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    >Complains that the data isn't current >Presented with Data that is current >Complains that data isn't correct. Shares article that shows that crime in Germany has only risen 6 percent If we assume that homicides have also risen by 6%, that means that Germany's homicide rate rose to .88 persons per 100,000. Let's assume that Germany's homicide rate increased by 25%, that puts us at 1.1 persons per 100,000 More radically, let's assume that Germany's homicide rate increased by 100%, that would give it a homicide rate of 1.66 per 100,000. If you assume Germany's homicide rate increases by 1000%, it still doesn't even touch (8.31/100,000p) Russia's homicide at 11 people per 100,000. Simply put, the numbers aren't on your side. "hiding statistics" argument falls flat on its face when you study the numbers.
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    Hey these are pretty good Keep up the OC UOS and you get my support
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    i sometimes just eat half loaf of bread and call it a meal yep im a 18th century pesant
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    I am not quite sure the word "revamp" is fitting for what will happen to blue. To some extent it is indeed, but alot of new stuff is getting added too, so see it as....an expansion for blue. So, some context, right now NA almost always wins, and as a result, those cute Red Dragons I designed barely see play. And since Blue was fairly bland, it felt fitting to give him a bigger role with more options, depth and mechanics. Today I will talk about the Dreadlords. As you may know, Genesis employs a system where on summoning, Blue can trade his Dreadlords for other more tanky heroes and elites. This was done as Dreadlords have basically zero synergy with the gameplay style as a summoned Legion (Deathball) Now, people will probably still do the swap, but Dreadlord heroes will get alot stronger next version. They corrupted Sargeras and deserve respect damnit! Lets start with Mal'Ganis: He was priviously a weak Melee Intelligence hero. He has now been buffed to a much more beefy STR hero with new spells: Q: Power of the Nathrezim. A strong Avatar type spell that also makes enemies he kills with it active open portals for Felguard. W: Life Drain. For healing himself and aiming. E: Eternal Nathrezim. A looooong cd ability that heals himself, Tichondrius and ALL Dreadlord elites to full hp. R: Infernal. Has its cooldown reduced from 120 to 40 sec. In addition, Mal'Ganis will be able to have an event for infiltrating and starting to turn Stratholme like in the campaign. Giving blue more part and ability to impact the fight and open new fronts is key. Tichondrius remains an INT hero, but is now a 600 (standard) ranged hero. He throws fireballs from his orb of fire visual (All dreads got updated with orb visuals) Q: Legion Reinforcements. Opens a portal that spawns Felguards. W: Legion Flame Orb. Marks a target, deals heavy aoe damage to all units around it. E: Mind confusion. Stops attacks. R. Nathrezim Soul Feast. Passive ability that gives all kills made by Tichondrius, Mal'Ganis or any Dreadlord elite or spell cast by them a 50% chance to cause the killed unit's soul to be fed on, giving Mal'Ganis and Tichondrius +1 to all stats. Maximum of 40/50 souls can be absorbed. Basically if you love playing Dreadlord squad, this spell is a beast. In addition, Dreadlord elite Carrion swarm had its damage cap doubled to 700, making it abit better vs large clusters of units, where it before could do almost no damage. Angry person: But Sukramo, where is Vampiric Aura??? Rage! Stay tuned for part 2, when I will talk of Burning Lord Focus. The Vampiric aura is in there....if its picked.
