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  1. Whenever I hear this it makes me think the person saying it lacks self-confidence. Why would I care if she slept with 20 other guys before me, it just means she'd rather be with me than (at least) 20 other people, so I'll just make sure it pays off for her and I'm better than the other 20. Yeah because it's not the end of the freaking world, it's not like I brought the girl I cheated with to hang out with us. Even when we hang out with our mutual friends I'm not going to bring the other girl since that's just retarded, if the situations were reversed I'd be fine with it as long as she never brought the guy with her. We were in a serious relationship, completely stopping all communication just because someone used their parts on someone else seems absolutely ridiculous to me, obviously we can't be in a relationship anymore but that doesn't mean we can't talk at all anymore. It's like you're afraid of dicks thinking they're going to leave a permanent mark on a girl you want. It's just a dick, if you have one you really have no reason to dread it, and it definitely won't ruin your coffee unless someone drops one into your cup.
  2. Eh sort of, to be fair I did assure my girlfriend that she had no reason to worry (guess I was trying to convince us both) and that was obviously not true. I know I cheated, I'm just not sure when exactly, perhaps the initial part can be considered playing both sides as you put it, I'm honestly not sure since the whole situation is rather confusing to me. I often see this mentioned but I honestly don't really get it, I don't know what constitutes emotional cheating since it reminds of nonsense such as "sin of impure thought" nonsense. I think it's very easy to be attracted to two girls at once, both physically and emotionally, and then you end up with the "playing both sides" problem. Starting to think this problem isn't really solvable since attraction is not really something you can control, you can just hope it doesn't happen to you. Definitely not, as long as she clearly stated that she is not in a relationship the guys have no real reason to expect a relationship. I understand that they might get attached but honestly if I was looking for something serious in their situation I would cut ties and move on, she clearly doesn't want anything serious. You can't really cheat if you're friends with benefits, that's not how that works, at least that's the way I see it.
  3. I've been thinking about this for some time now and I haven't really been able to reach a definite conclusion so I figured I might as well try to start a discussion. Basically I'm interested in what people have to say about cheating in relationships. What counts as cheating for you, is cheating something that should be expected or is it something that you absolutely despise, have you ever cheated/been cheated on, and other similar questions that come to mind. I'll start with my own opinion (or lack thereof) and a personal anecdote that might stimulate the discussion. Obviously this topic can get a bit personal so it's possible someone doesn't want to share, which I completely understand. Personal anecdote: So if cheating can be forgiven how bad is it really? What exactly constitues as cheating, was I practically cheating as I was flirting with the other girl even though neither one of us thought the flirting would lead to anything else? Honestly it all comes down to the fact that my views on cheating have been utterly annihilated and I actually have no idea how to feel about it now, I know that I still want to eventually have another serious relationship but at this point I'm not particularly sure what those are anymore. So yeah, what is cheating to you, and if you have no inspiration/personal examples feel free to comment on mine.
  4. Rhemar

