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    Given the response to my last debate answer, I'll keep this brief. There are two incredibly strong reasons that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm better than Jimmy and Stormy, both as a tribune candidate and as a person. Reason One: Jimmy Reason Two: Stormy I hold the truths of this post to be self-evident.
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    It's adorable being attacked by two people who demonstrated absolutely zero leadership post schism of DGCord, one of whom fucking resigned and the other of which is now desperately peddling for a tribune spot here as the fucking house burns downs over on DGCord. But we can approach this on a case-by-case basis. Also, since Walrus has violated the 1025 rule and Stormy now has violated the 1025 rule (coincidence that two DGcord former-admins have reading comp issues??? I think not) I'm going to go ahead and exercise my right to do the same. I am undoubtedly the only competent person here who can actually advocate for the best interests of members, rather than basically being a "MUUUHHH DG CORD" mouthpiece. We can start with Walrus. Walrus, you promised a merger - you came up short. And what happened when it didn't work out? You resigned from DGcord and tried to make a half-ass apology for your constant flaming of abdel and the administration in the last few weeks once your other avenue to power was closed off. I had the unfortunate experience of watching fully fetal walrus with his thumb up his ass rage typing essays at Abdel every other day because someone had their video deleted in the pub. If you're losing your cool over that, what the fuck are you going to do when Abdel bans someone persistent refusal to use his boomer calendar? Walrus, is a sensitive lad andt exposed to the shit flinging and trial-by-fire of Diplo because of his lengthy absence, and so his emotions get in the way of good governance. Walrus my son, step aside and let daddy Jim lead the way - take my hand. And who the fuck even is "Stormy"? Seriously. Walrus at least has my respect for having been around during the WC III Era. All I see from "Stormy" are grammatically butchered Brexit rants and stale memes about the schism. Consider this; my campaign poster was OC from the heart - "Stormy's" campaign pitch was paid content full of fucking rehashes on the same joke. I am genuine, I run for Tribune from the heart. "Stormy", much like Walrus, is fake, and he runs for tribune now that the walls are coming down on DGCord and he might be shut out. I mean for fuck's sake, Stormy's one fucking job on DGCord was treasurer and he couldn't even do that right - everyone on DGCord is getting refunded left right and center. What kind of Treasurer can't even keep his organizations fucking books in check??????? Let's stop pretending like overly hormonal beavis and butthead are suitable candidates and realize that the only one who will actually do the job here is me.
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    Well I am shook by these slanderous remarks from Walrus and I can think of many reasons why I am better. First off all in relation to Jimmy I orchestrated the Jimmy Two Turns Meme and I am fully endorsed by Bigman Tyrone himself. Also a Walrus has no friends I mean look at his profile pic every time the Walrus army "RISE UP!" has happened oh wait it's never came, shame, shame, shame. But a wolf works in a pack and a pack are friends tackling goals together having fun. Secondly does Walrus even play games, I mean that's what the aim of Diplo is to play games, he doesn't even have over 100 on steam God what a failure! I also bet he hasn't even pre-ordered the Halo: The Master Chief Collection like me. Finally the main reason, with me you get fast and timely responses to any question or queries that I can answer, provided i'm not in a ditch somewhere waiting for the enemy to attack, with walrus his old fleshy husk will be oil by the time he responds, Surrender4life who even is that guy? Never forget the back stabs, sorry wait front stabs 2019.
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    This next question comes from @Burden and is the highest rated community question (I'll be asking more of these in the future). We're removing the 1025 character limit so have at it in giving the best answer you think you can give. We're speed balling now so you'll have 36 hours to answer this question That being said, WHY IS FEANOR A MOD? @IamtheWalrus. @War4life @StormTrooper
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