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    Ok guys you've never seen me post here before but I am now cause I've been playing more games of Azzy wars these days. I left to play starcraft but I played Arathor and more importantly Azeroth Wars since I was in third grade until I was a senior in Highschool(And longer since i've made a kinda comeback :).) I just want to say don't become elitist and condemning people for being bad. We don't make thousands of dollars off this game and we aren't pursuing professional careers. In the olden days I used to kill the capitol of Stormwind so I could get the defias brotherhood(screwing over myself and my ally yes). I wasn't 12 years old I was more like 10 or maybe younger. Dlers come and Dlers go, I don't thinking people add to the glory of the game by keeping it undespoiled by newbs/noobs. Azeroth Wars players are a rare breed why should we stop anyone from enjoying the game with us. A few weeks ago I dropped by Azothans channel to see if anyone still played this game. And what do you know the games still alive and kicking. The joy I felt at seeing that was only surpassed by hopping on my parents old comp and finding a game, I got up in the saddle of Arathor again and boy it felt so good to march into the black temple and crush them again oh the memories. My ally and I ended up being trounced by an Undead player named Grrrrr he taught me that my tactics were extremely.,,,Out of date. I got into Azeroth wars because I loved WoW lore and I still do. And though I've severely decreased in terms of ability at the game it still is just as fun to me as back in my heyday(what version I don't clearly remember). As for the debate between this version and the other I think it's such a trivial matter I've played daow, Azeroth Wars(all the different iterations). They are differennt versions of the same thing. TLDR: Shutup and enjoy the game :).
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    I guess we now know AZ War's Gender. The more you know. If this were an official argument, you'd have fucking lost. You state a point, and only at the start of your NEXT paragraph, you've mentioned it's not just you. Dipshit. But... He is our master! (Besides, executive decisions are his fucking JOB! If a map were based only on player suggestions, it'd turn into fucking LTA all over again.) This is like saying the President of the United States can't kick someone out of his bouncy house. Hell yes he can. He's got the authority to. It's what happens when you give someone Admin Access. It's all good. Oh really? Let's look at some of those names shall we? First, Enclop, Smyl, and all those other BOTR people don't count, considering Enclop just asked me if I wanted to join a Clan Azeroth Wars Game. Now what's this shit about hating it if they're playing it? Talinn of fuck course hates this new version because he's annoyed at Rhemar. I'll bet your ass it's not because of the fixes. Same with fucking Mopei! He hates Rhemar and therefore hates the map. CAN YOU PLEASE PULL SOMEONE WHO HATES THE VERSION BUT NOT THE MAN? Oh i'm sorry, I didn't know that this was such a small community. I guess we shouldn't tell Ent, huh? That's... kinda awkward to tell them... they don't like the game... they're playing.... First: You use unbalanced when the term is imbalanced. LEARN TO COMPLAIN SKRUB! Second: You're telling me that 1.88 was better? You're telling me you want fucking ELVEN AIRSHIPS all over again? Tell us what's imbalanced and i'll bet your ass it'll be fixed dipshit. Really? Why are there bugfixes and balances huh? Why the hell do those exist you little idiot? Again, you can make up as many false statistics as you want, but they'll still be false. *Were bad versions. Again, if you instead said these things on the bugfixes and balances thread, you could shut the hell up and it'd all be good. Honestly your shit is annoying me. I'd wager it's actually really fun. Just because YOU say it doesn't mean the rest of the world has to obey. Actually, Talinn joined to help him, not to stop him. There's little things called 'Over-Dramatization' and 'Victimization' that you should look at. He edits it because he fucking listens to the fans. That's the thing. You can play once a month, and as long as people tell you what's wrong, you can still fix it. BECAUSE HE LIKES EDITING THE MAP! (Well, he doesn't, but it's a nice thing.) and he's already said that he can give it up. Just fuck off. Besides, I like him :D -activate defense mode- Then why has most of this been saying 'I want you out, I hate what you're doing, you're ruining this map' etc? Hypocrisy comes to mind. How exactly does whining like a little bitch make you cool? Well good for you. I'd wager a LOT of people love it. Doesn't mean your opinion means you should be the head honcho that leads a riot. Besides, if you'd like it, you'd love it no matter what happened to it. That's the definition of love in my opinion. Unfaltering, even when they leave you or don't do something you'd wish, but you know that you love it regardless. That's what love is. Again, about 25 (who most of which are falsified for your rioting shit) compared to all the others who are fine with it. What the hell is this sentence? It's completely pointless. I want everything ends well. That's completely illiterate. And help us? WHO'S US? WHAT DO WE NEED TO HELP WITH? THAT'S POINTLESS! I wanna copy and paste, but that's just too much. Stop acting like it's your babe and fucking move on. Gee person who just joined today, I definitely believe your opinion! You're obviously neither a clone account, OR someone who Drood pulled in just to get a second opinion. SO glad that we have your god damn opinion. I wonder if you guys like a certain avatar. Or you know, will ever stop being bitches? Start formalizing and studying how to write an argument. This follows no template, and i'm pretty sure if I turned it into my English teacher, he'd give me an F and hire an assassin to make sure I never populate the earth. Edit: Talk about the Great Wall! Edit 2: Seriously? You're making another account and then BASHING ON ORDO? MAH BAE!
