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    Diplo Elects 2020 In the spirit of election year, we decided as a team that it would be great to have more people in elected positions as part of the leadership team and in a process to climb the ladder of Diplo responsibility. We have many detractors who claim we are 'undemocratic fascists' and this is our opportunity to prove that we, in fact, are not. Our goal with this election is to finally pass the audit for the Thomas Ferguson Democratic Community Certification so we're opening up four Tribune positions for election with the privilege of engaging the staff in admin discussions. Format: Positive feedback loop of when Tribunes give advice that resonates with the community, valued members will react to it and let us know what the community really wants without us talking to 50 people for feedback. Gives Diplo members a chance to climb the ladder to deputy and maybe even director one day. Campaign: Begins November 1st. No Holds barred. Meme to your heart's content. A forum topic will be opened for members to ask questions of the candidates. The most up-voted questions will receive first priority for questioning in the debate. Anyone can run for office. Debate: Begins November 7th. Forum format. 1024 character limit per answer given. Election: The election poll will open up on the website on November 21st. Only DiploGuards can vote. Who can campaign: Anyone can run, but only DiploGuard can vote. You are welcome to advertise on other communities.
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    If you guys want line wars, we might as well play the best total war game—Shogun 2 fall of the samurai
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    7 people with light theme we need a purge
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    With second chance, the thing is, the old ones were not at all supposed to give you a chance to win. You can get second chance when you lost the game only. So first of all, I find that strange that a looser can still win since he lost... Secondly, let's take the example of Sylv or blood elves, it was more a funny stuff than an actual race or anything. Quel'Thalas looses everything when Sunwell is destroyed so we gave him bloodelves that spawn at dalaran to not be completly removed from the game. Same with blue when Kil jeadan dies after Archi, he had dreadlords thing, same for red with sylv. Look at old second chances for yellow & dg; it was Stromgarde + Aerie Peak. It was super weak and designed to make you ally someone (like NA for example). But since alliance system has been removed old second chance are kinda pointless. But after saying this I'd like to see how it goes on the new version because now people can't get second chance before being totaly dead so a part of the cancer is removed. But I 100% agree that second chances are far too strong.
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    Looks a good idea i would just suggest you too make the bases a bit more natural. They all seem way too geometrical.
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    I will personally expose my opinion on this; I think second chances as you made them are totally off and are fully against the games philosophy. It makes no sense to give second chances to players which are, basically, stronger than their 1st chance. That not only rewards a loswer which is totally ilogical but it also incentivises people to just dismiss their 1st chance to go for the 2nd. C'thun for instance is ridiculously strong and hard to kill if the player is competent, you won't finish your kalimdor rivals and cthuns 2nd chance in time to prepare against whats happening on the rest of azeroth. You will either be ganked for whoever comes to kalimdor or fall drastically behind on the global scale and lose the game becasue you had to kill that annoying player twice with his 2nd chance being stronger than his first one. In resume, i have always been against 2nd chances on AWLR i think it goes against the core game design, if you lose go pirate or be someones puppet thats my opinion. And even if you want 2nd chances so bad then at least make them a weak thing that scales over time into being a powerful faction only after some time has passed. Make 2nd chances able to have a saying on the global scale over time but don't make them that powerfull that they can instantly keep fighting against the guy or guys who he just lost too, thats stupid.
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    Forums to discuss when? Also why is Feanor a mod?
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    Feanor for chief overfiend of diplo.
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