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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_United_States_presidential_debates#Reception Feel free to check the reception tab under each debate. You will find that the only R debate win was Pence during the VP debate.
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    Debates, like much of US politics, aren't about facts or evidence. They're about political games; mudslinging, and crowdpleasing.
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    How could Trump destroy Bernie? Trump is a coward, he hides behind his Twitter to talk to the world instead of to the press and constantly runs off to his campaign rallies for positive reinforcement. He lets in very little contradiction to his world. You get Trump on stage with someone who's actually willing to go toe-to-toe and I think the result could be very embarrassing for Trump. I could see Sanders bullying Trump. If a politician isn't playing on "classical" rules like Clinton did and Biden might, and Trump isn't engaging with fellow Republicans like in the primary, I think Trump is actually very exposed on stage. He's barely had to be tested at all in that sort of environment, I mean even against Clinton he was reduced to blubbering no puppet no puppet.
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    So much for the tolerant left!
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    If the twitch nerd known as Pusan is around he can stream Alternatively, you can observe directly through the game itself in "Spectate games" if they're on your friends list you can find it very easy Also i stream some games through discord if you're there, are you on discord?
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    mfw the meme that I'm still one of the patreons and that it dropped down to my lucky number. Just keep in mind I also donated $50 that's lying about somewhere
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    Some Alliance vs Horde ones. As always, a good Orc is a dead Orc. Credits to myself. Credits to @Julian.
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    Posting to keep diplo alive.
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    Who wants to call Iowa? My boring answer is the 538 prediction: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, but maybe the last two about equal. I think now that the primary is finally happening, fans of Sanders/Warren are feeling a need to more strongly commit to one candidate or the other. Biden and Buttgieg by contrast are officially moderates but I think are very different candidates in what they're running on. Slate also argued that part of the campaigning success so far may be his quietness and general lack of flash - with sleepy Joe being an advantage, not a negative. Basically the gist is that people are so tired of Trump this or that all the time and they desperately want a return to a Presidency where they can just tune out instead of having to worry about senile Twitter ramblings that upset trade or foreign policy. Biden isn't a drama machine and with the glow of Obama, that might just be enough for most people. For contrast some Dems may not like a Sanders presidency because it would then alternatively mean the conservative media crying about Sanders 24/7, Sanders this/that in every topic, helped along by his own more charged rhetoric.
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    I believe he will make it again
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