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    No one knows how Feanor's modship began--some say it always was. Let's be honest, he'll probably be haunting these forums long after we're all gone. He's basically a mod because he's been around so long, and not enough people use the forums to make it relevant whether he's a mod or not. As for Jimmy, we all know why he isn't a mod, and why he's never has held any significant sway or position within Diplo. It's easy to point at situations that didn't go as others planned. At least I tried to push a merger and better the community. At least I tried and have invested enough time to care. Jimmy hasn't put forth the time and effort to positively affect the community as a leader in the entirety of its long existence. What's different now? All I see is the same old shit posting, hindsight 20/20 Jimmy. Stormy--not even worth dedicating more than one sentence to.
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    Is Feanor even a real person, after finding out Surrender4life is Jimmy who knows what his discord name could be lurking in the shadows. As for the question I ain't got a fucking scooby, from our PM's he can't even read simple messages with links attached let alone autistic paragraphs written by Walrus. Walrus can't dedicate more than one sentence because my achievements require their own book. As for Jimmy yet again he is the last one to respond because he is afraid to receive our responses in a scathing attack, if Jimmy considers himself as a *pillar* I am the bedrock on which he rests and walrus is that pigeon trying to shit on us!
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    This next question comes from @Burden and is the highest rated community question (I'll be asking more of these in the future). We're removing the 1025 character limit so have at it in giving the best answer you think you can give. We're speed balling now so you'll have 36 hours to answer this question That being said, WHY IS FEANOR A MOD? @IamtheWalrus. @War4life @StormTrooper
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