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    I think Parco wins all the points for that comment. He only left out my burgeoning alcoholism. Anywho, I just dropped 850 dollars on a rig a friend built for me, so I'll be casting and responding much more in the near future. Sorry for being such a spaz =)
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    veoost flerame is my protogeee!!! the kancer is stornk in him!! rhemur can u plz add my quel'thelas i sent to u????a1//1/1
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    Option A: I write a wall of death about the new NA. Option B: You wait for the new NA to reveal itself. We can both come out of here alive if you choose Option B. Choose wisely, Steakman.
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    Augur is more the inspiration, the beginning, for Azeroth Wars. LR was made from scratch pretty much, even then, it's all inspired by WC3, Augur was just the first guy to appropriate the lore for a massive diplo strategy map like that.
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    To stop Chaos damage from being a cheap excuse to aim why don't you make it do 100% against everything except fortified armour to which it does less. Simple to change in the Gameplay Constants and simple change for the better in gameplay.
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    Hey Diplo, Just putting it out there, but I'm gonna be a daddy. We figure out the sex of the child on the 20th and we're due in May. Pics will be provided.
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    I'm seriously very blessed to have subscribers and viewers alike who are so supportive. The channel remains my passion and providing content for the people who enjoy it is my biggest joy in life. Every day that I hear how bad youtube comments are and yet log on to see nothing but love is a day that has been made better. Sukramo, I will not miss your subscription or viewership. I have received literally dozens of e-mails, messages and comments saying people got back into WC3 or bought it again because of my channel. If you'd like other WC3 content please go watch PokemanHarald, Baeringus*(Spellcheck?) and WtiiWarcraft. Wtii in particular is extremely entertaining and uploads AT LEAST once a day. For daily Ladder Matches go watch CrotaGaming. My upload schedule will return to normal for a while after the 12th of June. Until then I'll do the best I can and nothing more. Thank you to everyone in this thread who has stood up for me. You didn't have to, but I really appreciate it.
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    I agree with Nalesean that the navy removals for NA were quetionable, but he also brings up a good point of increased creep difficulty for Evil. Setting up proper creeping routines now takes more concentration than ever (For anyone paying attention, Northrend creeping has only ever gotten more difficult with each successive generation of the map). Sure, that's more gold for Red, but it's also more concentration. The Alterac buffs somewhat compensate for Red's lack of concentration early game, but remember that blue has to creep as well. NA needs to take advantage of the increased benefit in the Caer Darrow rush this version. If NA is all pro and coordinated, they can kick Red/Blue off of EK before they get the gold they need to put up resistance. Rushing is made even more viable this version by the fact that skilled Red/Blue players can no longer get the resources for unsummoning their buildings in EK once they realize they have lost the fight.
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    lr is shit pls play Maceroth Wars (working title)
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    No sense crying over spilt milk, I'm pissed I had to stay up an extra 4 hours for a game that didnt happen but whatever; shit happens. They didn't show up they're disqualified - they can appeal but they should have a good reason. No appeal = disqualification, end of story.
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    I promise you, if the next version is a buggy piece of crap, I will resign.
