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    Welcome everyone to the official forum for Azeroth Wars Legacy Reborn! To anticipate the coming influx of players from reforged we have decided to re-engage this forum alongside our discord. Both will be the community hubs for Azeroth Wars. Changelog and other concepts will be posted here alongside discussion that warrant a better organisation of the feedback and comments. We will also organise forum games here and polls here. The discord will be used for the instant discussion, hosting of pub games, etc! Long Live AWLR! Lordsebas
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    Good morning Diplo, Hope you are all having a good Friday. I wanted to take this opportunity to share fantastic news with you today. About two weeks ago I had a short exchange with @Talinn where she expressed that she’d like to return Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, one of the greatest Warcraft 3 custom games, to the Diplomunion.com website. AW:LR has always been a huge part of Diplomunion and at a personal level, I was very unhappy with the treatment that people who played AW:LR experienced when more people took part on the forum end of our website. It was a missed opportunity that so many people were part of Diplo but never truly felt part of the larger community, only to be dealt with disregard or scorn. I knew that as a community, we had an opportunity, not just because the AWLR community would be a great addition to ours, but because it gave us a chance to amends for the mistakes of the past. We made an offer to @Lordsebas , @YakaryBovine and @Talinn , and Volrath the current leaders of the AW:LR community, and we are pleased to announce that we enjoyed interacting with them and they seem like fine and upstanding Warcraft 3 mappers and gamers who share our community philosophy and values. We are confident that our relationship will only grow more fruitful as time goes along. With that said, it is my honor and privilege to announce that AW:LR is returning to Diplo and all pertinent map information will be posted on the map forum board and map community page, as well as their discord listed below: Discord: https://discord.gg/4eGZnR5 Map Community Link: https://www.diplomunion.com/wc3map/1-azeroth-wars-legacy-reborn/?module=clubs AW:LR Section: https://www.diplomunion.com/forums/forum/25-azeroth-wars-legacy-reborn/ Access to Discord AW:LR role and section: Type “/AWLR” in chat (without quotes). Special shoutout to @Spankfurt for establishing a rapport with our new friends and to @jayhana for all her site administrator technical help in ensuring we could build their vision of the AWLR community on diplomunion.com Cheers! Credit to @StoPCampinGn00b for image
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