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  1. Guys let's just dick around some more today. Streams in an hour Twitch.TV/Azothan
  2. Come check out warcraft3 Custom-Map-Content. RTS has never seemed as cool as when 12 players throw over 24 different armies at one another, to figure out who will Claim Azeroth Have you done you proud yet??? [MEDIA=twitch]channel=azothan[/MEDIA]
  3. Update guys. I'll be streaming for 6 hours today @ Twitch.tv/azothan
  4. Hello again guys! We have several tournament games to cast and it's about to go Down. come wheck it out At www.twitch.tv/azothan
  5. We're gonna be live today at 4pm PST. Shoutcasts of Kalimdor: The Aftermath as well as Siege of Icecrown [MEDIA=twitch]channel=azothan[/MEDIA]
  6. Awww, I'm sorry man! Talinn, how about you join me now if you can? Gonna host a livecast of Kalimdor: The Aftermath. I'm thirsty for some murder. www.twitch.tv/azothan
  7. BUMP. Today we got Match 3 of the LTA Grand Tournament! www.tiwtch.tv/azothan
  8. Lordaeron: The Aftermath, Kalimdor: The Aftermath, Lordaeron: The Foremath, Siege of Quel'Thalas, Broken Alliances all have pretty active communities and forums where you can get plenty of info
  9. Come check out the stream now for Match 2 of the Grand tournament between teams BotR Scrubs vs TNFO. twitch.tv/azothan
  10. Hey there guys! Thought I'd celebrate christmas eve by going through some old favorites of the wonderful map maker: King Leopold! We played 12 Kingdoms, Lost Kingdoms and Broken Alliances. Here is video one. The other 2 will roll out in their entirety over the next 2 days <3
  11. This is a first post in an updating thread, posting, whoring myself out and generally sucking the throbbing e-cock of anyone who wants to watch me suck at video games! Booya! Announcing: Today, streaming Warcraft 3 Livecasts of KingLeopold Maps. Starting with 12 kingdoms all the way through Broken Alliances. Let us celebrate an oldie but goldie. <3 Beginning at noon, West Cost Cali time. Noon(12pm), Pacific Standard Time Twitch.tv/azothan
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