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    Yeah, or using a confidential mod report to pursue personal issues! Reminder that tag and I didn't get our guarantee and I'm going to keep bringing this to more and more public places until we do. As for the rest of this, yesterday you assured me that the administration had almost no issues (and attacked me for even insinuating there could be!), but I think this whole thing proves otherwise, so I feel fairly vindicated that my statements, although misunderstanding who the attacked party was, were accurate to a degree. There is clearly a deep inability to communicate going on here, and this back and forth argument over the same points proves it. And I'd ask you do the same. Things haven't been hunky-dory up until this sudden breaking moment. There've been huge underlying tensions that are just now breaking free. We should talk about them and try to resolve them, not bury them and go back to pretending everything's okay. This is objectively true, and something I've tried to reinforce to my fellow DMs in D^3, to fairly limited understanding I feel. The reason that people play D&D is because it provides something that people enjoy. In this case, the people who went to join PP went because they enjoy what they make. The DM style of the D^3 dms, remaining and new is very different from the DM style of PP. In turn, there are many diverse DMs in the D^3 project which has both been a strength and a point of tension as we work together to craft something for the players. These players are not getting press-ganged off diplo streets, they're coming because they want to. This is an interesting one, as Templin, which has taken most of my organizational time recently has an administrator who runs several other servers in a roughly similar style. My question here being if we are going to institute a policy like this, it should be written down somewhere. I agree with it, but moderators need to have this known explicitly, given that I can think of a couple other moderators that have positions in gaming servers with similar pulls to diplo. And once again we come to the issue of, things that should be written out come the future. This is something I do disagree with, feeling that secrecy has lead us to this huge discombobulated mess, but if this is something we're pursuing then it should be made explicit. Because of this, I'd say some guidelines for mods would be well timed, we've got a nice three we can bang off right here: Don't be abusive to other users. Don't compete with diplo Don't share content shared in confidence with users other than those it was intended for.
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    I did not contribute one bit to this drama! Damnit, my desktop and account got suspiciously hacked!
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    Holy mother of wall of text. I'll read this when I get home. In the meantime, I think we should deport a few thousand people to Siberia. For lumber chopping. As a prophylactic measure. Maybe some of the LR slums?
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    Please keep the drama to the forums. This is great material for my morning commute. I also feel like this D&D stuff smells like the new LR-section.
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    1) Bane recruited his friends who he was already friends with to play D&D with him. Which is far less advertisement then this: Which is currently in our #promotions section. This is a general call out, not just to friends... 2) Where is it stated moderators can't run or participate in other servers? Many of our mods are active on other servers and run them. 3) Personal shitshow was never denied by Bane, he admitted in the town hall that he acted in a negative light. He's admitted that many times to everyone. This is bridge burning Abdel, removing Bane for the reasons you stated isn't good enough. There was no Patron exclusivity agreement. There was no moderator agreement. This wasn't an act of bad faith, it was an act of people wanting to play games with their friends. You are alienating most of our member base with this rhetoric. What does this mean? Above what? What agreements weren't followed? Special privileges? Bane is demoted for sharing Patron content as per your announcement: But Bors tagging everyone, being racist, saying he wants to cut people's balls off, being drunk - he isn't demoted? It seems you might have incredibly biased assumptions and I encourage you to examine those.
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    He must have invented time travel.
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    Well I'm just an ex-LR slum dweller and I didn't see you there so hopefully you will take that as a grain of salt.
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    see every single one of you in six months as always
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    I'm glad you see things this way CNiper. I see no reason we can't run both projects on Diplo. I strongly urge the @The_Phalanx to consider these points. I hope we can come to a conclusion soon.
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    The First episode this season was such a good hearted story, this is why mob psycho is so special
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    This gulag has only enough space for one gulag lord
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    It's a pretty moot point within the context of this video because it's a reply to the reason you announced at the time it was announced: Which was the above, and what you communicated in the Adminchat was very similar. The reality is that a large portion of the community was very upset with a lot of issues, one of them being that PP could not be on Diplo. You have a fair degree of responsibility for "fanning the flames" by taking the actions you did which were not conciliatory but final and provoking. You saw schemes, attacks, and ill-willed people where there were none. You, Phal, and Bors boxed my opinion out and took action upon yourselves in minutes and hours with little to no outside input except among yourselves. In these minutes and hours, you would not listen to me, the Patrons, or the majority of the community presenting another side of the story. Then instead of facing your actions and standing by them as admins of the community, you resigned, started calling names, and continue to look for evidence as to why your actions were correct without looking at how most of this drama could have been prevented had you not acted rashly.