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    Next game will be between "Drunk-Stoned" and "3 Fast 1 Furious" Krispykremekrew, my_ass_says, Supgoat and Rhemar (3 Fast 1 Furious) Will be playing as the South alliance V.S BorderlineCrazy, Kaldorei and Talinn (Drunk-Stoned) Will be playing as Fel Horde. I haven't decided on the date it will take place, I suppose you guys can decide that but let me/Azothan/mopei know when you can. (Preferably the weekend) I'll be one of the spectators and whoever else wants to just say aye Also Sukramo is pretty much bang on correct so good analysis m8.
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    Of course. I'll compile the list of what I've received so far tonight when I get home from school.
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    We can take the child and raise him as a son of Diplo.
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    Another year and no birthday thread for me.. Anyways Happy Birthday Mace my man!
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    QFT. I don't see the sense in playing 8% of the game consecutively, until you're comfortable going to the "pro" races. The question should not be, "what race is the best for a beginner" but "what person would be the most fun to play AW with", and "from what store should I buy my 12-sided dice?" I think I've played 900-1000 games with a person I liked playing with and chose a race on account of that. Also back in the day I was choosing between DAoW, Europa, Azeroth Wars, and Risk. There was a lot of interplay between various strategy maps. When games took less long to start you had more competition. In this case, many maps have died, but you still have AW: Genesis, The First War, and a bit of DAoW (more so with Ascension). Playing those maps (especially DAoW) will make you better at AW too. DAoW and AW are sister-maps and "pro" DAoW players are good AW players and vice versa. As to the debate about green, it's just a loaded question. Purple and orange might tell green to uninstall, the same person who might've played undead a lot on the ladder, and who would've done better at a more interesting race, etc. A million things could happen. Either way, the best way to get into AW is to find somebody else who likes it too.
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    [video=youtube;2BKdbxX1pDw] Thought it was interesting, I trust the majority of Diplo will agree - seems pretty common sense but things won't change if people don't ask them too.
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    If you want to add events for Horde in EK make them require Feathermoon or World Tree to be destroyed first? I think everyone should have atleast one event on each continent for when they have finished defeating their enemy just for shit to do when they've beate their initial enemy. It would also add to the decision factor on who to hit if they have one event on each continent.
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    Peterhof is a palace and park complex, a former Imperial residence, built by Peter the Great, in the Renaissance Italian style. In the summer it's a very popular destination for tourists and locals. In the winter it's a beautiful frozen wonderland, empty.
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    >Spartan >Writing Pick one and only one.
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    Oh man, the first real alliance restriction in AWlr. What has the world come to? So long clever diplomacy, so long free world. We are now ruled by oppression and fear.
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    Another dead black kid doesn't deserve a thread.
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    I imagine this forum is fairly race/sex friendly since Visknut's departure. RIP Visknut: The man who could make a thousand pussies sore with a few strokes of the keyboard.
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    [video=youtube;Y03B2o6QNsg] It doesn't sound like Dalaran is just sitting around smoking mana weed all day in a forest, like the high elves.
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    I suppose looking at kiddie porn is an intellectually superior passtime.
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    Dude fuck you. You realize unless your ancestors are of English or irish descent, chances are they didn't speak a fucking lick of it either? Does no one understand that almost EVERYONE in the western hemisphere are not "natives" and we all had some fucking awesome generations before us that placed us here and let us have this killer opportunity to learn whatever language we felt like learning? We're all immigrants, and we are all disrespectful. Get the idea of nationalism out of your head, it is outdated and a waste of thought. Your culture is not better than another, your language is not better than another, the people who can see this are better than you. Why can we not view humanity as a whole, instead of this bullshit "america" and "canada" and "china". You realize we all do the same shit, eat, sleep, think, and die. What makes you so different from a chinaman? You both pay taxes, you both agree to fight for your "culture", you both go to school, just because you do it a little differently doesn't mean in the end you are different. You're both here for the same thing, the glory of the human race, not for the glory of some shitty titular title like the "United States of America". I feel like i've gotten on my pedestal and preached this many times now... "Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else. "
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    Inferous forgets to take his phone out of his pocket while fishing. Inferous is confused. He puts his phone in his mouth in his confusion.
