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    There it is. Can't fucking help it
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    I can provide some data on queue times. They are definitely trending down. I've been taking samples every day at around 7PM Eastern: Edit: Until today my vote would have been leave, but the queue was only ~3800 when I logged in and it is moving pretty quickly.
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    Azeroth Wars 2.11a Changelog Illidari is now correctly disabled for all players when 1 player research it. C'thun is now correctly disabled for all players when 1 player research it, Fixed the Multiboard now decreasing control points. Fixed Azgalor spawning at level 1. Legion Added an altar and a shop to the Nether. Infernals now cost 25 up from 15. Also fixed their tooltip. Fel Horde Zuluhead unlocking is correctly disabled when Fel Horde surrenders. Dalaran Antonidas is now correctly removed when the Violet CItadel dies. Thrall Horde Farseers chain lightning bounce from 16 to 8. Sentinels Huntress armor changed from unarmored to medium. Nightblade hp buffed by 125. Also added 10% evasion. Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj C'thun based hp from 7500 to 8500. Life regeneratino from 9 to 15. Corruptors hp from 760 to 975. Immortal Guardians hit point from 1625 to 1725. Silithid Overlord armor from 5 to 9. Hp from 1275 to 1355. Faceless shadow weaver hp from 530 to 630. General Rajaxx base hp from 100 to 250. Illidari All myrmidon on the map now use upgrades correctly. No more conflicting hotkeys in the Illidari barracks.
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    ___________________ Control Points Factions Teams Leaving Multiboard Misc Scourge Ebon Blade Legion Fel Horde Lordaeron Dwarves Dalaran Quel'thalas Illidari Rise from the Ashes Thrall Horde Warsong Clan Sentinels Stormwind Druids Night Elves Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj
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    Doxxing on Diplo?!
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