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  1. Oh, yes you're right - blue to green. But the magic changed his color.
  2. You can tell that the orcs changed colors because when Gul'dan "heals" baby Thrall he turns from brown to green. I really liked the way they did Gul'dan and Blackhand. Those were definitely the best designed characters. I'd also highly recommend 3D. I usually don't watch movies in 3D, but tonight we accidentally went to the wrong showing and sort of got stuck with it - but it's really well done, in my opinion. I went into this with really, really low expectations, but it was actually fairly good, in my opinion. Think of it like a superhero movie. The Avengers movies are stupid as hell - but they're not supposed to be smart or make any sense... they're superhero movies! The Warcraft movie is about orcs fighting humans and shooting magic at each other. Take it for what it is.
  3. I don't play WC3 as much as some of you guys anymore, but I'd agree with the OP. Occasionally I think about how great it would be to make a new WC3 map, and I tell myself that people still play on Battle.net.... but yeah, there are really only a few games that are popular. It lacks the diversity it had in its prime. I was talking to Railen recently, and he pointed out that the WC3 custom maps scene didn't start to thrive until a while after TFT came out. SC2's final expansion just recently came out, so I'm wondering if there will be a new impetus to create new custom content? (I think the two largest challenges for SC2 maps are (1) the sci-fi theme doesn't lend itself to the broad range of creativity that a fantasy theme does and (2) the SC2 unit editor is pretty daunting for a new mapper.)
  4. I think Thessaly's geographic position is by far the weakest. They are surrounded by many enemies: Macedon and Epirus, but also anywhere between one and four Greek factions who look Northward for expansion. Sometimes the Greeks either all ally or kill themselves within like 10 minutes, and then the victors combine forces and march North. And Thessaly doesn't have very good naturally defendable choke points. Macedon has three nearby enemies, however they can more easily create a choke point to defend against Thrace. Epirus is also a nice target for the Greeks, but Epirus is shielded by mountains to the East which help against Macedon and Thessaly. The four Greek factions are more or less balanced in terms of their starting position. I think it really helped when I remade the mountains that separate Argos from Corinth. Probably Sparta's position is the best among the four, if I had to choose. And Argo's is probably the weakest just because it's in the middle, but again, they're more or less balanced in my opinion. Those fights really just depend on the players and the diplomacy. I haven't played with all the new special units, so I can't comment much on their strengths.
  5. Kylo Ren should have been able to kill Finn with a force choke. lol I liked that force choke from earlier in the movie where he chokes the guy and then pulls his throat into his hand. That was pretty good. I also liked his stopping the blaster bolt in mid-air.
  6. Overall, I didn't really mind that the story was basically identical to Episode IV. The Star Wars story is, by no means, original. It's a coming of age story and a David beats Goliath story. People have been telling stories just like this for thousands of years. Now that they've paid tribute to the old characters, I hope they kind of go off in a new direction in episodes VIII and IX. My (and my friends') biggest problem with the movie was that Kylo Ren was such a lame villain, for the reasons others have given. He got his ass kicked by a stormtrooper (who worked in sanitation) and a young untrained girl, who, while very gifted with the force had just discovered her powers earlier that day. Luke and Anakin were very powerful force users, but they required lightsaber training and mentors. Now, I know there were additional factors to consider: Ren was not fully trained yet; He had just killed his father and was emotionally compromised; and he was just shot by Chewbacca's bowcaster (which can knock a normal man back ten feet)... so it's maybe not that I thought him losing was too "unrealistic", but it just felt so LAME to me. How are we supposed to be afraid of this guy? Just seems like poor writing/storytelling. Good point about Finn's training that I did not consider. I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure they said or implied that it moved (because of the reason you gave). Okay, and here are two of my own points that I'll add - though others have mentioned them, too: First, how the fuck did Phasma give up the shields so easily? Presumably she was trained as a stormtrooper from a very young age like the others, and working for the First Order is all she has ever known. Why did she betray them so easily? Okay, she was confident that her side could win the fight anyway, but let's think this out. Her options are: (1) Don't cooperate and Han maybe kills her, (2) She cooperates, the new Death Star gets destroyed, and she dies anyway, or (3) She lets the shields down, her side wins, and Kylo Ren executes her for her incompetence. I just don't get it... Second, why did Kylo Ren leave Rey with one guard? HE ALREADY LOST ONE PRISONER EARLIER IN THE MOVE! DOESN'T HE LEARN? I know that this is sort of a common thing in movies: "Why weren't the prisoners guarded better?" However, I can think of three alternatives routes the writers could have gone that wouldn't have been so glaringly stupid: (1) Have two guards and Rey uses a mind trick on one to either punch out or otherwise distract his partner, (2) Have more guards, but some get called away or go take a smoke break or whatever, (3) Say something about the New Order being understaffed or stretched too thin... Like, if you have a prisoner that (a) knows where Luke Skywalker is and (b) has demonstrated some strong mental powers, it seems like you should be a little more careful after just having lost another prisoner to a turncoat prison guard.
  7. Last time I played Greece with EagleMan, I was Troy and he was Thebes. I had no contact or communication with him for about 50 minutes. Then at the end I NA'd him so that I could walk through his stuff. I was not "shielding" him.
  8. [quote name='EagleMan']@Fluff quick update Gnome Sploders[/QUOTE] It's broke forever. But yeah, I'll some time this month. I'll just need reminders and Steam messages.
  9. Fluff

    Greece 6v6 Match

    Actually, I think it was a pretty good game. You just got wrecked.
  10. Fluff

    Greece 6v6 Match

    I can probably do Friday evening after 7:00 EST or Saturday late afternoon or evening.
  11. Too drunk... can't handle this.
  12. “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” -Mark Twain
  13. I literally lol'd. But I'll trust your judgment. You play it more than I do nowadays.
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