You should make a post on hiveworkshop forum, they have more dedicated and experienced people to help you with memory leaks.
  4. I had no idea you wen't to Vietnam? That was years ago though, how old are you again?
  5. Originally this was a reply made to Mopei and Volrath about me wanting to ask if I could edit AWLR a few days ago. The reply I created became so long that I felt I wanted to express and share with the entire community my experience of what happened in my point of view. It also shows what I have contributed to the forums and as a capable editor. Please do click on the links, they provide some significant background information. My Long AWLR Thread Table of Contents 1. My History and Story 2. Attempts to edit with other teams 3. The Incompetence of Dave/Joffrey/Steak [Quotes below by Eagleman Thurr Djisa Steakonspear/Joffrey/Dave_rolf Rhemar Sukramo] My History and Story 2013 was a very important year in AWLR. Thurr left the editor around the first 3 months and it was just Dave/Joffrey/Steak. I was an editor for 10 days from July 1 to July 11, Steak allowed me to join because I showed him how to fix some income bug with yellow control points. At that time the income table did not match how much income you received. I was kicked on July 11 by Steak because there was a lot of bugs, changes not addressed and imbalances in 1.87. I created a thread of the changes with every picture. I did all of these terrain changes in the span of 2 days and other changes were made in the next 2 days. The terrain is still used to this date. [My post on what I did with 5 likes.] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.p...87-feedback-and-bugs.16056/page-2#post-489949 [see terrain on my thread with pictures included below, it shows the before and after] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/legacy-of-legacy-reborn.17214/ In my short time editing, I taught Steak how to copy and paste terrain, how to protect a map, how to speed up loading time. I can’t remember but I think we talked a little about how to use UMSWE but not enough so that mountain tiles cannot be walked on by units, hence the mistake he made with the lol version of units walking over mountains. The thing I was pissed off the most was that all of the bugs that existed after 1.87 was released and then I was kicked, I could have fixed and I could have fixed it all in 1 day. Easy stuff like unit adjustments. What happened was I was leaving the country on July 9th or something. Basically the map was rushed for release when it was not ready. I was unable to edit for the next month because I was on vacation to Vietnam so I was not there to fix and talk about things. [i see that Steak goes to Vietnam for Vacation now]. I did all these changes, gave the map to Steak before writing a proper changelog and letting him know. Yes I admit that I was wrong in making drastic changes without addressing it to the team like giving DG pillage on mercenaries, Faerie dragons and Shendralar to Lightblue, movable burrow for Red's Crypt Fiends. At the time, my reasoning was that Lightblue was very bland, with nothing but rangers and slight frontline, at that time Lightblue also had 1 event which was getting Maiev after Illidan was freed. Brown already had unlimited air with unlimited Talons and Chimeras so I wanted to let Lightblue have 2 air units too. Any changes I made that were disagreeable, I would’ve reverted them all. Talinn made a post that he did not like faerie dragons given to Lightblue. If I was still editing, I would’ve been, ok I see that, I will go to the editor and revert that now and all the other changes immediately and rerelease that same day. ===2014=== So after this got released on the feedback thread of 1.87 Rhemar posted “Okay, after talking to Steak about the changes to the map I must say I changed my opinion. Most of the ridiculous changes were done by Djisa who clearly went mad on us. This version has some amazing changes and after the bugs get worked out it's gonna be a great one. Just wait for 1.87a and you will see for yourself. Now to be honest for once the biggest reason why I support it is because Dark Green won't actually have pillage xD Also faerie dragons will go back to brown, rejoice mortals.” Rhemar, Jul 10, 2013 This will go into Rhemar not trusting me enough to allow me to edit in 2014. A few days after Rhemar became I editor, I joined the AWLR group skype call with Rhemar and Steak and a couple people already in it and asked if I could edit with Rhemar and he just replied no and Steak says no too because of what I did. Rhemar and I used to Skype and played many AW and custom games together, he was the person that helped me deprotect a map we loved in 2012 so I thought we had something. [My response to Rhemar’s ultimatum on Steak’s editing and the reason I gave up any hope for Steak’s editorship and AWLR until Rhemar asked Steak to step down] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.p...azeroth-wars-legacy-reborn.17509/#post-529166 Here I pointed out that Dave did nothing for the team, I bashed on him before you ever started creating hate post on Dave Mopei, in fact you made a post 3 posts down which was your first ever Dave hate post. [A quote from the above link is where I vent my frustration with how I feel about the way things were going] “Why do people even suggest anything on the suggestion forums? 