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    Krotos goes to a gym for special people.
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    Have it be somebody else, we need to complete the alphabet: A-Augur, Avrion B-Bhaal_Spawn C- Crusader973 D- Djisa, Dave_Rolf, E- EagleMan F- ?? G- ?? H- Hannibal I - ?? J- Joffrey K- Kal'dorei L-- Lordsebas M- ?? N- Nalesean (for one day) O- Ohmygodrapefrom thesky (Thurr) P - ?? Q- ?? R - Railen; Rhemar, S- SteakonSpear, Supgoat T- Talinn U - ?? V - Volrath W - X Y Z As you can see we already have at least two R's. Richarddik is a poor choice.
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    To my friend and savior, Nevarth Uriralei The New Year of 153 A.S I have been gone for a year. The last time I had seen you was when I was naked, a boy who was dead, killed by my own pride and lack of skill against the very order I was a part of. I had left without giving notice to you or Trisian. Without giving a note to the Sharptusk Tiger Company. I apologize. I had spent the last eight months in the mountains of Vogelland, doing my own penance in isolation and solitude to one day come back to say a proper thank you. I fear, however, that I might never have a chance to see you again in person. This letter is a backup if the chance never arises, or if I perish again without seeing you. I pray that I do. These eight months were filled with hardships, with me thinking back to my rashness and foolishness of that dreadful day. I ask of you not to not hold any ill will towards Trisian, for he had tasted death. I had lived it. I ask of you to forgive me for that day. For dying in the midst of battle, and for not thanking you as much as I should have had when I was resurrected by you. I owe you to tell you what I had done during my absence and much more, and to tell you that I am returning from my self-imposed exile after the year passes again. When I had fled, I had little on me, most of my items stolen by, who I suspect, was Piet or some other adventurer. I consider it karma for how I treated you and my companions. I did not know what I should had done, or why it had happened. My own cockiness had led to my downfall, and I choked on the very pride that consumed me. I was a master in the spear, slaying dozens before me in arrogance without a care for my friends or companions. I broke that spear in the mountains of Vogelland. I left it there, instead now shaping my own shield and holding a sword, opting for the power to protect instead of destroy. I made changes to my oath, to protect and not leave my comrades alone. An oath to uphold that I was a part of, to rejoin the Sharptusk Tiger Company and to one day face you and Trisian. To apologize for leaving the both of you. I know not of the consequences of what happened to the both of you due to me. I only would beg of one thing, and that it’s for you and Trisian’s forgiveness for what I had done. Your companion, Anders Brightwood