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  1. She was never a serious contender anyways.
  2. Wat? What do you mean "let him get the nominations". If he gets enough votes to gain enough pledged delegates then he has won the nomination, done. "current polling" - shows one poll by NYT that is in contrary to pretty much all other polls done in recent weeks/months. Also those results flat out don't make sense. Warren is losing Michigan by 6, but is somehow winning Arizona by 2 eventhough those states have around 6 points of PVI difference between them?
  3. I'm pretty sure horny, young trumpers are a demographic of limited strength in a Democratic primary.
  4. Ordo


  5. One of the Legion commanders during Battle of Mount Hyjal is a lich, what was his name? Rage Winterchill Spirits of which race inhabit the bodies of first generation death knights? Orcs What is the original human kingdom on Azeroth called? Strom Which significant Scourge commander, other than Arthas is known as "traitor king"? Anub'arak Frost wyrms are predominantly raised from the corpses of which dragonflight? Blue dragonflight Who was the first Warchief to drink the blood of Mannoroth? Grom Hellscream
  6. What "factions"? This is literally the directly elected European parliament and it will have to pass the Countil to actually become a law. Plus there are elections next month, if people don't like it they can vote in new parties.
  7. Was it also instant gratification when people abandoned TS/Ventrillo/Skype in favour of discord? Something much more convenient to use?
  8. Ordo

    My Ratings!!!

    Now it works!
  9. Clearly, because its called ananas. And it does not belong on pizza either
  10. Our absolute madman of a president actually said it out loud http://praguebusinessjournal.com/zeman-claims-turkey-supports-isis-turkey-denounces-zeman/
  11. Another golden age of Diplo awaits us.
  12. Wait, your rebuttal to institutionalized racism is the fact that Obama became president?
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