90% of those things are completely shoved under a bed. Why is the backstabbing, non-contributing "Awlr Designer" Dave still in the team? The guy does nothing on the forums, nothing with editing and nothing with communication. He has clearly grown out of the game he once liked and for some reason still thinks he is fit to be referred to as an editor. Ordo even makes a better candidate for "Brainstormer." I like how Sukramo argued for the past 5 months about how much the map and the editor team sucks, and now you guys act like "Oh, he was right all along." Djisa, Apr 16, 2014 Not surprised to see he is still the same 2 years later. After Rhemar became editor I just waited until he created a capable version, but I never saw that after the first release and so I did not looked much at AWLR threads again from the middle of 2014 to now. I started to play and look through Genesis and other spinoffs and posted numerous bugs threads on there, where they were some were fixed, liked and ignored again. Attempts to edit with other teams I have been an active member of AWLR for a long time posting bugs, making lists, making suggestions, helping people solve problems. (Skip the AW spinoff threads). After I was kicked from LR. I asked several people to edit with them with no avail, from Darklycan’s SE who does not answer replies, alleluia/ Hannibal/ Sukramo where their reply was (“I would strongly advise against recruiting djisa. I don't believe he would be a considerate team me member.. Actually I'm not sure he is capable of teamwork at all. Don't forget he released LR public ally too after he got booted off their team” Alleluia) I’m going to agree with Alleluia here. What you did with LR Djisa, you just dont do if you want to be trustworthy. Sukramo, Feb 24, 2014 Of which I replied “I agree that what I did was deplorable to the editors of LR. In that regard, it is perfectly understandable that you and Alleluia would consider me that way. However, I want you to know that people change, that I have changed. If I was an inconsiderate and selfish person that I once was, I would not have done the following things: -Helped Joffrey solve various editor problems (pathing issues/Doomhammer/critical errors within the map & editor) -Wrote guides for people: [How to Edit], [Models to complete Emperor Fawful's map], [if you can recall, I have wrote a guide for you about Optimizing a map]. You could also check my postings on my profile page, I believe Alleluia, the last post you saw of mine was about LR's public release. I want you guys to give me a chance to prove my trustworthiness. There are things such as editing discussions that we could do.” Djisa, Feb 24, 2014 After reading this I felt that they had a point but I also felt insulted because of all the things I did, posting a long list of bugs on their forum and never getting any kind of appreciation. I still continued to play a few games and looked for a few bugs, I played a couple of Woodenplank’s AW: WoTE at this time but I did not ask him to edit anything. [2013 Bug reports with AW:G] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/aw-g-65b-bugs-balance-reports.16311/#post-496892 https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/aw-g-v0-68b-bugs-balance-reports.16388/#post-499284 Hannibal even makes a reply on how he likes the format of my bug reports with colors for each race. [in 1 post I applause Sukramo for his bug list of AW:G by alleluia solo before he ever touched the editor.] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/aw-g-v0-68b-bugs-balance-reports.16388/#post-499414 [i make the point that AW:G’s terrain is horrible because spaces are so narrow and the crazy use of doodad spam which increase loading time of both the game and the editor. Genesis/Third War's loading time is still the longest loading time of any AW to this date.] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/event-grays-hakkari-path.19466/#post-575525 https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/genesis-terrain.18260/#post-520394 [On November 2016 Sukramo makes a post about how terrain in LR is large so units can move through which is what makes it so good. Oh now you realize? Why didn’t you realize before? Why didn’t people just listen to me?] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.p...rain-where-lr-got-it-right.23168/#post-631982 [Look at how bad the terraining of Outland’s Hellfire Archimemnon was doing to AW:G] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/legacy-of-legacy-reborn.17214/page-2#post-520403 A post by Thurr where I already made a post about income and taxes for checks and balances. [My post in Feb 2016] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/azeroth-wars-design-philosophy.20711/#post-598204 [Thurr’s post in Dec 2016] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/wheres-my-gold-mine.23501/ From March 2014 onwards I joined Joffrey and Krotos who were editing DAoW 5.2. (Joffrey liked DAoW alot more than AWLR). I did not play many games of DAoW so my motivation, bug finding and knowledge about the map were not as high. The problem