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  1. Komodo

    Sup All!

    Uhhhh no :) I'll keep that in mind o.O
  2. Komodo

    Sup All!

    Ahh, 2 more to go I suppose :) What does this 'supersonic man' entail I wonder?
  3. Komodo

    Sup All!

    Lol what's "3 degrees of freemasonry"? :)
  4. Hey ! I am Komodo! A poor Azeroth Wars player and new to diplo.. I enjoy programming and custom wc3 maps, hopefully I can contribute a thought or two on the games! (btw I don't believe the pm to staff members mod (or plugin or whatever it is) is working properly as it wont send my pm to staff members (under 5 posts)! :D) Cheers! -Komodo
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