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    As a sort of media pack? Cool.
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    A majority of map communities have migrated to discord which has increased the engagement between the map maker and map players. While discord has proven very convenient in the growth of sub communities, that growth has resulted in the factionalism of the warcraft 3 communities. When this community started wc3diplo.net, we did so with the goal of bringing in many different clans that all played similar games to unite under one platform for ease of access and use. Diplo's mission has not changed in that regard and I don't forsee us competing with Discord, infact, we encourage discord use. What does Diplo offer to map makers who establish their map communities here? Links and a hosting location for your map with download/view metrics available. Example: A map community page that's the landing page for your map. Example: Front page article access. (on our front page) The ability for your community mods to use our recommend feature to highlight some of the feedback or posts in your community that are behaviors you want to encourage Live Discord feed and community advertised on the front page. (bottom right of our front page, to stretch from bottom right to top right) Logos, marketing materials and branding from experienced graphic designers. Why maintain a website/forum community in tandem with a discord community? Both Discord servers and forum communities have a purpose to fulfill. A forum community operates like a library and a discord server like a coffee shop. Neither are interchangeable but there are definitely instances where one is better than the other. We're living in the instant response and gratification age of the internet where users have low attention spans and demand immediate answers. Most discord users don't scroll up to find information and thus tend to ask or comment on the same ideas or topics multiple times. Space is less competitive in forum environments due to large supply so users engage in this behavior less. Content is more easily curated and stays visible longer on a forum community than a discord server. Content on a site shows up in google's index for search results. Discord activity typically does not generate activity outside of that discord server unless you share your invite link to other communities/people/friends/etc.. Less stress on map makers. Community members expect near instantaneous responses when direct messaging or tagging people and this can lead to increased stress for some people since they can start feeling obligated or pressured to immediately give a result. Forums are more of a 'I'll get to it when I can' and promote more thoughtful discussion. This will be especially true when Warcraft 3: Reforged releases and breaks a lot of map mechanics which will draw users (more of them now due to the boost to the warcraft 3 population from reforged) to give more feedback on their experience playing the map. .
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