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  1. [ATTACH=full]6503[/ATTACH]
  2. [ATTACH=full]6346[/ATTACH] They do censor a wide range of reporting from municipal to state levels. Example would be anti-globalist slant/opinion amongst other things.
  3. [ATTACH=full]6339[/ATTACH]
  4. Murk is retard food for Milk! [ATTACH=full]6336[/ATTACH]
  5. [ATTACH=full]6335[/ATTACH] Murk!
  6. Cheazee [ATTACH=full]6332[/ATTACH]
  7. Yeah, man!~ For Toronto head to the zoo and see your relatives. Or better yet. - > Head to Carling drive and get a tour at the Molson brewery.
  8. I would like the power for people not screw up lunch order.
  9. OgerMan

    I need big help

    Biology first, then go into gynecology so you can share bluewaffle pics.
  10. Stopped by, and it was just Inferious there. I will swing by at peak hours.
  11. Bout' right as far I can tell lol. I just figured you guys played DoTA 2 or something. Oh hey man, yeah it's been awhile.
  12. Wasn't looking for special treatment lol, but hey if you want to kiss my ass the onus is on you buddy. Likewise, I have as much to prove to you, as you do to me, which is nothing. Anyways, I came back to see how people I used to play WC3 with were doing. As I haven't met a few of you guys, well here I am. Hopefully, you will get the chance.
  13. [ATTACH=full]3180[/ATTACH] Everybody copes in their own way.
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