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    Paradox games are at the top of my list since I can't micro due to old man reaction speed/hands. 1) Eu4 2) Stellaris 3) Hoi4 4) WC3 5) AOE 2 or 3 6) Total War Warhammer I & II I also feel we have a complete lack of FPS shooters in diplomunion. I'm currently playing battlefield V but its just meh, I'd be open to new FPS suggestions. Maybe Planetside?
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    She's just asking innocently for some Coké, I see no issues.
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    "It's a derogatory term for effete millennial men. The perception is that many progressives have been trying to redefine masculinity, or are against traditional masculine traits and roles. So, we have "new male" or "numale" (as in "nu-metal". The spelling is part of the insult)." It's about applying the prefix to whatever you want to mock in modern standard, nothing special.
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    Old guard implies you don't take a 7 year hiatus, G
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    But... We are the old guard.
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