with DAoW was that I could not even import terrains I already made using AWLR or unit/doodad data because it uses a whole different system. DAoW was 3x worse to edit than AWLR because it takes 3x to open up and edit anything. Even so, I continued and did changes to its terrain by downsizing the amount of doodads there were and making more spaces in areas and fixing various problems. https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/daow-5-2-suggestion-thread.17075/page-3#post-524306 [Joffrey and Krotos created the first version after MafiaPL quit which came go be known as 5.2 with some unit tweaks, and text fixes.] http://diplomunion.com/index.php?threads/daow-5-2-changelog-download-thread.17073/ The group started to disband when Joffrey quit editing. I felt like Joffrey and Krotos did not play the map or actively opened DAoW in singleplayer and just go over what are the bugs and what needs fixing, which their were tons after the last Mafia edit. The only things they did was tweaking numbers wanting and adding more events and units and triggers when what the map needed was to reduce the amount of things it had and revamping what was already there. One of the biggest problem was that player were encountering critical errors because of how much the events leaked memory that were not fixed. Krotos and I never communicated as much and he was especially overly obsessed with Elves (and still is) and the main thing or only thing he did was created events for the Blood Elves. However I know he can edit, because he had previous experience with other maps, but I guess its because were editing DAoW was the problem. Eventually Krotos went to play some other game and stopped editing altogether with DAoW without mentioning anything and so I wrote that the editing for DAoW has halted. I found editing DAoW to be overwhelming, because there were so many unnecessary things like a gazillion custom units which made opening the custom unit tab take forever. You could not even delete them without crashing the editor. I was also not able to use my AWLR resources and did not have any passion for the base DAoW map, so I quit as well. {You can read my recent threads and posts using my profile. *Extra [Archived threads by me from Feb 2013 to when I stopped editing around July 2013] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?search/5022884/} The incompetence of Steak/ Joffrey/ Dave in 2013 and why they failed as editors We're having more of a flat organization in the awlr team. Making decisions together and not having one guy that needs to approve or disapprove every move. We've done quite alot. Yes, Joffrey was not very good at doing the editing but I must say. Joffrey has really leveld up as an editor, been getting much better at it. The last few weeks it's been a rather tight collaboration between Joffrey and me. I check through the map, tests it, tells what needs to be done, Joffrey updates it, solves them and gives an updated version of the map over to me. Repeat process, I check through the map, tests it.......and so on. Dg is done, Yellow is almost entirely done (minor things here and there) and Teals Tiers are not done. All the other plans as mentioned, will be moved to later versions. Before we release it, we are going to do some testing to see how the fight goes. We will not need any testers, only 3 people are needed and the awlr team are 3 people. At the moment, teals starting position is much stronger compared to SA (since their position has been nerfed). He even got more starting units than SA combined. We suspect that Teal might be the one with the greater advantage, bigger chance to win this time. We will try to fix as many bugs and inbalances we can find before we release the version. This is basicly what most of our working time has been spent on lately. We do not want to release multiple bugfix versions. And about Thurr......he is welcome to join the team anyyyyy tiiiiime. Just whenever he feels like it. Him being gone made our entire working process come to a sudden stop since we always needed his opinion and administrative role in the team to continue developing. So after waiting with no response, I started the collaboration with Joffrey (and Steak). Evad_Flor, Jun 4, 2013 Joffrey said: ↑ Because currently we ARE working on it, even if the work is being kinda slow cuz i'm not that much experienced with the editor, we still are working on it and will soon even release a new version. I think the versions should be released in public only in desperate situations that you really don't know what to do with the map. But as i said we have lots of things that we want to implent, so untill we're not in the mood to edit the map and got no idea with what to do with it, I don't think we should release it to the public. That's what i believe. Joffrey, Jun 5, 2013 “We will not need any testers, only 3 people are needed and the awlr team are 3 people.” Facepalm. You have tons of people here with different playstyles and many of them want to contribute (Hence we are seeing the crazy amount of spinoff maps currently going on) Locking yourself into only 3 people testing is a horrible idea as you are going to miss balance issues and then we will be stuck with big balance problems