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    The majority of the admins (at the time) decided that the person to run PP on diplo would be a neutral party. Through no fault of his own, Lurch is not a neutral and unbiased game lead. Gavin came up with the idea of allowing you guys to be affiliated with Diplo but continuing to operate on the other discord, which we also agreed to. If this is what it comes to as a result I'm going to laugh my ass off that Cniper just couldn't stop being a scheming cunt for 2 seconds to try and bargain with us instead of creating a video, diminishing D3s name in the title, throwing the entire leadership staff except himself under the bus.
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    Yes but because Bors and Phal are leaving with entirely different grievances, people who have a vested interest of not looking bad and lying to the community are conflating me in with them. We already seceded that there could be 2 WM D&D campaigns on Diplo. Cniper wasn't negotiating with us in good faith. Cniper was being a cunt. "WHY IS BORS STILL A MOD IF BANE ISNT ONE" > 3 hours previous in admin chat: "Bors this is your final warning before I unmod you" "There can be 2 WM campaigns as long as Bane doesnt lead it. Bane has no business being a game lead" "WOW MOVING THE GOALPOSTS" "Its called taking feedback, listening, and moving to meet it" > Tells the rest of the community afterwards: "MOVING GOAL POSTS" You knew what our position was and where we stood and you feigned ignorance to score points with the angry mob. You're a dishonest, lying, backstabbing cunt. Cniper wanted to quit a few months ago due to inside drama, and at that point, he actually had a friend: As opposed to this friend: C U N T N I P P E R You want to drag my name through the mud? Lets go homeboy, lets see what you got.
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    Every second spent writing a policy is a second not spent with the community or time playing a game. Moderators are people who know right from wrong and know how to be moderators without being told how to moderate. Moderators know where the lines are because they are generally decent people who reflect on their own actions. If you need a document or a clause to tell you that sharing from a role-locked chat to the parallel discord you created isn't a good idea, then you aren't moderator material to begin with and there is no amount of clauses that I can contemplate that would effectively box in someone who has ulterior motives. TLDR this is a no-brainer.
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    1) This is true, but there are members that have told me they first came aware of the server through Diplo voice. This is a violation of the trust we placed in our mods. 2) Our moderators obviously cannot run servers that compete with diplo or pull people off diplo. 3) His actions following the townhall do not reflect redemption, they reflect vindictiveness. Bane has had several complaints come in over the past few months. Bane has failed in his duties as a moderator by running a concurrent parallel Diplo server. Bane has taken a permission locked channel and screenshotted to share with non-patrons. If we cannot agree on key values as an admin team, that these are bad behaviors then we have more problems than I initially thought. Bane wasn't demoted in a vacuum, this was the last straw of disrespect towards the structure we built on Diplo that he abused as a moderator, not acknowledging a conflict of interest, and as a patreon, sharing patron-only content with non-patrons. As you are well aware fellow Admin, Bors has been put on notice with a final warning and we've given him just as much patience as we did Bane.
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    The fact of the matter is that the bridge was burned the moment our supposed 'trusted' moderators used their position to scheme against Diplo. Lets call this discord what it is, its a scheme. Not at any moment was anyone on the admin team approached with the question of "Can we run this here?". Instead what occured was an elaborate plot where: Diplo members were recruited off Diplo voice channels Moderators who were supposed to be recruiting for Diplo discord are now running a parallel discord Personal responsibility for the shitshow that ensued was denied. I don't really care about feelings and that bullshit. The fact of the matter is that Bane only considers whats good for Bane, everyone else be damned. The implications of his actions and their unintended consequence are never reflected upon. You have not, and continually fail to acknowledge your own role in things going to shit, which is why I absolutely do not support you. You are not a victim, you made choices over the course of several months which culminated in your firing as a DM. Inability to take ownership of your actions is what is preventing healing from occurring and until you do, the status quo will continue. Secondly, to be accused of bridge burning when I demoted Bane because of the constant rule breaking and the constant disregard for Diplo's standards is laughable. I didn't create a parasite to Diplo. I helped build Diplo. I didn't burn bridges, I built them. This is textbook projection Minos. I call things as I see it and if you perceive that as bridge burning so be it. But you take the credit for fracturing the community, so that's something you have to live with. Abdel took action against me because we broke rules so Abdel burned bridges. Give me a break. You all know exactly what you're doing. I know exactly what you're doing. Until I see an attitude change from PP, where their feelings dont matter more than everyone elses, where Diplo isnt some whore they come to for a blowjob and leave at some dumpster, PP will never be a part of Diplo. We have standards, values, and guidelines for you to follow. If you think you are above them then please dont be part of Diplo. Your panic attacks and anxiety don't give you precedence to break rules where other members are banned. The time for special privileges are over and I made that clear today and it will continue to become clear as long as I continue to be a Diplo admin. I would have criticism for Phal but the actions of PP are a perfect reflection of why he took the actions he took. Please continue scheming if you'd like to cement that justification even further.