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    No Spamming Don't make tons of low quality posts in a short period of time. Don't spam post ratings, especially negative ones. [*]No Harassment/Bullying/Flaming etc. You're allowed to dislike someone but don't go spamming negative ratings or attacking every post they make. [*]No Racism/Sexism/Homophobia etc. Keep it to a minimum. You can say what you want, but this isn't a forum for you to spout your hate. If most of your posts are bigoted, or if you attack another user in a bigoted way, that's a problem. [*]No Creeping / Personal Information Rules Don't stalk users and don't post their personal information publicly, such as telephone numbers, emails, etc. [*]No Advertising [*]No Hacking This can range from exploiting code in the website for nefarious purposes or the illicit access of someone else's account. [*]No Gore/Pornography/Inappropriate Content If making a NSFW, thread, label the thread NSFW. If making a NSFW post, put the content inside a spoiler tag and warn that it's NSFW or have it be very clear from the context that it is NSFW. NSFW content is not allowed in avatars and signatures. [*]No Ban Evading [*]No Large Signatures Any signatures taller than 300 pixels in height will be removed. Any images or gifs in the signature must, combined, be less than 2 MB in size. [*]No Spoiling of Movies/Shows/Books etc. Use spoiler tags or blackout text unless the thread is specifically for discussion of that content. Generally this doesn't matter for really old movies but be on the safe side with this. [*]No Alternate Accounts Don't use 2 or more accounts at the same time. [*]No necroposting That means do not reply to threads that are older than a few months. One thread or two is fine if you have a good reason to do so but don't overdo it. Complaints? Have a complaint about a banning, a rule, conduct, a moderator etc.? Use this forum. Punishments for violating the rules will usually amount to a ban, about a week's time, unless you've been banned before or the violation was particularly severe, in which case the ban will be longer or permanent. In some cases, the punishment may suit the crime, i.e. your ability to rate posts, post in specific forums, or to have an avatar or signature may be taken away. Special case: Map makers have special privileges over their own sections and can ask the admins to remove anyone they want from their section for any reason.
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    And the next morning Dragu walked in on his sister Skyping naked with CNiper
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    Plant a diplomunion flag on the soil. Represent nigga
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    Some of the members of DipLoW thought it could/would be interesting if I wrote a short/long biography of my life, my highs, my lows and how I sleep well at night. So here it goes: Part I : 1974 - 1988 The Early Years I was a single child born in Kirkwall,Orkney Isle, Scotland to a German mother and Scottish father. Life in my early years was typical of any normal childhood. My parents were hippy-bikers,who always had company over to drink and listen to rock music. Music was often played live, seeing as my father was in a bar band. Life was fairly carefree, money was never a problem, violence was nil. Around age four I discovered that playing "doctor" with a neighbor girl was fairly interesting, it was my first taste of women, and I enjoyed it. My schooling was no different than most, often obtaining scores in the 80s-90s. I excelled in history and language, but utterly failed at maths. My "highschool" years is where I began to fade and drift away from school, often skipping to go walking in the woods. Life seemed mundane, frugle and boring. Something was needed, that could fulfill my yearning for adventure and excitment. Part II : 1988 to 2005 : The Skinhead Years In the summer break of 1988 at age 13, I was given the chance to go and spend summer with my Aunt & Uncle in Glasgow. They had 2 sons, Adrian and Jock (Mike). My cousins were 5-7 years my senior and into the skinhead scene. This era was when there was a lot of splitting among Skinheads. Some stayed Traditional, some went Red, and some went White Power. My cousins were in the latter. After the first week of hanging around them, I thought this seems really interesting. They were drinking, smoking, fighting and fucking birds. I asked myself, "Is this what I need?". The answer was simple. Yes. Within 1 month, I was drinking, smoking and trying to fuck older women. Fighting hadn't came yet. They ran with the type of crew, if you wanted in, you earned it. You want those red laces in your Docs?, you earned it. They, like most White Power Skinhead crews, Red means you're