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  1. Have blight skulls been added back to the game? It's been, like, 6 years since I last played.
  2. I didn't know wtf I was doing, didn't know how the fuck to catch the ball, and wtf man :l I swear everyone else was drunk
  3. It's been a pony for almost 3 years; I like it Just look at it, it's almost a trollface
  4. Fuck no, those people are weird, dressing up and acting like uncivilized beasts
  5. Zizzech

    Moving on

    I wish you a life of progress, friend; and I'm sorry we never got to know each other more.
  6. Zizzech

    New forum

    I miss our theme :L I like the software :V How's everyone :3
  7. Zizzech

    ARDA Operations

    G93 and Grunty would remember :l
  8. Zizzech

    ARDA Operations

    What happened to the ARDA leaks/documents/pages that were opened to us a few years ago? Does anyone even remember ARDA? Look at my god damn avatar.
  9. Zizzech


    Were you there for early AWS? You just gave a perfect example of clan activities then.
  10. Zizzech


    Couldn't find him :/
  11. Zizzech


    ILY G. I'll add you on facebook :l Also, felt a little nostalgic a few days ago; I believed Diplo was dead and attempted to track down and talk to pantheranthro just for old time's sake :v
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