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  1. Yeah, they are totally for far future. I believe that if a human brain was recreated exactly in a simulation (time t with all the chemical reactions and neurons firing of the actual brain) ... that wouldn't be so different from the human brain. You do not need to understand consciousness for copying, you need better hardware for mapping the brain at time t and better computers to get the simulation going.
  2. I disagree with both points. Science may (or may not) address the first point, through biology breakthroughs (repairing genome is a thing), or through computer science means (if your consciousness is recreated by a software simulation for instance). Obviously both possibilities are not for tomorrow or even the day after, but they are real. (I don't want to get into the debate whether this is a good thing to become immortal or if the recreation inside a computer is still you) Regarding the second point : natural catastrophes are as natural as you can get, but we are still dreading the next tsunami/earthquake. It's not irrational and I don't think fearing death is irrational either.
  3. For most atheists, there is nothing beyond the grave [citation needed]. Nothing is an absolute and can be scary, I understand that. Nothing ever will happen to you after this point, you won't even exist to feel the ennui. Maybe after a full life you manage to make peace with that fact, but I think that the anxiety of death is a totally reasonable fear.
  4. Unchecking all the boxes doesn't make it ?
  5. AWESOME. But I've to note that I do assume my princess side. Am I still a faggot ?
  6. Does your map have Azothan in it ?
  7. Carassus

    Hello, world

    Yeah, I felt a disturbance in the [drama] force. The part of the pie-content is smaller then ? =( I'm a Panda, obviously. I was mostly active on War3 part of the forum (it took me a while to even see that it wasn't the whole site). I did post things in the Pub and Thinking Cap though !
  8. I was refering the first option though. I'm no magician.
  9. And a hat ! And take the hat to go camping with strangers .... To follow the "big regrets" time, you can have "funny hats" time, and voila, you have the hamster again !
  10. Carassus

    Hello, world

    Sooooo, how was the past year in Diplo ? I was away mainly due to work (new office where I can't go on Diplo as surreptitiously as I could in the last internship D: ). Did I miss anything ? I saw somewhere that new admins has been spawned ? (Proud that I manged to get the quote right)
  11. Oh, hello, what a fine time to get back !
  12. Ordo also wanted a "pussy" rating for me D: *points finger*
  13. Carassus

    Ask Diplo

    Statistics say that indeed we have the biggest rate of alcoholism.
  14. Carassus

    Ask Diplo

    My hometown : 10k people, like 20+ bars. Yeah.
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