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    Azeroth Wars LR 2.11 Changelog MAJOR FEATURE: Artifact System All Artifacts in the game can now be viewed through the Artifact Menu, displaying their current owner and tooltip. Artifacts not currently owned by a player can be pinged at any time Artifacts which are dropped by a unit will be displayed in that unit's inventory Artifacts can no longer be destroyed by sinking them in the ocean. Instead, they return to the nearest shore General Thandol Bridge is automatically repaired at Turn 27 Experience transferred to allies upon leaving 100%-->75% Elite unit gold and lumber cost refunded upon player leaving 100%-->75% Second Chance turn requirement 22-->24 Drak'tharon Keep Control Point income 20-->50 Howling Fjord Control Point income 10-->15 Grizzly Hills Control Point income 10-->15 Northern Howling Fjord Control added to Northrend with 15 income The Northern Thunder Bluff lift now connects only to Desolace through a narrow Mountain passage. The Goblin merchant that was in Netherstorm now moved to North west of the Outland. Naga event as it was is fully removed! Troll attack is now fully removed and doesn't exist in any form. Added opening cinematics for every faction. System Optimized the number of operations performed by a player leaving Bug Fixes Kel'thuzad can no longer use the Sunwell before capturing it Elites of players that leave the game now drop their inventory instead of deleting it Warsong & Frostwolf can now unlock the Crossroads early Katrana Prestor has an inventory Scourge Unleash Frostmourne damage per bolt 100/140/180 --> 70/90/110 Baron Rivendare's Summon Ramstein replaced with Reaping Hour Conjures 7 spectral horsemen that charge to the target location, dealing damage to each enemy unit struck. Deals 1% additional damage for each 1% of hit points the damaged unit is missing. Leaving now causes the Frozen Throne to become Neutral Victim instead of Neutral Hostile Buffed Kel'thuzad's summon spell Legion Burning Legion overhauled Summoning the Burning Legion using Kel'thuzad or the Book of Medivh now grants the following: Azgalor Archimonde Access to many powerful demons: Infernals, Doomguards, Felguards, Juggernauts, Fel Reavers and Nether Dragons. Losing Archimonde no longer causes game loss Mal'ganis re-implemented as a demi-hero Rage Winterchill added as a hero Satyr event and tech-tree removed Insurgency second chance removed Dreadlord training time 60-->45. Gold Cost from 75 to 50. Builder now have shadow infusion. Shadow priest replaced by Succubus. Succubus have the following spells: Slow, Dispel and Paralyzing Gaze. Tech tree revamped: Has 3 new building: Hellforge, Burning Citadel and Void Summoning Spire. Void summoning spire trains: Fel Hounds, Voidwalkers, Infernals, Nether Drakes and Dragons. Burning Citadel trains: Warlock, Succubus, Felguards, Doomguards. Hellforge trains: Contraptions, Juggernauts and Fel Reavers. Fel Horde Kargath's Breath of Fire maximum total damage infinite-->15,000 Bladelords now replace Blademasters, rather than Executioners replacing Blademasters Shattered Hand Executioner armor increased by 2 Death Knights nerfed Armor reduced by 2 Mana 500-->400 Lordaeron Uther's Exact Justice now grants invulnerability to Uther while channeling Arthas is now only lost when Stratholme, Tyr's Hand and Capital Palace are destroyed Banner of Lordaeron no longer has an attack speed aura Capital Palace no longer grants additional hit point regeneration to nearby units Silver Hand Squire Surge of Vitality nerfed Cooldown 15-->45 Hit points per second 30-->20 Dalaran Replaced Antonidas' ultimate with Mass Simulacrum: Creates a summoned copy of all friendly units in the target area. Lasts 60 seconds. Quel'thalas Blood Mages changed Absorb Mana and Banish removed Devour Magic added Quel'thelas Full Mobilization no longer replaces Swordsmen with Blood Elf Warriors Kael replaced by Anasterian at the start of the game. Anasterian is a ranged hero with the following spells: Arcane Burst Banish Mana Shield Inferno Strike The whole early naga event removed. As well as troll attack. Illidari Illidari are now a second chance accessible by anyone. Their heroes are Illidan, Lady Vash, Kael and Akama. Their starting location is Netherstorm in Outland. When they spawn, every unit gets removed from the area and every building is destroyed. They have access to the following units: Myrmidon Snap Dragon Dragon Turtle Coualt Draenei Vindicator Archer Salamander Spellbreakers Priest Siren Naga Summoner Draenei seer Royal guard They only have 1 worker, the mur'gul worker. Salamanders no longer have Static Strike Myrmidons now have Ensnare Couatls no longer have Tornado, and instead have a powerful anti-air attack Frostwolf Clan Ancestral Legion nerfed Cooldown 120-->80 Per-use summon cap 40/55/70 -->30/40/50 Mana cost 160/160/160 --> 160/170/180 Range 500-->150 Warsong Clan Spirit Lodge structure removed Ogre Barracks structure added Trains Ogre Warriors and Ogre Magi Researches Caster Infusion and Ogre Magi Adept/Master Training Bestiary now trains Warlocks and contains respective caster upgrades Sentinels Replaced Illidan's Evasion with Warglaives of Azzinoth Causes Illidan's attacks to deal additional magic damage in an area around the attacked unit. Deals 20% extra damage to Demons. Illidan now has 25% baseline Evasion Druids Demigods removed pending overhaul Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj Faceless Corruptors can no longer be trained Capturing a Control Point now spawns 1 Tentacle and 1 Faceless Corruptor for free Replaced C'thun's Tranquility with Inspire Madness: Takes control of several random enemy units i the target area. After 16 seconds, each unit controlled this way dies of madness. When C'thun spawns, all units inside Ahn'qiraj are moved to Cenarion Hold, and all structures are destroyed If the Gloves of Ahn'qiraj are not retrieved before the Kingdom of Ahn'qiraj spawns, they are given to Skeram C'thun Mass Teleport nerfed Range Infinite-->2000 Cooldown 90/80/70/60-->120/110/100/90 Mana cost 100/200/300/400-->100/120/140/160 Giant Scarabs no longer have the Burrow ability C'thun cargo size 1-->20 Elite's Impale nerfed Duration 1-->0.5 Range 600-->400 Area of effect 200-->150 Cooldown 11-->15 Mana cost 100-->150 Giant Scarab armor type Heavy-->Medium C'thun range 1200-->900 Ebon Blade Thoras Breath of Frost maximum total damage infinite-->15,000
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    The Fragmentation of the Jew Crew as the Alt left and the Alt right took hold of different members and turned them against former friends they had known for years. AKA Stebe was captured by /pol/ and r9k and Van was mindflayed by NPCism.
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    The part about Bors and his (lack of) skill in RTS isn't satirical - It's the twuth. The man didn't know about hotkeys or unit grouping for the entirety of the time that we played WC3 together, and even to this day apparently still doesn't use them.
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    Drinking is a reward at the end of manly tasks, not during them.
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    2nd pic is missing the drink in hand
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