    Fuck u cunts

    UoS supposedly has the best shitposter ever: It's djsailbeat:
  5. If they can convert catapults to Christianity a dragon stood no chance, the show makes perfect sense now.
  6. Off the top of my head House of Cards, True Detective, The Wire, Sopranos, Sherlock all beat it (not necessarily in that order) but not easily because early GoT is still absolutely amazing. Now these series obviously have their issues, especially with newer seasons, but they're all nothing short of amazing. With actors like Spacey, McConnaughey, Gandolfini, Cumberbatch, Freeman these shows have insane acting talent (it's not simple star power, these people can act) that GoT cannot reach. Yes certain GoT actors have proven they have some serious talent but with a script that tells Dany to either smirk or scream the actress can't really do much. Other TV series have the script to back up the talent they hired, the actors get to show us how awesome they are, in GoT the plot is getting progressively dumber ruining characters such as Littlefinger and Varys and making the actors useless. GoT's value is shock value, it hits you hard and fast with unexpected character deaths and taboo topics (incest, torture) that amount to little more than a titty quota in the later seasons. If you know all these things are coming the value of GoT decreases drastically, it is still an amazing show with great scenes and cinematic pieces due to its great budget, but fancy dragons do not a great show make. It's starting to feel less and less like there is a great plot and it feels more and more like they're just showing tits and killing characters for the lulz (I will literally never forgive Stannis and Dorne) while we wait for Dany and Jon to fuck and burn some walkers. GoT wins "best fantasy series", mostly because there's barely any good fantasy series out there, and probably no greats. It's a great show, but not the best.
  7. I liked the episode, watching a dragon roast things and people is fun plain and simple. I honestly think the season will end with the walkers tearing down the wall and we'll have season 8 happening in the North or freshly frozen South, I find it highly unlikely that the Night King is dying this season. Maybe we'll get one battle with the walkers so that one of the dragons can die and be resurrected because zombie dragons are fun ever since Heroes of Might&Magic. Also I realised that the most annoying thing about GoT isn't the decline in quality, it's the people who refuse to acknowledge there is a decline. I mean yeah the show got noticeably worse as it progressed but it's still more than watchable. I (obviously) don't mind if someone really likes the show but people claiming it's the best show of all times and that it's better than half the fucking movies in existence need to stop and think for a minute. I mean I actually found this gem, and people actually agreeing with it, you gotta be insane to write this:
  8. http://mythewatchseries.com/game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-4 In case you don't want to download you can watch it online, they usually have it in HD but this one is leaked so yeah.
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      As soon as we manage to be online at the same time
  10. Thank you, this makes it feel less ridiculous, I'm still pissed she lost three armies in the blink of an eye but at least the Dothraki don't seem silly now.
  11. [QUOTE="Complexity., post: 649284, member: 11476"]@Rhemar , the Dothraki in Westeros are basically the same as the Golden Horde in Medieval Europe times. They are not worthless, because in the open field they devastate the Lannister army with ease. Imagine their charge combined with 3 Dragons at Lannister soldiers at full speed, I'm confident many will die and a lot of Lannister soldiers will rout. As to your point about castles, there are still siege waepons such as catapults that should make quick work of walls. We've seen Dani use them at Mereen before. The scene with Brann and Sansa was creepy as fuck.[/QUOTE] I like the comparison but as far as I know Dothraki know nothing about archery which I believe was the annoying thing about the Golden Horde, they'd pew pew all day long from horseback. The Dothraki seem like a pillaging horde true, but I honestly don't see how they'll be competent at using siege weapons or in an actual organized battle. I don't know, it just seems ridiculous that Dany will probably win by using dragons and the Dothraki while her Unsullied, Tyrell, and Ironborn armies got wrecked. Also the fact that they're probably going to write Dorne off completely is annoying to say the least, yes they fucked it up but pretending an entire kingdom doesn't exist is ridiculous, but they could still prove me wrong on this. [quote name='Potatoe_Head']What many people also tend to ignore is that the scenes happening in an episode can be FAR away from each other in time.[/quote] NOPE, that does not work this season. It made sense when we had completely separate storylines in Westeros and Essos, and Westeros was even divided between the North and the South. Right now the stories have all converged and are supposed to be happening at the same time. If things are happening simultaneously it is ridiculous to think Dany did nothing besides those two meetings. I find it hard to believe the Lannisters are managing their armies carefully while Dany just said "alright we're doing this everyone take the next month off". The fact that Euron is present literally everywhere shows us these scenes are connected, but due to the plot (nonsensical as it is) one side is moving realistically while the other one is teleporting around as if Dany was sending orders from Essos.
  12. What the actual fuck is this season? The episodes on their own aren't that bad dialogue wise but holy shit the plot makes literally no sense. Randyll Tarly, the most rigid cunt in Westeros, the guy who stood by the Mad King (because oaths) as he burned everything and everyone, decided that he wants to betray his liege and side with the woman who blew up the Great Sept of Baelor and most of the liege's family? Yeah that makes perfect fucking sense, the guy who can't stand his son being a maester sides with the woman who fucks her own brother and has a black magic voodoo master beside her. Euron is not a pirate, he's a 20th level spellcaster since he can use Teleport to move himself and 16 (8 per spell slot) of his ships all over fucking Westeros, meanwhile Varys is only 9th level since he can only move between continents using Teleportation Circle. I mean I love Euron this season but how the flying fuck does he know exactly where the Dornish fleet is and has time to sink it (apparently with no real losses), and then go back for a parade, AND THEN he reaches Casterly Rock just in time to cut off the Unsullied? If Euron was real Magellan wouldn't have stood a fucking chance. Jaime, who spent 4 seasons trying to be less of a cunt, became a cunt once again as soon as his sister spread her legs, which happened just after their son committed suicide due to his mother blowing up his wife. The worst thing is that he might even get a redemption moment when he stabs Ceresei through the back, his personality is literally a tennis ball. Cersei grieves for Myrcella and Joffrey, but gives 0 fucks about Tommen whom she basically killed with her own hands (bombs, whatever), but Myrcella was her favorite so I guess that's ok. And how many fucking chances does the Charity Bank of Braavos give? That has to be the best example of plot-induced stupidity I've ever seen. There is literally no reason the Bank wouldn't back Daenerys, yes she abolished slaves but she also had the best chance to win the war, and she had Tyrell silver. But it doesn't matter in the end because Euron and his 1000 ships don't need gold since they're true Ironborn and they can obviously win this war on their own. Varys apparently has no more spies because he somehow fucking missed Euron's fleet sailing all around the fucking world, and he missed the entire Lannister army moving through the continent, and apparently he has no "birds" in Casterly Rock because he somehow missed the city being fucking EMPTY besides a skeleton crew left to jerk off on the Unsullied. The only thing I actually enjoy watching is the North and Dragonstone, mostly because those scenes are all about the characters interacting with each other and it's fun to see Dany and Jon together, also Davos and Tyrion are awesome. The only thing that stands out is that Dany doesn't have an army anymore, I mean yeah she has the Dothraki but they are worth jack shit against castles which is pretty much what warfare in Westeros comes down to. And her dragons can apparently be neutered by a fucking ballista (a completely new invention that the Night's Watch had 3 seasons ago). P.S. Good fucking job Bran, tell your sister she looked pretty while getting raped, I mean you could've just told her that your aunt looked great plummeting to her death and prove you're the Three-eyed raven, but rape really drives the point home, great fucking choice.
  13. Isn't he in Riverrun since Jaime brought him there for negotiations, and I think he stayed after the Lannisters killed Blackfish and took the castle back.
  14. Basically what Vinyl said, need some details over here since I only started playing recently, and am only familiar with 5E.
  15. Rhemar

    Steam SALES

    Yeah the developers went batshit crazy which is why I refuse to spend money on that game- I got Payday 2 shortly after it came out and the developers were actually sane back then, it's a shame really, they ruined a great game.
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