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    I can only imagine walrus in the debate when this question is asked: "What an excellent question, I'm most impressed by the intelligence of the diploer who asked....."
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    What benefits will you add to the community that the other candidates can't?
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    We just need to bring back the ratings bar to have the most brutal shitposting in our generation
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    That's a question Abdel will be more fit to handle but I assume you'll be encouraged to do what you've always done; post more jailbait
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    If I'm elected as Chief Overfiend I will happily provide you a salary of 200 Soviet rubles per month. That should be sufficient for your daily crust of bread. And water is free from the well.
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    Ya know I think its time for spankfurt to start sharing tips with the team
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    Spamming diplo for imaginary internet points is a time-honored tradition.
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    You two fucking sasspots
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    12. Don't rent your house out to friends.
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    "Why does a wc3 community not play wc3?" "Will you stop the McCensoring done by Shariff Abdel and "Wild Bill" Billy?" "Did Spankfurt acquire liaison officer role after he liaised with the gamer girls and lady boys of the community?" "Will you unpillarize Jimmy for his ineptitude?" "What will you replace the current abdelcord products such as Iced Coffee and bottled Frapuccino with?"
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    Whats necro?
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    The forum term for what you're doing is a 'necro"
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    Whoops this shouldve been locked
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