willing to shed, or spill your blood). Being impressionable and wanting to be violent, I needed these laces, and I would earn them by means of trying to attack a group of negro teenagers, hanging out, by myself at age 13. This is one moment in my life I will never forget. My cousins and our crew picked out these 5 black teens, milling about at the side of a corner shop. They dropped me off half a block away, and I made them promise not to get involved, even if I was getting my ass handed to me. It all went down quite fast and easy. I simply walked up, shoved the biggest one and started swinging at anything dark. I managed to get a few decent throws in, before I was on the ground recieving K-Swiss trainers to my gut and head. My cousins and Co. informed me I did some damage to one of them, but nothing serious, my size compared to theirs was a decent difference. I hobbled back to the Ford van, to really access what damage they did. Needless to say, I lost a tooth,and was black and blue on my torso and had a small cut above my left eye. Nothing too serious and with that, a friend of ours (who's name escapes me) cut my black laces off and threw me a pair of Reds. I did it. But things were only going to get more intense and violent in the upcoming years. Over the next few years, I mucked about with WP skins across Scotland, England. Drinking, fighting, fucking. I have zero complaints. A couple of close calls with the law always kept me on my toes, the chase is always better than the catch. Much throughout this time I was attending White Power concerts, bands like Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, Avalon, Razors Edge were always playing gigs. These gigs were highly entertaining, trying to keep these concert quiet from the Lefties (Unite Against Fascism) and trying to not let the law know, it was commonplace for them to break up concerts. When Ian Stuart (vox Skrewdriver) died in 1993, things split again. 2 groups formed from Blood & Honour, Blood and Honour itself and Combat18, which was the strongarm of the BNP/NF at first. However, that is a totally another story, which you can read about online and draw your own conclusions. Things ran their course further over the next years. Nothing really changed. People came, people left, people died, people moved on. I stayed true. When I was around 25, I used to partake in various European roadtrips, to attend concerts, or to just check things out. Petrol was cheap, airfare was cheap and security was lax at borders, even if you were far right. Things were different back then. I travelled most of contential Europe, France, Spain, Norway,Sweden and everything in between. Money wasn't a problem, any smart pub owner would hire us or me, to work the doors for cash. It worked both ways. I got to see some action and he could create a saftey net, in regards to anything I may do, or person(s) I'd hurt. He could simply tell the cops I was just some random guy with a Scottish accent and not a employee. This happened a number of times, when I would get carried away, or I was forced to get carried away. Knife pulling was common and the Lebs/Arabs loved to swing their belts around. These were the funniest of occasions, swinging a belt it really only good for one, or maybe two swings, and they'd better connect somewhere painful, like a eye. A welt is hardly going to stop a 6 foot, 235lb Skinhead. During these "roadtrips" I got busted for Drink Driving,fighting and having spent weekends in numerous jails throughout Europe, I treated it like, 3 squares and a cot. The serious Prison term was yet to come. Part III : 48 Months To Be Served Along my travels I used to pal around with a bloke from N. Ireland, Paul M. Paul was the type of guy you wanted on your side. He was massive, he was handy with his hands and he was connected to Loyalists in N.I. He could get you whatever you wanted, within reason. Me and Paul were visiting some friends of ours in Halifax, Yorkshire. One night we took a stroll over to the nearest pub to down a few pints and just relax. We weren't looking for any trouble, but we wouldn't turn it down either. After a few pints (I was driniking a guest Ale, I remember well) we went outside for a fag (smoke, not faggots, faggots), we brought along our pints, which is common over there, for those who know. We were minding our own, checking out birds and people club hopping. We were half way through our smokes when 2Coppers came strolling along. We stood out among the casual dressed 20 somethings, in our WP tee shirts, laced up boots. They strolled up to us and asked what we're doing. It didn't take them long to figure out I had a thick Scottish accent and Paul's was O'rish. They asked us our names. I obliged them, seeing I had nothing outstanding. The copper that asked