for possibly months (Feathermoon being the first example that comes to mind) Do not turn away our help and distance yourself from the community. Sukramo, Jun 4, 2013 [Wise words from Eagleman] Testing like that with people privately takes too much time. Just review the changes you make to make sure there's no bugs, and try not to do anything too absurd, and let the entire community play test it for you. If you're able to release versions regularly, you'll achieve balance much faster this way, and you also avoid the bias of a small sample group. EagleMan, Jun 4, 2013 So with Thurr’s new disciple Joffrey with new editor Steak and Dave the brainstormer is why you have that Recipe of Disaster. On top of that Joffrey was not an active AWLR player which is very important when it comes to knowing what is bugged and balanced. He and Dave were the most inactive of the group who had little time to contribute to the map. So yeah I feel like an ex-con guy that got arrested once for a minor offense and cannot get a job now even though I have a passion for some job since I was a teenager but because of my small history I cant get a job. All I wanted was to edit for like a month, to show how I am capable as an AW editor and how I react with the forum and the players. Although now I am happy to see that Volrath is finally applying the concept of playing with playtesters of which was missing from all the previous editors, of which Mopei put in power and overthrew the rest and so I have respect for that. His 2.02a changelog looks pretty well done even though things like Inferno stones for 60g and multishot towers that cant be killed with building walling in the way which needs to be addressed sooner than most people think it should. {You can read my recent threads and posts using my profile. *Extra [Archived threads by me from Feb 2013 to when I stopped editing around July 2013] https://www.diplomunion.com/index.php?search/5077331/}
  6. So did you Widgetize or not? I was basing my judgement off of knowing how long a map usually loads with a Widgetizer and one that does not. For a map like Azeroth Wars, no matter how much MB from imports or object data you reduce, it will only affect the loading time insignificantly. Sorry I did not make it clear that I was not basing it off of the loading compared to your past versions. I never checked your previous versions so I do not know their loading times.
  7. Did you not use a Widgetizer? I feel that the map takes a longer time than usual to load.
  8. I loved Age of Empires and Stronghold as a kid. It would be neat to see the age progression in Warcraft 3 from AoE with all the units and buildings upgrading to a new tier. I'm wondering how you are going to fit multiple different resources into the UI where WCIII only has gold/lumber/food, and how building fortified walls is going to connect.
  9. 16 x more space. Opens a hell of a lot more options.
  10. I heard food and everything is dirt cheap there compared to most developed countries. Which is one of the reasons why its a popular tourist attraction. How do you make sure the women you sleep with do not have any STDs?
  11. Nine months ago I pointed out that I did not like the terraining on an old thread of Hannibal's "What is your Gripe with Genesis on Feb 17, 2016." (Link) I never replied what I thought was wrong with the terraining but I thought you were correct in the very last post of the thread that said Genesis's areas are very crowded. I just wanted to point out that you had the right idea before and you have now expanded on it. This post you made is a very good analysis as to why how terraining feels good to play on and others not. I enjoyed reading it.
  12. Found a line that was interesting to read regarding the possibility of Tyrion being a Targeryen. "According to Barristan Selmy, the Mad King lusted after Joanna. At the wedding of Tywin and Joanna, Aerys drunkenly japed about how it was a pity the First Night tradition was banned and took too many liberties during Joanna's bedding. Tywin was not amused, and that caused further friction between him and Aerys." Source: wiki
  13. I find your WoW models(Like Varian) do not fit at all in Warcraft 3. That and the terraining is not pleasing.
  14. I am surprised to see that Thurr and Crusader decided to work on this. I agree fully on cutting down file size. The library of AW's custom units is tremendous. I am curious how you both are going to delete custom units because you will definitely encounter multiple fatal errors doing it. I almost lost my mind having to restart the editor every time it appeared, was even worse when I forgot to save and lost all current progress. Games tend to become one-sided when players with the highest income or strongest heroes continue to snowball. Sometimes players combat this with mass alliances (A real warfare strategy). Standard Ladder has gold taxation while AW has no sort of checks and balances. Although it is pretty hard to address this, I would to see something that hinders the superpower. Whatever happened to DAoW:A?
  15. That is some pretty tight space you have there. Those lines of 1 tile choke-points look difficult to move units through.
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