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    make teleport scrolls only buyable from buildable shops. town scrolls can only be bought if capital buildings are still alive. this would make it easier to finish off leeching players and still provide for extra strategic gameplay.
  2. Pineapple


    We as a humans are unique in the aspect that we are able to learn from other animals. There's an infinite number of thoughts that you can reflect upon watching an animal just... live it's life. It gives an amazing insight on how human behaviors and emotions tick as well. Penguins are one animal that just trip me the fuck out. They're so graceful, so slick, just so goddamn mesmerizing to see something fly... underwater. Fuck Pandora. My life goal is to visit the Antarctic coast so I can interact with the Adélie Penguin. I'm kind of the psycho-analytical type, so this penguin really gets me on a good one. We as humans believe that we are the only animal capable of feeling emotion. Capable of love, compassion, anger, sadness, intrigue, happiness, stress. But I swear to fucking god this little motherfucker isn't just a dumb little animal that has no idea whats going on. This shit is so fucking real that if you havn't heard of it before it'll blow your mind. It sure as hell blew mine. Not only is that the funniest fucking thing in the world, but that doesn't sound like just some 'derp idk whats going on' type of animal behavior. But the behavior I love the most is their mating ritual. I get high from all the directions my mind shoots off when it passes through my mind. It makes writing this post super hard actually lol. When the male sees some good penga-pussy that it wouldn't mind hitting for the rest of it's life, it begins it's search for a pebble. The prettiest, shiniest, most perfect pebble that it can find. Because the female will pick the male that presents to her the prettiest pebble it has. Now there's two different things you can learn from this, depending on how full your glass is. One, girls are bitches and only choose the guy that can supply her with the shiniest shit. Or Two, That the male, knowing that the female will only pick the male who presents to her the shiniest rock, knows that it equates to how much he cares about her. Think about it. If the male's just like yeah i just wanna get laid he's going to spend like what an hour on finding that rock at max. but if he's totally diggin the way she wags that tail feather he's gonna spend ages looking for that damn rock because then she knows he really cares about her because he spent all that time looking for a stupid fucking rock. But don't you know? It's not the pebble, it's the penguin. [video=youtube;i-_9EWYAbbI] hashtag animals have emotions mother fuckers
  3. Pineapple

    The Avengers

    i wasn't.... trying to impress anyone... i was asking why(and/or if) people thought hawkeye was important to have around for the rest of the movie. the only thing i knew about hawkeye and black widow prior to the avengers movie was what their costumes looked like so the nostalgia factor wasn't present for those two characters. geeze Red why so angsty
  4. Pineapple

    The Avengers

    hawkeye was an unneccesary addition TO THE AVENGERS what did he offer the team in the final battle that wasn't already covered by every other member of the squad? also, lmfao abdel
  5. Pineapple

    The Avengers

    Agent Phil? A minor character? Did you guys miss BOTH Ironman movies? He was the second(not counting the bad guy) most important character in the first movie, and is shown in almost half of the scenes: Pestering Stark about how he escaped the cave He's present at every press confrence He assaults Stark Industries (with black widow i think?) in the first movie, and barely makes it out alive. He is always shown as having some sort of connection with Starks sex-interest. And that's just the first movie! i dont understand why you guys are calling the agent's death so unimportant, or why it came as such a surprise when he died nick fury was the only 'minor' character that they forced us to give a shit about. i almost expected them to reveal that nick fury is actually Mace Windu (anyone else notice how repulsively similar the scenes with all the S.H.I.E.L.D. directors was to the Jedi Council scenes in Star Wars?) To quote the actor that played him, he isn't just a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, he's "THE S.H.I.E.L.D agent". Avengers was a great movie. Worth every penny(I saw it in 2d and didn't even give a second shit) Hawkeye felt like an unnecessary addition to the team Black Widow/Nick fury were in way too many scenes Post credits:
  6. [video=youtube;dg7EsEPhWAk] [video=youtube;TyK1owU3e6Y] 1.) Commercial breaks only happen at timeouts and at the start of every quarter. 2.) Soccer commercials are the ones that last for 30mins, Football is about 5. 3.) If you enjoy a linear game of Soccer followed by giant inflatable Viagra advertisements across the top of your screen, watching people do the same exact thing for the last two hours, with a chance to miss the only goal of the game because you got up to take a piss... enjoy
  7. Ohhh Benniiiiieee
  8. Pineapple

    Secret Santa

    then you don't have to participate. that's the point. shrug.
  9. Pineapple

    Secret Santa

    we tried this a year or so back and it didn't work out because no-one followed up but if we got one actually organized I'd be down as all hell. we could have one person take everyone's names that can actually participate, then give people the persons name who they're gifting, so only one person knows everything but is able to keep it a secret from everyone else(grunty?) obviously just make sure it's appropriate so that Americans aren't sending gifts to Slavic countries. hell, i think knowing that your secret Santa probably lives nearby would add to the suspense.
  10. Kodos currently have no purpose in the game; They're overshadowed Dps-wise by Spearman and their aura gives a whopping... +1 to attack. Whoopee. This is going to sound a little radical, but it's something that will solve a few problems the horde has. Lorewise, let's be honest here. We all know the Orcs love their drums. But the ones they have now are so very much outdated since the only thing they have to offer is a +1 attack bonus, so what are we to do? Upgrade, of course! Here's a basic blueprint of how I imagine remolding one of the Orcs most symbolic units, the kodo beast. Pink's second "elite"(or rather, limited unit) Kodo Drummers should have an important job: like to guide the Horde as they charge the enemy lines, or boost morality which gives a regeneration bonus. Only one "song" can be played at a time, and they both start out super weak. They can both be upgraded at the beastiary(or maybe 1 can be upgraded through a mastery... idk), and has an upgrade system that increases the strength of the song. Or, my other... more radical idea, is this. People complain about the horde being bland and not having much flare. The Horde could have a unit, limited to one, that is a super expensive, costly unit. This unit could be a super-sized kodo beast. The idea of it is, it holds passengers, and the more orc grunts(or spearmen) it holds, the more arrows that attack out of it. It'd make for some pretty ridiculous battles imo, and would make the horde that much more fun. just a few thoughts
  11. normally i'd post an ironic .jpg but why ruin something so magical
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