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    Hello! There's a way to turn players into observers and vice versa: call SetPlayerState( udg_player, PLAYER_STATE_OBSERVER, 1) Switches player into the observer mode.
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    This guy is my favourite historian, his book about the british empire is absolutely awesome.
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    Unless there was a new development I haven't read, "repealing" the bill was a sort of purposeful mistranslation. They more so officially stopped work on the extradition bill rather than withdrew it. Also I'm not sure why you would hold that type of protest against them. Protest is only effective when it can't be ignored, e.g. blocking streets and airports. Isolated incidents of violence is pretty much inevitable with spontaneous mass protests no matter how peaceful they are, as no one controls the 100k+ who have protested, and with that many people, idiots and misread situations are inevitable. If people give the police slack, we can give some to the protesters too. I do strain to think though on how this could all end well for HK, not simply the protests, but their overall situation as a political entity long-term.
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    With the Praetorian having a bi-weekly release schedule, we'd like some ideas or even contributions for The Praetorian going forward. What stories would you like to read, and if need be, would you be willing to contribute? In addition, we'd really appreciate your feedback to make The Praetorian the greatest Wc3-based publication there is. If there's any feedback you have thats worth sharing, please reach out in this thread.
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    @EagleMan I'm more of the preference of keeping as much inhouse rather than outsource to google or dropbox. Having a google link in our downloads section loops traffic back to Diplo and who knows, someone coming here following a map or art asset download might check out the site and engage. That opportunity for engagement is lost if we outsource but this thread just exists as an advertisement to the download which currently lives in the downloads database.
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    I never thought I'd see the day Mr AgeOfConsent got cold feet.
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    I feel this was an elaborate ploy on Feanor's part to lead me into this trap. I NEED AN ADULT!
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