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Legends of the Second War 2.01c

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About This File

A strategy map set during the time of the Second War. Play as either the Alliance or the Horde and battle your way to glory!

What's New in Version 2.01c   See changelog


2.01c -

Changed Kirin Tor Healing wave from 100 to 130 healed and cooldown from 20 to 14s
Changed Summon Fel Beasts to now summon 1 instead of 2
Fixed Death Knight upgrades not upgrading Death Coil on its second tier and the research tooltip being inaccurate
Created an upgrade for Paladins to increase their stats and Holy Light ability, available to research at the Capital Palace and Scarlet Monastery
Fixed Holy Light tooltip being inaccurate (displayed 200 healed when it was 140)
Paladins’ Holy Light can now self-target
Removed basic caster research upgrades from Scarlet Monastery
Gave Paladins a passive Cleave ability, 20% damage
Decreased Anti-Magic Shell (Soothsayer) shield life from 500 to 300
Increased Siphon Mana (Khadgar) cast range from 600 to 800
Replaced the Stormreaver Fortress near the Thandol Span with a Stronghold
Lordaeron Castles can now train Paladins
Gilneas Town Halls can no longer train Marines
Added an Outrider elite unit for Stromgarde; 1 placed at front lines
Trebuchets can no longer be trained at capitals and castles and have had their hotkey/button position modified
Changed Sage Aura graphical appearance
Fixed Gul’dan not having a credits screen icon

Changed Monsoon (Grillok) cast range from 500 level 1 / 300 other levels to 600.
Changed Thunder Clap (Kilrogg) AoE from 250+35 per level to 300 flat.
Changed Flame of Stromgarde cast range and distance from 500 to 600.
Changed Windrunner teleported units from 1 to 14+6 per level.
Changed Lightwave (Uther) damage cap from very low values to 2500+500 per level level.
Changed Carrion Swarm (Teron) damage from 150+50 to 100+50 and damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.
Changed Arcane Blast (Rhonin) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.
Changed Flame of Stromgarde (Danath) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.
Changed Rain of Fire (Nekros) maximum damage per wave from unlimited to 1000+250 per level. (Level 1 would have to hit 50 units to cap out)
Changed Blizzard (Antonidas) maximum damage per wave from 500+200 per level to 1000+250 per level.
Changed Inferno (Khadgar) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.

Updated Null Burst (Gul’dan), Shockwave (Aiden/Orgrim), Blizzard (Antonidas), Rain of Fire (Nekros), Lightwave (Uther), Arcane Blast (Rhonin), Inferno (Khadgar) tooltips to indicate max damage.
Updated Void Arcana research tooltip
Updated Arcane Arts button position and fixed lack of hotkey

Legends of the Second War 2.01c.w3x

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