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    Holy off-topic Batman! Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, I'm impressed by both the tangential relevance and the utterly unexpected direction. As for Orwellian freedom, I'm not sure that concept in and of itself has any particular meaning. Typically the adjective "Orwellian" refers to an anti-utopia or dystopia of some sort. Anyways, this deserves a detailed reply, and I will try to provide one later today.
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    ============================================================================================================================== **Here are a few straight forward guiding rules to follow:** Speak to other Diploers with respect Do not harass or bully Do not spam Do not share role protected chats Do not advertise on Diplo without prior permission Do not use demeaning identity-based slurs of any kind. Don't shill Diplo to another community without prior permission Staff reserve the right to moderate any chat or suspend any user for any reason. Please use common sense. Do not instigate or foment unrest between members of Diplo. Don't dox people or comment on their apperance if you have them added on any other social media. No NSFW content (Rule added 11/10/19) No weeb images or emojis outside of #anime-vault . Reacts are fine. (Rule added 02/14/2019) Emoji spam is prohibited. (Rule added 02/14/2019) ==============================================================================================================================
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