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    First you call them pointless, then you identify the point.... Come on ABDeL. You know that these wars have always had a point, just not the one publicly stated. And it goes well beyond just the military-industrial complex. EDIT: You do realize that this pattern began well before WWII and even WWI right? Back then the US wasn't a global super power, so it's activities were mostly confined to the Western hemisphere (and the Pacific to some extent). But invading countries to combat imaginary threats and use it as an excuse to establish US business interests has been the pattern of US foreign policy basically ever since the post-Civil War industrialization. One might argue that the first place targeted by this policy was the south itself.
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    Been playing Wc3 online since roughly 2004-2005. Played my fair share of ladder, my old account like Abdel's was getting close to the 750 NE win icon. Played a pretty big variety of wc3's custom map scene over the years such as LOAP, dota, wintermauls, every lotr map, every historical based map, uther parties, etc. Before maps started becoming more fleshed out and better made, Europa was one of the better if not the best map to play outside of the LOTR elite scene. I played a lot of that and eventually sometime in fall of 2007, someone invited me to GoTE and the message of the day in the clan was that our website and forums were www.wc3diplo.net I had grown up and been living in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, for 4-5 years at this point. We lived on a dirt road outside of a village. I was a pretty active and social kid, but there were many days and nights where you're just stuck at home with nothing in walking distance. I had been posting on various forums for a few years and found it a good way to be involved in something I was interested in and pass the time. I'd never really been too integrated or felt a sense of community in any of them however. That all changed when I first started browsing the old wc3diplo forums It was a very active community full of people passionate about the same game and its scene that I had already been playing for quite a while. On-top of that, there seemed to be a very unique dynamic already in place, with a lot of clans being represented there and plenty of rivalries and friendships and competition forming around that. I happened to be a part of GoTE which had a hilarious amount of roleplaying types like Bors which I found really exciting at the time. The forum and community had a lot of things I had been looking for all rolled into 1; People competitive and active with the games I wanted to play, a large amount of discussion between interesting people, and a lot of new things that I had always wanted to get into but hadn't had the chance to yet such as the ongoing roleplay Bors and others had already begun fleshing out. The translation of our activity within the community into a fictional but also living and breathing universe where our characters all had actions with consequences In short, it was the community I had always wanted without really knowing what I wanted. A place where I could engage the competitive urges with like-minded people and also have fun with reading/writing on the forum and the usually fun community drama that came with that. Like Abdel, I've made a lot of friends here over the past decade plus that have enriched my life and that I'm still in contact with today, and this place is still here
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