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  1. You're right about it often going slower since you have to do the cleanup. An opponent have gathered his entire army and it can be wiped out in a single fight. When he's left, all the creeping and small squads of units everywhere does delay significantly. This is something that can hit you hard if you become very greedy after one of your opponents leave the game. You often see a super quick, overly ambitious rush to try and take as many creeps and territory as possible which leaves you overextended and vulnerable. Those kinds of rushes splits your focus up in many places which can also slow you down. Those rushes often loose momentum after a while and just sits AFK while you're doing the things you're suppose to, like managing your economy & tech.
  2. Something I'd like to discuss a bit is something I've coined as the "Leaver's Trap". It's when one of your opponents left the game and you as a player begin to play completely different than you had in mind. You begin to get greedy, relax your concentration, play less serious and become slower. This gives an opportunity for the opponent playing against you despite being one player down. As a result, despite you having the advantage of playing against one less player, the phychological effect made such a difference that it may cause you to lose the game. This is an phenomenon I have observed for years in both myself and in others while playing Azeroth Wars. This is interesting to discuss since we now have systems that tries to better take care of players who have left the game. In the past you had to manage both factions, which often results in taking the strongest parts of both factions and merging them together into a very strong squad of 48 - 84 units. Now you can't do that since you can never train any other faction's unit or research their upgrades. The tradeoff is that you get buildings under your own faction, the control points, resources and experience. If you're one player down, you don't mix the factions, you either take a path like Night Elves got or you use the extra resources to make your factions army stronger a lot faster. In my opinion, it's easier nowadays to play with one player down, even without the access to their elites and heroes. If you practice playing a game with one player down, the "Leaver's Trap" may give you a chance to have a great game. Also, since there are Second chance factions available at minute 22-24, players are more likely to try to fight rather than to leave just like their ally did. It's currently really difficult to play with one player down as Frostwolf, Warsong, Stormwind and Legion. But with all other factions, there's at least some increased chance of winning if your opponent falls into the Leaver's Trap. If you're Scourge without a Legion player, a Dwarves without a Stormwind player and such, then you have time to adapt and overcome the odds. If one of your opponents leave the game, what should someone do to not fall into the Leaver's Trap? Don't let it affect you, stick to the plan you already had before the game started and execute it. Don't play greedy, don't relax your concentration, pretend that the player was still there. With one less opponent, your strategy should be even more likely to succeed.
  3. Yeah there are few large roleplaying maps where you can log in again and continue where you left of with your friends. Towns, quests, merchants, items and dialogue. There are also the special Valve created maps that were long epic Diablo style adventures named Siltbreaker.
  4. The same nether dragons Legion can use right now? They're limited to 4, cost a lot and can only be used after summoning. Is it a good design decision to have the devour ability so restricted?
  5. The Pre-Summon mentions nothing about the demihero Jubei'Thos or the orcs in Alterac Valley. Will you still control those units? Legion only have one type of spellcaster and it does not have any dispell/purge/devour ability to deal with summons & buffs? Eredar Warlocks is the only spellcaster mentioned. What about Shadow Priests? Rage Winterchill is a Lich type hero, he's undead. Does it really make sense to have an undead lich hero on the Legion faction that's all about demons?
  6. Dota 2 got limits of its own in the editor. Dota 2 don't provide many models for buildings and simple units. Any Dota 2 editor wanting to make a large scale map like Azeroth Wars would have to spend most of his time being an artist creating new unit & building models. When you take into account the much higher graphics of Dota 2 that is going to take a lot of time.
  7. I'd like to suggest adding more observer spots. Maybe 3 more of them. If you don't want observers you just close them, opens up more flexibility. Another thing I'd like to suggest is to put in a game option where observers would be allowed to choose factions at minute 22. The host decides this. There will eventually be so many different second chance factions in the game that there's enough for everyone. The concern that second chance factions who are allied to winners becoming unbalanced might also disappear from this. The concern is that some player's won't chose to be an ally to someone but other's will making it unbalanced in their favor. If you have more players with the option to choose factions, then it might become almost guarenteed that the defeated players + observers will pick all the allied second chance options all the time.
  8. There are only a few ideas left that truly makes sense to add in as a solo faction. I can only think of 2 more which I'm going to write about here. Zandalar & Trolls You make Zandalar a much larger island and create an entire troll faction. This faction have an extra strong navy. All Troll capitals, Zul'Farrak, Zul'Gurub, Jintha'Alor, Zul'Aman and Zul'Aman are made capturable and each carry a research upgrade that unlocks units for you. If you control all of them at the same time you get a very strong upgrade available at your capital in Zandalar. Whenever you capture one of the Troll cities there will also spawn 24 units to show that those trolls have joined you. Ragnaros & Dark Iron Clan You expand and change the layout of Blackrock Mountain dungeon. You get Ragnaros as a hero and you get the Dark Iron dwarves with Shadowforge. Besides having Shadowforge as a base, I think the molten core with fire theme where you train magma golems and fire elementals would be cool. Those are the only two ideas that I think still makes sense to add in as solo factions. The geographic location is fair, you want to spread out the solo factions. I also would like to suggest something on top of this. If you kill the boss C'thun or Ragnaros when they're a neutral hostile creep then the option to choose it as a solo faction disappears. So if I kill Ragnaros before minute 22 then no one can pick that option. Apply it to Zandalar, C'thun and Ragnaros. Add king Rastakhan as a boss on Zandalar to kill. Then players can at least do something other than camp outside to deal with the threats of sudden solo factions appearing.