me, stepped away to radio in, whilst the other asked Paul. It seems Paul was wanted on some heavy shit (he was owned money for weapons, and not recieving payment, he invaded the persons home, tied him up to chair and stabbed him in the belly a few times with a butter knife. His only regret? He didn't finish the job). Paul threw a really silly name at the cop, Paddy O'Shaunessy. Even I had to not laugh. The cop knew something wasn't right, maybe he figured he was just be a wise ass, but he asked Paul to spell his last name, in which Paul spelt it totally wrong. The coppers both directed themselves towards him, asking for ID. Within seconds Paul had the larger of the coppers on the ground and was laying a beating on him. The other copper wasted no time to pull his trenchon and started to beat the Irish out of him. At this point, I had 2 options: Run Do nothing Those were not viable options. I then proceeded to shove the stick weilding copper to the ground and started busting his face. Within 2 mins, these coppers were sprawled out among on lookers and CCTV cameras. We fled. We had to make it back to our friends house to get our vehicle and high tail it out of there, PDQ. The house was roughly 2 miles away. We were jumping through backyards, down alleyways, across streets, Romper Stomper style. We could hear loads of sirens. Shit was out of control. Us, being not from Halifax, didn't know much about the area. We knew the cops were close, but they didn't know what way we went, TBH, either do we. This escapade ended with a Black Mirah (Paddy wagon) van spotting us down a dead end laneway. Our only escape at this point was a 15 foot high Yorkshire stone wall and rowhousing on either side of us. It was over and we knew what was coming. I knew we were going to get the beatdown of our lives. The van came down the alleyway, with other Vauxhall cop cars. 3 coppers jumped out of the sliding door of the van, full face helmets, shields drawn. When they came within 10 feet of us, the batons came back out and they charged us. We were fucked. We tried to fight back, we had nothing to lose at this point. I watched Paul go down hard, then I went down. They beat the fuck out of us. We deserved it. Paul got a broken jaw, missing teeth, arm snapped in 3 places. I fared better. 17 stitches to the head, 4 teeth missing. They took us to Halifax Police headquarters for booking and to beat us some more. Nothing too visable though, they watched American cop shows it seems. After that we were transfered to Armley Prison in Leeds to await our court case, which was 35 days later. On the court date, I pled Guilty to the funny judge with the even funnier wig, on 3 counts of GBH, and assulting Police x 3. So did Paul. I got 48 months to be served. Paul was in balls deep. He faced further charges of Attempted Murder,Kidnapping. They sentenced him on another occasion for that, which he recieved a additional 16 years. I still write to that crazy fucker every Yule, he managed to tack on another few years for some stabbing. He's a lifer it seems. I did my time easy. Nothing to crazy, I knew who to stick with and who to not. I did my 3/4 (37 months) at Armley (HMP Leeds) among the drug addicts and ilk and got released for good conduct. After that, I really had no interest in anybody related to Skinheads. Most had moved on, or went to prison for a long time. I came back to Scotland, to work odd jobs, before finding my way back down to Yorkshire where I met my wife. We moved to Canada a few years back because my parents ended up here in the 80's, and my grandfather long before that (which is why I now farm). 2011 - 2012 You muppets ended up with me. Seriously, life is back to mundane. Married, quiet and enjoying what I would have surely fuck up, Freedom. I sometimes ask myself if I'd ever like to get back to being that kind of person. Some days I do, but most I do not. Age has a huge part to play in it. Years ago, if someone pissed me off, I'd think nothing of trying to beat them till I smell shit. Now it's mostly water off a ducks back. [video=youtube;JNmloBqyUk0]
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    You don't act like one. You are one.
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    If you do the thing where you get a common name and misspell it I will spend the rest of my days trying to get you banned from this website.
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    Monotony is just because you dislike him. Anyways Diplo not so long ago.
  48. 5 points
  49. 5 points
  50. 5 points
    First lets man blow him for an amount anyone could earn doing yardwork within a month. Then is repulsed when naked american girl skypes him. Now complaining about it on internet forum. yikes.
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