  9. Two things is happening in 2.11 Legion overhaul and "Artifact Menu". There's a thread that explans the overhaul in detail but no information about what Artifact menu really means. 1. Will players be able to buy powerful items? 2. Will it cost a lot of gold or will you be able to combine items? 3. Any new item ideas being considered? I like the idea of combining items, finding different ingredients here and there and then making strong items. Make more unique item shops like the one in Zandalar and require a player to buy certain things from it to make strong items.
  10. What affects the balance more? Sudden solo factions appearing out of thin air and attacking you or one of your enemies having an extra mini-ally? If you're Horde and you just finished NIght Elves, I think C'thun is a much bigger impact on the balance than South Alliance having one extra small ally. Same could be applied to any of the solo factions and their invasion plans. If you're Lordaeron it must suck a lot when Rise of the Ashes suddenly appear in Quel'Thalas while you're fighting Fel Horde. I would argue that this is worse than a supportive mini ally on the enemy side. It's something worth thinking about. Perhaps we've already added things that affects the balance far more than a tiny ally?
  11. I'm a little confused. So even if Quel'Thalas stays in North Alliance and Dalaran loses it's city Dalaran, you can still get the hero Admiral Proudmoore?
  12. Exactly. At the end of it, it might be a 4vs4 with the whole map still at war. You can also go even more crazy creative with the faction ideas. These factions could for example be limited to max 100 food. You could create a worgen faction specialized in assasinating heroes. You could create goblin faction specialized at "investing money" which 2 minutes later comes back as 125% of the invested gold and then be an economic ally. You could create a Zandalar faction that's specialized in navy warfare. You could create a Dark Iron faction good at combining items to make stronger items or be good at dealing lots of fire damage.
  13. I also prefer [Level 2] on upgraded abilities. It's a good quality of life improvement. I can't think of any ability that gets upgraded a 3rd time except for Paladin's pulverize.
  14. When you say tooltip fixes, I assume it's just updating abilities to show the correct values and grammar. Something I'd like to suggest in the future is to have a name distinction to when abilities get upgraded. For example when Fel Horde chooses Fel Orc Mastery which upgrades his Charge! and Bloodlust, I'd like to see the name also display [Level 2] or "Improved" next to it. There's plenty of abilities that gets upgraded by masteries on Dwarves, Dalaran, Quel'Thalas, Scourge and etc.
  15. In the future there's going to be more "second chances" added into the game. However, there's only a few ideas left that makes sense to have as a solo faction. There are lots ideas that only makes sense if the second chance faction is an ally to someone else already playing. These allies would have limits on it's max strength and be pushed into supportive & utility roles. Weak, but useful. Scourge & Legion - Satyrs Lordaeron, Dalaran and High Elves - Gilneas Worgen (North Alliance) *Only if High Elves choose to go Naga Sentinels & Druids - Draenei on Azuremyst Isle & Bloodmyst Isle Frostwolf & Warsong - Goblins Stormwind & Dwarves - Gilneas Worgen (South Alliance) or - Dark Iron Clan Fel Horde - Dark Horde / Blackrock or - Outland Demons + Portals In this format, the faction must first win the starting fight for their extra ally to be unlocked. So if you're Horde for example, you must destroy Feathermoon, Darnassus and capture Nordrassil to unlock Goblin ally option. These are just some ideas worth exploring more but I believe that the general concept is the right step forward. Idea explanation: Gilneas Worgen will have 2 options on who to be allied with, only one can be picked. You either pick South Alliance or North Alliance as your ally. Dark Iron Clan can be developed into a separate mini faction with a larger base inside Blackrock Mountain. The Explorer's Hall option would of course be replaced with something else such as Gelbin Mekkatorque or Brann Bronzebeard choices. Goblins would get the base Kezan, Ratchet and perhaps Bilgewater Port in Azshara's Coast. Heroes would be Tradeprince Gallywix and Gazlowe. Would be a faction focused on compound interest rates, mercantilism and bombs. Blackrock Mountain could have another orc base inside the Dungeon. You could make another orc base in Twilight Highlands, Dragonmaw Port. The other option would be to give your mini ally a Demon faction that's only about using demonic portals and demons from Outland.
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